[review] SHINee’s Your Number

Overall, I was not thrilled with this release. Two more cutesy-mildly-catchy songs.. which SHINee doesn’t already have enough of. The amount of sarcasm in this post: high.

your num

Your Number

This sounds like a younger-brother cast-off from a TVXQ album, brassy and smooth with those finger snaps and clapping in the background. This kind of song straddles the border between fun-and-hip and old-and-corny, and guess where SHINee lands. No one shines in this song; it’s enough that they are all non-offensive, though Minho skirts the line with his over-emphasized rap. I’ve come to realize recently that Minho has quite little flow, no natural sense of where to put the accents.

While the choreography is likewise smooth, it is not memorable. The storyline the music video follows has SHINee all following one (Caucasian) girl– something we all haven’t seen before, so incredibly novel I can’t fight back the tears. SHINee is truly a beacon of innovation within the glorious space of Korean pop and Japanese pop.


Marginally better than Your NumberLOVE adds to SHINee’s repertoire of “feel-good” songs designed to make fans feel happy about themselves. So, why should I be complaining? I mean, can SHINee really do anything wrong? I’ll go out on a limb and conjecture no.


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