[musings/rumor] kya! Onew and Jung Ah! wait, but what is that in Onew’s hand..

Last night, a thunderstorm blew into SHINee World– rumors of a possible Onew-Jung Ah (After School) couple. Here are the facts, and following are the photos:

  • Onew and Jung Ah were photographed exiting a restaurant and sitting inside a car together.
  • both agencies deny this relationship. From Pledis: “The two are close as senior and junior. They’ve had meals together for a long time and we′ve known the two are close.” From SM: “This is an old rumor and it’s not the truth. We’ve known the two to be close friends.”
  • Onew has cited Jung Ah as his ideal type in 2010.
  • They tweet each other on Twitter.


Here are the rumors:

  • they’ve been dating for a year already.
  • Jung Ah has visited Onew’s dressing room during the SHINee World tour and later they were spotted holding hands, wearing couple bracelets.
  • they were on a date in Apgujeong recently without any disguise; they usually have quick dates in Jung Ah’s car.
  • Onew and Jung Ah had previously been spotted ‘linking arms’ at a movie theater.

My personal take on the rumors– with the Jonghyun-SSK scandal, it is quite safe to say that all the SHINee members know they are under watch 24/7 in public, and I doubt Onew would do something as stupid as having dates in public without disguising himself. If I remember correctly, a patch of After School members had visited SHINee to support them in their solo concert; so, Jung Ah may have visited Onew’s dressing room, but the story is incomplete. Were they alone? Was it a long visit? Or was it one of those “congratulations”, bow many times, and leave? Moreover, apparently the holding hands scandal was caused by a user on Twitter who wanted to stir up drama.

Whether they are actually dating or not, I actually do believe that they have gone on at least one date. Especially since Jonghyun confessed that SSK was his ideal type, and then later was revealed to actually be dating her– Jung Ah is no Emma Watson, so I do not think Onew would have any trouble securing a meeting with her and possibly going out on a date with her. Of course, the more salient question is, are they dating now? Perhaps. If they are, I doubt they are meeting regularly now, because Dream Girl promotions are taking up the bulk of Onew’s time.

However, what actually surprised me the most is that Onew seems to still have serious acne. It is naive of me to think money can cure everything, but really, money can cure most acne. Perhaps it is easier and cheaper to put on makeup than invest in intensive care for Onew’s skin. It pains me when I see that he still looks like that underneath the concealer, because acne-friendly or not, concealer still inhibits the pores’ ability to breathe and prevents acne from healing properly and as fast as possible.

The second thing that irked me was Onew’s smoking. Given the prevalence of smoking in South Korea among men is 50%, I am not surprised that Onew is another statistic. Yet, there is something personally disgusting to me about smoking, even though many studies have shown electronic cigarettes do not have the smell or the heavy dose of carcinogens that conventional cigarettes have. Onew is a singer by trade, and smoking away his signature smooth voice signals a lapse of responsibility to me. Perhaps he only occasionally partakes, perhaps. Who knows? All I know is that to me, smoking is disgusting. Please note that this is not a judgment on Onew, saying that he is a bad person because he smokes. Some people prefer the dark and mysterious type, and in the same way, some people prefer non-smokers.

While it is refreshing to see a more human side of idols, Onew has been slipping up too much lately. To this end, I hope everything is all right with Lee Jinki; that rumors of his continuing depression are false. I have no doubt S.M. will deal strictly with Onew this time around, from flipping off Jonghyun, a ‘major’ dating scandal, not putting on makeup adequately when in public, and smoking an electronic cigarette. If I was Lee Sooman, I would have not second qualms about disciplining Onew proportionately, because the image is a huge part of kpop. kpop is all about the complete package, and if one element is ruined, the other parts are in jeopardy, and the other parts include the other SHINee members. Though these are all Onew’s own actions, the other members will still be negatively impacted by his actions. Though Onew has done nothing wrong, his lack of discretion has an impact beyond himself, so I hope he can learn this lesson well and continue being the smiling face that we have come to support.

BONUS SHINee members with acne: 


12 thoughts on “[musings/rumor] kya! Onew and Jung Ah! wait, but what is that in Onew’s hand..

