a short update

The important points- I’m not dead. I eventually plan to review the new SHINee albums/singles.

Some other things have taken up my time, and since I only have a finite amount of time, kpop has fallen to the wayside. Notably, I’ve started reading more Chinese and doing Chinese translations, which you can check out here. That’s really taken up 90% of my creative writing ability, and sadly, as you can see, this blog has suffered for it.

My job and extensions of it also has taken a lot of time from my plate. I like my job a lot (an economics research assistant at a federal agency), so no complaints there. I recently passed my one-year anniversary.

It’s been a busy year so far, and I hope you have been keeping well. I’m still here, and will continue to be. Thank you for continuing to be there with me.


2 thoughts on “a short update

  1. So glad to hear you have been doing well, Michelle! Thanks for keeping us updated on this blog; I still remember reading your writing way back when you wrote about how to get a perfect SAT score and what not. Congrats on securing a fulfilling job, too. If you ever are wondering about what to blog about, I would love to hear your take on living in/near Boston, as well as what it is like to live independently in a city (you see, as someone approaching grad school apps, these things are taking on a more personal relevance for me.) Anyway, hope you are having a fab holiday season. (:

    • thanks for your comment! Yes, I am starting and hopefully will continue a series I call “adulting.” I have learned through trial and error, and hopefully some of my experiences you can perhaps apply to your own adulting.. o,o

      Happy holidays!

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