[review-in-haikus] Taemin’s debut, Ace

In the spirit of being lazy creative, Taemin’s debut album, Ace, will be entirely reviewed in haikus.


1. Ace

Falsetto breathy
Too many nosebleeds from dance
Strangely his style

2. Danger

Hair so moppy mess
Beats good, voice over-processed
In lives warble heard

3. Experience

Sounds stupid at first
Cheap excuse for a dance break
Vocals passable

4. Pretty Boy

Another stupid
At least Taemin doesn’t rap
Stretched voice too throaty

5. Wicked 

Too much brass, doo-wop!
Non-compelling, non-subtle
Not Taemin’s style

6. Play Me

Ace’s bland brother 
Falsetto: breathy weakness
I prefer Reynah


6 thoughts on “[review-in-haikus] Taemin’s debut, Ace

  1. Interesting! i’ve never seen you review it like this- lack of taemin interest perhaps? a tribute to how bland taemin is? xD
    i giggle-snorted when it came to “ace’s bland brother” xD
    will you be reviewing jonghyun’s supposed solo?

    • honestly, it was a combination of apathy towards Taemin & how quickly I could write something; mostly the latter. Writing this haiku post literally took me 20 minutes whereas a full-blown review would have been at least 2 hours.. I guess the only thing I didn’t address in these haikus is Taemin as a solo artist and whether he is good alone..

      of course I will review Jonghyun’s solo. I’ll probably even make it a haiku (or otherwise short poems) review too, to match this one, so I’m not playing favorites, lol.

      thanks for reading.

  2. This is so funny, Michelle! These haikus just ring with your personality and voice. I am glad that even if these songs did not all please, they at least provided you this opportunity to showcase your sass and creativity.

  3. LOL I thought the same dang thing about Experience and Pretty Boy. However I’m gonna have to disagree with what you said about Play Me. It has this old school rap/R&B sound that I really liked.The only thing I didn’t like was how it didn’t have a bridge (is that what it’s called? the part of the song that’s different from the chorus and the verses that comes almost near the end before the last chorus is sung?) Reynah’s cover was cool too.

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