the overdue hiatus notice

I am sure nobody missed me, but you might have noticed I am currently missing in action. I was all set to review “Boys Meet U” and even wrote half of it, except school hit me– not with a few bricks, but more accurately, with the force of a few hundred Steinway Ds. If you have been following me carefully, you probably know that this is an extremely critical juncture in my life and I cannot afford to look away.

Even worse, SHINee is having a comeback in three days, and yes, I have talked to Patricia about their terrifying fake eyelashes.

Just know that I am actually alive, and that I will, one beautiful day, catch up on everything. This is looking more and more like January of 2014, and perhaps that will not even be the case. This hiatus could go until May 2014. If I really have anything to say, follow @theinnocentlam to keep tabs.

If you miss me and my annoyingly critical reviews, just remember, call Minho a frog at least once and say Key’s singing is so uncontrolled and scratchy, and praise Onew during smooth ballads and Jonghyun during power songs. Praise Taemin once in a while but kick him more often. Also remember to be sipping some Pellegrino and freaking out about a mathematics problem set at the same time.




4 thoughts on “the overdue hiatus notice

  1. I miss you a lot!! Ever since your tweet about finishing half of the BMU review, I keep refreshing this site. But it’s okay, I understand about your circumstances. Education is more important anyway :)
    I will keep waiting for the day you’ll comeback. Good luck with school and your life ^^

  2. Michelle I was just thinking about your blog and how much I’ve missed it! Please write when you can and I wish you the best in your scholarly pursuits – you have always inspired me with your perseverance and intelligence. (:

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