  1. That was Onew smoking?! First, I thought he was smoking but then his hands looked like it was holding onto something so I thought he was drinking coffee…how naive, Rosie. how naive..
    But if he really is smoking, I hope he would stop in near future because it’s not good for the voice and stamina at all. He’s a lead singer for goodness sake.
    I have always thought SHINee members have clear skin until I stumbled onto the pictures above like a year before. But seriously, SM should consider sending them to a skin clinic because having acne in long term is not good and it’s annoying!
    But, I’ve been obsessing over Key’s complexion for quite a long time now. His skin always glow! Whatever stuff he uses, i want to know and i want to use.
    And, I agree. Onew has been n a lot of mishap lately. One more slip-ups and there’s this huge danger of downfall. Look at IU’s incident. Ever since that Eunhyuk-IU incident, she hardly ever made headlines even though she’s currently filming a drama.


  2. Refer to question about acne, if the boys not going to change their diet & lifestyle. Acne going to follow them for quite awhile.
    Firstly I notice, Key is fussy over food & few times I read he always eat light & conscious of his weight.
    Secondly Jonghyun is focus on his bodybuilding so he focus on high on protein like chicken breast meat.
    On “Wonderful day” Jonghyun said he was giving himself a treat, which means this is not his usual diet.
    Onew, Minho & Taemin are typical Korean guys. They love meat & worse – they loved fried food.
    If you ask a Chinese physician, he will inform you their inner body are too “heaty”.
    With the diet & sleeping schedule upside down, you really expect them to have better skin?

    I very disappointed with Onew for smoking. It’s his choice but it’s a waste to throw away what’s was given to him by God. Let’s hope he realised his mistake.

    • Jeng Tey ~ You make valid points about their diet & their schedules. The stress of a poor diet, rigorous schedule & also having to wear a lot of makeup constantly can aggravate their skin. Unless one does a lot to counteract those factors with proper nutrition & skincare, (or you are simply blessed with amazingly resistant genes, which is very rare,) the acne is going to happen.

      I am with Michelle – smoking is disgusting to me & I am actually a former smoker, myself! My boyfriend smokes & I make him smoke outside but it still makes his clothes smell so I am trying to switch him to electronic cigarettes. Even with those they still contain the nicotine & also there is a concern in the back of my mind that this is a new technology & there haven’t been enough long-term tests to know if it’s even a “safer” alternative. I say just quit or don’t start in general. It’s a very bad habit, indeed. Also – it’s murder on your skin! It dehydrates you terribly, causing premature wrinkles & lines.

      I was unaware of this “flipping off” incident & his depression. I need to go google now.

  3. It’s a shame about his smoking. I’m not surprised, since he’s been caught before. But as a singer I do wish he was more cautious.

    Anyway, the world is 100% convinced they’re dating. I actually do think so as well, because a lot of the rumours about those two were raised before they started tweeting each other, back when the possibility was “random”. That being said, I do find it plausible that they are simply close friends going out to eat. The fact he’s not disguising himself, despite knowing the repercussions, means that he obviously doesn’t think it to be a big deal? Not to mention I can’t see him openly tweeting someone who was a serious girlfriend. Either that, or he just gives no fucks anymore (which is also very plausible, his track record this promotional cycle given), lol. He is “acting out” by idol standards this time around, but idk if it’s just me, but he also seems a lot happier? I mean, it’s also nice to see him kind of chummy with Jonghyun again after how non-existent JongYu was for the past year and a half or so? I honestly think it’s only possible to stay friends with Jonghyun if you flip him off every once in a while.

    Anyway, Jungah is awesome and Onew has flawless taste. What is up with SHINee getting to their ideal types? ‘Cept Minho and his Kim Taehee and Taemin and Emma Watson. Keep dreaming.

    OT: But I’m soooo obsessed with finding pictures of celebrities with skin flaws visible T_T I have a whole folder called “Kyuhyun’s shitty skin.”

