[kpop/rumor] Sulli & Taemin couple rings. verdict: you are all way too paranoid.

I saw this about a month ago, and I thought it was pretty interesting. Rumors about f(x)’s Sulli and SHINee’s Taemin have been starting since 2010. Before you look at the ‘evidence’, keep in mind that:

  • They both work under the same agency, so they share stylists, who have the access to the same wardrobes.
  • It could also be a case of sponsored jewelry.
  • Sulli wore it only once or twice whereas Taemin has been wearing it much more frequently during Sherlock promotions.

To be honest, even if they were a couple, no one should be that surprised. Despite all of Taemin’s feigned innocence, I am willing to lay down big monies that he has had at least one girlfriend before. How can he not? He is handsome and surrounded by many pretty women. In variety shows, the idols that have retired often talk about the times they vehemently deny their romantical adventurings when in fact they were sexing it up big time.

So now, onto the ‘evidence’!


[kpop] Jonghyun had surgery on his leg. UGH IDIOT FANGIRLS

My heart fell a little when I read this, because Jonghyun received this injury in the Jakarta airport in October 2010 when overzealous fans rushed them. Key got injured as well, but he was fine after awhile. However, Jonghyun was unable to dance in SHINee promotions, resulting in a surgery on the 17th of January.

S.M. Entertainment stated, “Jonghyun received surgery on the 17th, and it concluded safely. He’s currently in good condition.”

shame on you, you made Jjong cry!

[kpop] Chinese shawol’s fan account of SHINee post-concert celebration, several disturbing observations

20 July 2011 edit: I’ve been getting a little bit of flack for the OnewAcne/Harvard/Yale joke I made and how condescending I sound in the  comments.. I apologize, but at the same time, I won’t be redacting anything. If it struck you as fobby and nouveau riche, that’s exactly what it is.. Asians in converging countries such as S. Korea place such high value on the prestige of your college (the ultimate holy grail being Harvard). That’s the joke. Also.. I understand how condescending I can seem, that’s just how my writing is.. you can see this throughout this blog. Somehow, I feel if I included a smiley face at the end, we wouldn’t be having this problem. At the same time, I also mentioned I have the same problem. I wouldn’t want you to judge me in my Italian any more than I would judge foreign readers’ English. T___T man, and while I was writing that comment reply to hellahyaa, I was trying to be as passive and respectful as possible, thinking that people would burn me if I tried to be condescending.. sigh.. but it still happened.. I apologize for that miscommunication..

Also, future note, please leave your real e-mail address if you wish to comment. I do respect anonymity, but that’s not how this specific blog is run.

31 October 2011 edit: so someone left a pretty inflammatory comment this night. I got called some very prosaic denigrating names, along with the condescending use of “honey”. Cool. But you know what’s really surprising? That there are a lot of people in the world who have different values! Which lead to different opinions and interpretations! Despite these divergences, there still exists something called manners.. right.. at least I would hope so. Please read this guide I wrote on how to comment respectfully before you go bat-shit crazy (for lack of a better term) and waste a good evening.

In the end, have I concluded SHINee are all bad people? That they are unattractive, don’t deserve to be idols? They should be sent to rehab? Er, no. So, I have not insulted your precious boys at all, nor attacked their characters and who they are overall. If you could not glean this by reading the last paragraph thoroughly, I’m sorry.

Have a good night.

Sorry about the influx of SHINee news, but they just had a few blowout concerts, and my news is flooded with their pictures. Following is a translation of the Chinese fan account that I read yesterday, and was severely disappointed.

Today’s concert ended around KST6.40pm. There were already about 100 Shawols waiting at the carpark, can’t remember the time. About 20 minutes later, Key was the first to come out and went into another car followed by the rest whom took a different car. According to Korean Shawols, Key’s grandmother came to today’s concert so Key has to leave to send his grandmother home. Filial Key!!!!

