[lifestyle] two ways to up your street cred with Asians

1. Order a hot bubble tea and drink with relish. This is especially great for cold days, but if you order during a summer day, more power to Your Asian Self. For people still ticked off by the “hot” part, just think of it like hot chocolate. Moreover, usually when one drinks milk tea in the West, it is served warm.

2. Eat (weird) Asian snacks without worrying about the ingredients. I was working at the library the other day, and by chance, Japanese tourists visited us and gifted us with a set of what appeared to be green tea egg rolls. However, none of us could actually read Japanese and even though I recognized some kanji, a quick Google did not reveal anything. The other Asian girl who was working and I both munched quite contentedly on the egg rolls while our Caucasian co-workers held a pow-wow about ingredients. Asian-Americans and Asians in general have grown up eating things without necessarily knowing how to read the labels, and it is second-nature to us– if it looks good, then munch away!

Green tea oreos? Bring it on.

Green tea oreos? Bring it on. Seriously, delicious.


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