hiatus for spring 2013

I hope you enjoyed the past two weeks of busy activity! However, I am sad to say I must declare hiatus again because of various uncontrollable and often unpredictable commitments that will take up most of my time.

As always, I will be around on Twitter and ask.fm.

I promise that no matter how late I am, I will continue to offer my thoughts on SHINee’s major activities. I also made a resolution to blog more about economics, so any posts not about SHINee will probably be centered around economics.

Yours truly, Michelle


3 thoughts on “hiatus for spring 2013

  1. I’ve enjoyed these past two weeks of frequent posting – good luck with spring semester and I’ll be sure to share your non-SHINee related blog posts to my friends interested in econ! (:

  2. Ahhh we’ll miss you, Michelle. :]

    I’m especially looking forward to your Econ posts. I took Micro this last semester, and I’m taking Macro this Spring. Good luck with school!

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