The 4 of them arrived at a BBQ restaurant around KST7.40pm and went to the 2nd floor with a cake… The 2nd floor was off-limits to Shawols. There were about 20 to 30 Shawols, so the 1st floor was all occupied by Shawols. Everybody ate while waiting. Key clad in a trendy outfit arrived 1 hour later, followed by Krystal whom left 10 minutes later. Then all sort of celebrations can be heard from upstairs!! Key came downstairs around KST10pm, nodded at Shawols and smiled in acknowledgment, followed by Taemin whom was piggy back by a staff, his face was covered by a jacket over his head, guess Taemin must be drunk. Minho then helped Jonghyun down. Jonghyun was staggering and his face was all red, he must have drank a lot and even gave Shawols a flying kiss. Onew then came down and gave a bright smile and waved. On a side note, we were seated in the first row so we were very upclose to them and Key’s skin is really fair and flawless. Onew has quite a number of pimples and it was heartbreaking to see it. Minho and Onew should also had a few drinks but they walked quite normally.

We then made our way to the dormitory and all Shawols rushed towards it but in an orderly manner. Key then alighted from the front seat, came forward and said hello, he also did a “Shh…” hand gesture, asking everyone to lower down their voices. Jonghyun then alighted, staggering, walking and spinning in circle, it was so adorable that I do not know how to put it into words. He even turned back and waved bye bye before entering the dormitory, all the Shawols present were very touched!!! Onew alighted next, eh, he started staggering too but he still gave Shawols a big smile.

Not sure if it was because Taemin was drunk, the car was drove up to the dormitory entrance, this time the manager hyung alighted and started shouting at Shawols and began to be quite rough, so we couldn’t see Minho and Taemin alighting, I think most probably because Taemin is underage and didn’t want to give Shawols a bad impression etc… The cab driver said that the lights at the dormitory entrance wasn’t on and he drove a few rounds near the dormitory but to no avail so we went back….

Source: CON给力 of Baidu
Translation: veyonce/emianjjong of tumblr

First off: Taemin drunk. A lot of fangirls have said that maybe he was just tired, and I disagree. Even though he is a minor, there must have been a lot of pressure for him to drink, and he probably did, and has on numerous occasions. This is not a jab at Taemin’s character, just a practical observation. I dislike this revelation, because I believe at the end of every choice, there is personal will, and despite whatever peer pressure, Taemin did not have to drink.

Second: staggering Jonghyun. As a kindergartener, I can’t hide the fact that I disapprove highly of people who drink until they’re staggering all over the place. I will give Jonghyun the benefit of the doubt, since he is legal in South Korea, and he has girlfriend troubles. Fans are mad that Shin Se Kyung didn’t attend the concert, which is ridiculous since their relationship is none of their business. Though a drunk Jonghyun may be ‘cute,’ he’s still drunk and I don’t think that’s cute. At all.


Third: ONEW PIMPLES! I admit, I used to have acne, but now I’ve gone to see a lovely dermatologist from Harvard, and problems are no more. It doesn’t make sense, because in a sense, Onew is an investment, and S.M. would at least get him a Yale dermatologist for this problem.

These three, disturbing observations lead me to this quote from Madame Bovary (which I finally finished): “We must not touch our idols; the gilt sticks to our fingers.” A lot of gilt is sticking to my fingers; I always asserted that they were ordinary people, but it’s sort of unsettling to actually realize that they are really ordinary– that in making life choices, choices of resolution and not of skill, they are just so ordinary. SHINee as artists, and SHINee as people, are diametrically opposite concepts, and I hope that this fan account can help others to realize that.

[kpop/rumor] Taemin has a girlfriend! Verdict: quite possibly.

Edit: February 27, 2011

I did not make this Tweet up.. I originally found it here, published 9 days before this post.

This comes from the Twitterverse, translated:

“SMFacts SM엔터테인먼트 Fanbase: Some said Taemin got a girlfriend. His girlfriend got bullied by shawols. OMG fanatic shawols are scary~ brr brr (via twitter)”

Taemin exhorting you leave him alone. He has really pretty blonde hair here.

