[kpop] incredibly short thoughts on AKP/Ailee

There’s a third party to blame for AKP/Ailee fiasco, and it’s sitting right in front of the computer screen. You.

You say Allkpop is trash, and yet you read the articles? Allkpop has not gotten to where it is without willing readers ready to stomach the things that it puts out. If you’re serious about shaming AKP, stop reading it. Stop paying attention to it. Show it that things like this Ailee scandal won’t make you pay attention to it, and they should just stop trying. Don’t boycott it for 72 hours, boycott it forever.

Moreover, a lot of the Western fans’ pushback strikes me as ridiculously over-reactive when every day in Western media we are bombarded with this kind of scandal in The SunThe Daily Inquirer, and it’s when somebody in kpop gets slammed does everyone become righteous. It’s disgusting.


One thought on “[kpop] incredibly short thoughts on AKP/Ailee

  1. I know this is old news, but I totally agree with you. I have completely stopped following Allkpop and actually switched over to Soompi for my K-pop news.

    Thanks for following my blog by the way! I’m slowly exploring yours and I like what I’m seeing :)

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