Welcome to the innocent lam. My name is Michelle and I run this this blog, also nicknamed “ilam.” On this blog, I focus mostly on SHINee (for those interested, my bias is Jonghyun). For every major release and activity, I will post a review or some thoughts. I am usually quite busy and it is hard for me to do quick turnarounds. However, I can promise you, until the day SHINee stops activities, I will always be posting.

From time to time, I also write posts about lifestyle, other kpop, politics, piano, and books/manga.

Currently, I am a PhD student. I’ve been an avid classical musician since I was five. I like to think that my background contributes to an analytical and interesting perspective on kpop, but you can judge. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Hey, I love your blog! I almost can’t believe that you can write about SHINee and politics at the same time, it’s inspiring :) Looking forward to reading more…

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  5. Your analysis posts on various aspects of kpop always seem well thought out and that’s exactly why I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” award ^.^

  6. I seriously can’t believe I just found your blog! I never had a wordpress blog till recently but I’m glad that I can at least subscribe to you ^^ All your articles and posts are so thought out and articulate in a way that your points, reasons and arguments are so clear and fun to read (I love your wit and jibes too!) I myself am a kpop fan but not so much diehard as some so it’s really refreshing to read constructive criticism because most of what you said corresponds to how I feel, but obviously to others they take serious offense…because…you know.. XD gah! Guess what I’m trying to say is; THANK YOU! Someone here is not afraid to criticize and be a little unbiased towards their otherwise biased kpop group/idol because all I hear from other fans is how great so and so is when (even though I’m a fan too) I’m here being; ….okay I guess it’s nice…>.> -thinking; am I a bad fan?- XD Kay I’ll stop now…keep doing what you do! :D

    • wah! I’m so honored :) Nice to meet you! Hahaha I’m afraid I criticize my ultimate bias SHINee the most (somewhat ironically), so if you would ever like me to whip out my wit to criticize others, let me know, otherwise I sit in a SHINee bubble.

      I also just checked out your blog, and I subbed to you too. I absolutely love art (… I know, that sounds terribly general), but sometimes I’m practicing piano late at night, decide I should probably head back, but I will stay until 1AM just looking at student art T___T it’s a fairly bad habit of mine.. so, I look forward to the things you post!

      of course you are not a bad fan.. not every person always has good days, and god forbid everything that SHINee does is great =.= every fan would be lying if they can’t name one thing that bothers them about their idols.

      thanks for stopping by ^^~~

      • Hehe! ^^ I saw! Thank you so much for the sub! :) I always forget about my wordpress blog to post up my art works so there will the occasional mass of art dump >.> As for you, I too will be looking forward to new posts! :)

  7. I’ve gone back to my original url and name now. I need my hits and followers back hahaha! Since you follow my blog, I thought I’d tell you. Here is the url: nynyonlinex.wordpress.com

  8. OMG!!! Sorry for posting a random comment, but OMG!!!
    I can’t express my excitement at this moment…. Kuroshitsuji is like my second favorite manga / enime under Death Note!! Yet sadly even my Japanese friends don’t know about it T_T….
    Seriously, I love this blog in addition to that Kuroshitsuji header image, dude.

    • XD it’s totally fine. Actually, it’s two headers. I made one with both Ciel/Sebastian, and just one with Sebastian. I made them last night, actually! I have only recently gotten into Kuroshitsuji (around one week or so), but I really love it for some reason ^^~

      haha, thank you so much!


  9. hello hello! just stumbled here on a lark reading about shinee & “sherlock”, read a few posts and fell in love instantly! i’m quite sad that you’re now on a hiatus, but as a new subscriber, i’m very much looking forward to your return. looks like i’ll have a lot of material to keep me busy until then!

    • I’m glad you are enjoying this blog so far (: I’m back from hiatus, so I’m looking forward to communicating with you further


  10. Hey, I have only started reading your blog and I am already hooked! There’s just something so interesting in the way you write!! I just had to tell you how great of a blog this is! Keep up the good work! :)

  11. I happened upon your blog while doing some research on Key for a blog post and I’m definitely happy I did. Anyone that can list forever_shinee and the Wall Street Journal in their interesting reads must be followed. Your piece “Is Key Gay?” csught my eye, your writing will being me back. I’ll be adding you to my reading list and also blogroll, if that’s ok with you. :)

  12. I just discoverd your blog resently and I’m really amazed. Your analyzes of songs are really accurate and fun to read :) It is also great to find someone that likes Shinee as much as I do. Keep up the good work, hope to read something from you every week!
    Greetings, Julia

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