First thing to discuss: Taemin has a girlfriend. Not surprised. I predicted a while back Taemin is probably more of a player than Jonghyun, who is typically seen as one. However, since this is the Korean netizen rumor mill which produced allegations that Tablo didn’t go to Stanford, I wouldn’t believe it. Taemin is as busy as Onew, Jonghyun, Minho, and Key, and yet all of them are sort of asexual on the dating scene. Taemin probably has a good friend who happens to be a girl. Just like Key and Sulli. Jonghyun and Krystal.

Second thing: SHINee shawols bullying the poor girl, whether she is committed to Taemin or not. That’s disgusting and debasing. That just shows why Taemin didn’t pick you to be his girlfriend. Frankly, there is only one Taemin, and 3489837 Bad Old Noonas. So stop it. You can fantasize after Taemin, but don’t question his personal choices or people involved in them. His personal life doesn’t include you. Stop it.

I wish I could say that to all the fangirls out there. There is something that going to an all-girls’ college that does something to you. It’s pathetic to stare at an image all day when you could be Hillary Clinton and demand SHINee perform at the next State Dinner.

[kpop] what is Jonghyun doing in SHINee. he should be a solo Ne-Yo by now. –updated with reflection

Have you ever heard the acoustic version of Juliette? Juliette, the first song that Jonghyun penned the lyrics to.  The song that was probably their least popular, the song that inspired god-awful tie-die outfits.  The song that I now can’t get enough of and now am considering to learn the Korean so I can sing along with Jonghyun in the acoustic version.

If you have not heard this performance, you are dreadfully deprived. Dreadfully, miserably so.

Jonghyun has remarkable talent, in all the performances I’ve watched, he’s never off-key, at the most, a little sharp, but that comes from the (beautiful) wailing that he does.  He is never flat and horrible and embarrassing like Taemin in the great majority of the “Love Like Oxygen” live performances, which frankly is a little sad.  The live performances are pre-recorded, so Taemin has no excuse to be continually flat.  Which he is.  Onew’s voice has gotten a lot stronger; I suspect mainly because of his participation in musicals, his voice is no longer smooth and thin, it’s starting to gather a richer quality.

It astounds me to think that in any other country, Jonghyun would be the solo star.  He wouldn’t even be Rain.  He would be Usher.

Why is SM hiding him within a boy group? Why is Jonghyun’s career slated to die once he reaches a certain age?

Li Yundi. perfection.

I don’t know why this version of Juliette is so moving to me.  The subtle and controlled inflections in his voice reflect an artist in growth, so full of potentials and so full of love for his line of work.  This is the glimmer of godliness.  This is the glimmer that I usually reserve for Li Yundi.  However, Jonghyun has quite a ways to work towards becoming brighter than the Big Bang.

Jonghyun has the tough guy, softie marshmallow on the inside working for him.  He is the man that girls want to show off to their girlfriends as being a bad boy, and the man that they’ll take to see their parents.

If Jonghyun’s voice isn’t enough to make you pee in your pants, maybe you can watch Key touching Taemin’s butt during the performance.


Update: 24 Aprile 2011

This is a bit late, but I was following S.M. The Ballad’s promotions, and Jonghyun’s live performances on music shows were all rather disappointing– the radio shows were much better, but I noticed Jonghyun has a recurring problem landing on the pitch directly. For high notes especially, he usually starts flat and then slides into it. I can’t lie, this is disappointing. Especially so since I’m a pianist and I usually cannot tell pitch problems, but when I can, that means pitch problems are pretty bad.

So, Jonghyun better get back to his singing lessons.

A little explication on my comment about Jonghyun as a parallel to Usher, I meant not in terms of popularity but in terms of vocal talent. I think Jonghyun would not be as wildly popular, but he definitely has the vocal chops to meet Usher.

I hope that clears some things up; I am, after all, somewhat rational..