  4. i am not so shock about him being smoking although i can be call as onew’s crazy fan (can’t stand a day without seeing his vid or photo…. ) as it is known that he is a heavy drinker.. (smoke n drinking always come together)… he also doesn’t have clean teeth (realize when i zoom in paparazzi photos of him…)-prove that he is a smoker and alcohol consumer -(which actually something that i hate the most) but there’s nothing i can do to hate him cause i praised his voice that GOD gifted him so much… he is also look so well manner in front of elders with his smiley habit…. anyway he gotta change his bad habit though……..well i hope n pray he will….. but about dating……. i will not complaint…… he also deserve to be happy with someone he love……. having partner can reduce his anxiety and depression bit…… i also look him more manly when he is having a date like that…. quite brave…. anyway i don’t like gay…….better him like that…ps: just my personal opinion.. no offense please…….. love him always…..this is more humanside of him… although he is idol he is still a GOD creation……. there is no person in the world that is perfect..

  5. First of all, its beyond ridiculous to say that “flipping” off someone will land him in serious trouble and be severely punished for it. Even you must know how stupid that sounds if you read it.
    I flip the bird to my friends, am I gonna go to jail for it? Is my finger gonna be cut off for it? For God’s sake!!
    Jong & Onew were flipping each other off but Jong knew the camera was on so his hand was out of the way whilst Onew who thought they were still on a break moved his hand forward to emphasize his point. They were both fooling around as boys who have been close to each other for 7 years since pre-debut would do with each other since they’re close.
    He will not be punished for not wearing make-up either, again, think about how stupid this sounds. For example, all idols do not wear make-up to airports and there are always countless numbers of fans chasing them there. Do you think anyone really gives a damn about whether they’re wearing make-up or not?
    Is he expected to walk around in full-on make-up during his personal time, just because there might be fans around? No.

    Secondly, every teenager and young adult goes through acne unless you devotedly take good care of your skin with the many skin care products twice a day, every day and maintain a good healthy diet.
    A typical person who loves to eat fried food, snacks a lot on unhealthy junk foods and doesn’t bother too much with skin care will suffer from Acne.

    Thirdly, I don’t believe he is a smoker because he is not dumb, he knows what it will do to his voice and it’s his dream to be a singer and for as long as possible. Honestly, he has no physical signs of being a smoker. Even just 4-6 months into smoking you’ll get yellow stained fingers and lips, which he has neither when we see him void of make-up. He would have wheezy breathing and a rough voice which would definitely have effected his live singing. But watch him singing live from recent events, his voice flows the smoothest and clearest.
    Think about it and look at the picture, smoke is coming out from the back of his head and he’s got his hand cupped around the tip. Do smokers usually hold onto the lighted tip and not feel the burn or is Onew a super human who also blows smoke from the back of his head instead of his mouth?

    Either its an E-cig as some people believe or a breath freshening spray, since he had just come out of a restaurant.

    Dating, eating out with a friend who happens to be a girl, smoking & having acne are all a part of growing up and life, Are people seriously penalizing him for living his life? Go get yours first please.

  6. Way late to comment, I know, but I had to say something. (-;

    I’m very sorry to see the acne, but I persoanlly have wondered for a long time how they can have good skin and such bad sleeping habits at the same time. For me, and I’m sure for many people, good skin is impossible without good sleep. I’ve heard they have 5-hour nights often, and so they would then consider 6 hours a “good sleep”. It isn’t.

    The other thing I really need to pass on is about those electronic “smokers”. First of all, there is no tobacco or tobacco products, though some can contian nicotine. They don’t smell like cigarettes, don’t create any smoke (vapor comes out), and have no carcinogenic chemicals. They leave no smell on clothes and are pretty much odorless (excepting below), though a mild, sweet smell can be detected if you are close enough (propylene glycol, which is “non-toxic anti-freeze”, approved as a food additive and a sweetener).

    The most important fact about these vaporizers is that they can contain a number of things besides nicotine or tobacco substitutes. Herbal mixtures for health purposes are available, and some people make their own from essential oils like clove or something else they like. What Onew’s vapor contains is unknown. But if it is a vape, there is no combustion, no damage to lungs or throat, and no effect on his singing.

    Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, especially since I really doubt SM would condone anything harmful, not to mention Key and others. He may just be soaking in a favorite flavor, like gum with fumes.

  7. please , believe me .
    Onew does not smoking at all ..
    I had done on search . And I found ”I hates smoking~”‘ this is well said by Onew ya ~~
    And if you give detail to the pictures , you didnt found the sign of E cig ! that is a pen .. Many had admitted .

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