blog-cleaning announcement / update: 198 posts in the trash!

I’m going to do some cleaning and archive (possibly put on private) some of my older posts that I don’t think are really representative of me as a blogger or personality. If you remember anything that you particularly enjoyed in the past, please save a pdf or whatever you would use to save the post. If you remember after I archive, please contact me and I can email you the blog post.

As a reminder, once cleaned, the archived posts will be unavailable to read on this blog.


2 thoughts on “blog-cleaning announcement / update: 198 posts in the trash!

    • Hi Thomas! I actually already began deleting some a while back because I had imported some stuff over from previous blogs.. those are gone because I didn’t think they reflected my blog that well, anyway, being from other blogs.

      I also think I’ve finally developed a blogging style of my own after so long and it’s a style I want to keep for the long term.. and many of my early posts don’t agree with it, so for the sake of consistency, I’d like to only keep the blog posts I deem relevant. Of course, I still want to show my growth as a writer and person but definitely be able to curate out what didn’t work..

      :) Michelle

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