a spontaneous audio [review] of “Why So Serious?”

Because finals are creeping up and school is closing up, it may be a while before I get to painstakingly review Why So Serious. Therefore, in order to review the single, Why So Serious?”, I recorded around 20 minutes of some laughing and some silence and some jabbing at Taemin. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “a spontaneous audio [review] of “Why So Serious?”

  1. Totally not sure what I think of this or the video. Like the other members getting some voice time and Onew working the lower registers, but the rock sound, plus the b-boy/rapper clothes and then the strange chorus. Watch me love this shit by next week…haha

  2. I was also really bothered by the decisions they made vocally. I felt like they should have left his voice in the MV to respect that he’s still a part of the group and because he sounds much better than Taemin. Especially in this genre. I feel like this had the potential to be a solid title track but the chorus ruins it :/ I just feel conflicted.

  3. lol ‘traumatizing’.
    i knew there was something fishy about not including jonghyun at all in the MV audio when its understandable (sorta) to excuse him (sorta) visually from the MV.
    Totally agree that tho this is pretend-epic it fails in multiple areas. i dont really stan jonghyun, but i honestly wouldve preferred him over many of taemin’s lines. Whats ur opinions on onew back when he was in rock of ages?
    i randomly feel like minho almost rapped better in lucifer album than this one. in why so serious, im just thinking that his rap was so jarringly lame/weird as opposed to whiny… (and people who are commenting that ‘thumbs up if you think minho’s rap is good’ are just being delusional)

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