my heart is breaking for Kris.

Kris has filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment.

This decision must not have come lightly; it is right in the midst of Overdose promotions and all around him, Kris sees idols who endure the suffering without saying anything. Those who chose to speak up were shut up, the most notable example– TVXQ.

Even if others choose not to complain about their situation, it does not make the situation any less worse. Kris had the courage to speak up about his situation, in an environment that discourages and shames such disclosure. From the various “reactions” of the EXO members and others, we can see that such shaming is actively occurring. At the end of the day, Kris is not Kris– he is Kevin Li Jiaheng, responsible only for Kevin’s well-being, not SM’s, nor his fans. 

Godspeed, Kris, and I wish you the best in all your endeavors. If you truly believe this is the right decision for you, there will always be people to support you.


2 thoughts on “my heart is breaking for Kris.

  1. I totally agree with you! I also think that some of the other member’s may be taking this way too personally. It’s definitely a difficult choice to make, but if Kris believes this is the right decision to make I think that other people should be supporting his choice. Especially if his fellow EXO members truly care about him. It’s a tough call, but if he thinks this is what is best for himself, I give him my full support.

  2. I just had to come here and comment as soon as I saw your update on twitter!
    It must have been pretty difficult to make such a decision himself too. I wish him the best of luck… and my full support.


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