[review] Tohoshinki’s Time (to make Michelle surly)

Disclaimer: it is currently 1:30am, and thus I may not be able to vouch for the absolute rationality of this post.

Before I rip on each song, let me first rip on the entire album. Discounting the songs that were released previously released singles beforehand, the new songs in Time all make me yearn to tear off my ears. It is so disjointed and silly and not worthy of the vocals that Changmin and Yunho possess. They also do not mesh well with the previously released singles, either. Time is a slapdash album, and it throws into sharp relief precisely what Yunho and Changmin do not excel at– happy stuff.


What in tarnation is the first minute in Fated? It is heavy and untoward, and then breaks into a lovely bare, Yunho solo, followed by Changmin. I understand that as the introductory song, conceptually it may be nice to start with a ‘strong’ opening, but the contrast between the strong and weak parts was too unsettling. The chorus is too repetitive and too cliched to be memorable. I get it. The epic introduction. Whatever.

Next up is Catch Me -If You Wanna-. I did not review their Korean single Catch Me, which I did like, though it was simply following the dubstep dance trend. It is a solid song, with a very beautiful embellished instrumental. Their lives were simply amazing.

逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない is probably the most awkward song to come after Catch Me. Upbeat, happy, replete with whistling sounds, and repetitive, and simplistic, it makes me want to wretch. Neither Yunho nor Changmin are exactly great at conveying cheer in their singing; their voices are on the ‘reedy’ rather the ‘full’ and ‘warm’ side, which makes it hard for them to pull off singles like this.

One More Thing and STILL I had reviewed previously, and to make a long story short, Tohoshinki rules at emo ballads.

I Know is more of the same deal: Tohoshinki ruling an emo ballad. I cannot stress enough that they are flat-out professionals at handling this genre. Every little inflection is carefully controlled, and the instrumentals are just enough to support the voices without overpowering them. The piano motif is sad and plaintive without being too commonplace. Their voices are so smooth and yet so tense and painful at the same time. Better yet, Changmin and Yunho continue to match and complement each other scarily well; when listening, you do not think, “Oh that’s Changmin. Now it’s Yunho.” It is just Tohoshinki.

Y3K is the next song, and Please Kill Me Now. The range is too low and the chorus is contrite, with the ring of “been there done that.” The rather slow beat just makes it excruciating to listen to for the whole four minutes. The yodeling melismas are just silly, too. The bridge seems to no relationship to do with the song itself– it is just an empty cesspool where we wait for the meter to return.

Thankfully, BLINK comes after Y3K. Along with ANDROID, I had reviewed these two singles, and long story short again: I was highly impressed with Tohoshinki’s clean and cohesive electrodance stylings. When compared to Catch Me, Android is the better dubstep single. It is truly an upbeat electrodance single while Catch Me is more like dressing for meat bait– the two steaks being Changmin and Yunho, of course.

When reformatted for the Japanese market, atrocious English was added to Humanoids. Think of Humanoids as the Catch Me B-side. It was not good enough to be a lead single. That is all.

Save me from this happy bland song: One and Only One. The latter half of the song, which dips into the higher register, sounds so unnaturally strained for both of them.

Is this song a love song for their fans? Judging by the six minute run time, and Yunho being forced to “la” into oblivion, In Our Time is the love song. As such, it is an insufferable song, sweet and sickly. Time to wash my ears by listening to another love song for fans, SHINee’s Dream Girl.


4 thoughts on “[review] Tohoshinki’s Time (to make Michelle surly)

  1. I felt pretty much the same. : l I was totally anticipating this album, and watching the In Our Time mv, I was thinking, okay, not terribly bad. I didn’t listen to the tracks in order, so Y3K could not have gotten a stronger wtf reaction out of me. .__. Blarrrggh WHY. As for Fated, I did like the epicness of the opening itself. XD Then I laughed (wryly) some more at the fact that the song is 5:27. -__- What. Simply put, this album was poorly put together. D: TONE was much better.

    • i was wondering, does the album come with the full mv for ‘in our time’? i can not find it anywhere. :/

  2. Interesting review, I actually really loved Y3K because it showed of their lower ranges as well as In Our Time as generic as that song seemed to me. I also appreciated the concept of Time – past, present, future but I wish I had taken more care in the transitions so that the concept would translate better to the album. All in all though, I actually liked TIME more than TONE, although Back to Tomorrow is still my favorite song from them yet.

  3. eh, I totally liked the new songs and the album as a whole! I felt a little worried at first when I heard about a new album, because I couldn’t think of a good track list arrangement of the previous singles songs. but after the album concept came out and I listened to the full album, I actually like it so much! I believe they did a good job with what they had, and no song made me feel it was a filler, old or new.
    I liked 逢いたくて逢いたくてたまらない, again I was worried when I first read the lyrics only because there was soo much aitakute-s lol, but when I listened to it it was nice, the beat makes want to skip and it’s just so fluffy and sweet~
    well I may understand if you didn’t like it, but ‘One and Only One’?! it’s not even exactly a happy song! well, though it’s true that the main message behind the lyrics is positive, but the wondering in the first verses, and the way they sang it… umm, how to best describe the feelings… like, it was kinda of desperate? I felt this the first time I listened to it. their voices had this a hint sad/struggling emotions, and this was before I even read the translation of the lyrics! I don’t think it’s just my feelings, and I believe it’s easy for others to feel so eventually, I mean there was even a soft sigh at the end of the song (Yunho’s I guess), it’s just so heart-wrenching ; . ;
    the message in the lyrics is beautiful and simple, but it’s also something hard for the world to achieve. well, that’s how I felt! it’s definitely one of my favorites along with I Know~
    I didn’t like “In Our Time” when I first heard it, mainly because the audio was of low quality and it made the people’s ‘lalala’ part so noisy! I still found it kinda noisy, I would prefer it was produced better than this, but the boys different beautiful notes in the song made everything sound better at the end~ it would be beautiful to hear them live! actually, I’m so looking forward to TIME tour, they always make the songs sound much more better and fun!
    ah by the way, you missed a song of the album in your review: ‘Rat Tat Tat’ the one who wrote the lyrics %100 wrote it for them, it’s sweet and fun and I’m sure the live version is gonna be hilarious and silly xD
    oh about Humanoids, I remember some i-fans were disappointed when they heard of a Japanese version (well everyone want more new songs) but the funny thing is that Humanoids was like the top popular of all the album songs on the digital chart when the album was released! kinda of a surprise~
    while Y3K and Fated are the most popular among the i-fans I know lol xD

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