[manga] 2013. live-action Kuroshitsuji movie. Hiro Mizushima. well, this is nice.

On 8 January 2013, the news broke that sometime in 2013, a live-action of the manga Kuroshitsuji will be released. As you might know, I am a huge fan of this series, so I was absolutely floored when I heard the news.

Here’s the quick lowdown of all the information that has been released so far:

  • set 130 years in the future, with a completely original storyline
  • Hiro Mizushima of Absolute Boyfriend, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Hana Kimi will be playing Sebastian
  • Kentaro Otani and Keiichi Satou will be co-directors; previously Kentaro has directed NANA and Keiichi has directed Tiger & Bunny, Karas, Asura
  • Yana Toboso, mangaka of Kuroshitsuji, has said “it’s like a dream come true” and has given her official stamp of approval. Most likely she will be involved in character design, like the animes
  • the film will commence shooting this April
  • the film will be released sometime in 2013, probably sometime during the fall and later
  • along with this news, three teaser photos (below) of Hiro have been released via Hiro’s homepage


Of course, there has already been an uproar amongst fans that speak English. I would like to address some of the common quibbles that have arisen.

Why did they cast Hiro? He looks nothing like Sebastian; are they really planning for Sebastian to have curly hair? Most likely, the most compelling reason why Hiro was cast as Sebastian is because he has quite successfully portrayed another “perfect butler” in Mei-chan no shitsuji. As one of the directors said, he approached Hiro about this role over the course of one and half years, and Hiro finally relented because of the director’s enthusiasm–Hiro actually had given up on film acting three years ago, and wanted to focus on being a writer.

Quite shallow to say that not having the right hairstyle can ruin a perfectly good actor’s portrayal. In my opinion, serious cosplayers of Sebastian are quite scary-looking, so for the benefit of a mainstream audience, it is perhaps better to introduce a Sebastian that does not totally look like a piece of manga artwork. Moreover, manga hair never quite works out in real life, so it is kind of silly to be chasing after it.

It is quite common practice to take a few concept photos before filming, just to get a feel for the actor and how they fit in the role. The photos also provided excellent visuals when announcing the live-action movie. Filming is scheduled to be in April, and lots of concepts–like Sebastian’s looks–may change.

Is Ciel going to be in this movie at all? Just being nitpicky, the demon that is called ‘Sebastian’ by Ciel takes whatever form their master requires. In Ciel’s case, that is a butler. Therefore, it does not make sense to have a movie called ‘Black Butler’ without someone to be a butler to–either Ciel is in the film or Sebastian has a new master.


I wish Hollywood could have picked this up. I don’t want this to be made in modern times, and in Japan. Doesn’t that go against the whole Victorian England setting that is central to Ciel’s character? We should be grateful that it was even picked up by Japanese filmmakers; Hollywood would not touch this, because the premise is so weird in a Western perspective. In all honesty, if I tell some of my Caucasian friends the plot of Kuroshitsji, it can be just a tad embarrassing. 

A modern setting could be interesting; just as the BBC’s Sherlock reimagined in present-day London and delivered us Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch in his most delectable role ever.

At the start, I also highly disliked the second season of Kuroshitsuji anime, but rewatching it, I am actually quite glad for the richer universe Kuroshitsuji fans now have.

Why don’t they follow the manga instead of making an original story? Who knows. The anime diverged from the manga quite a bit, but it was not absolutely terrible. The same goes for both Kuroshitsuji musicals.

Where is the contract seal on Sebastian’s hands? Why does he have a ring? Details, details. Filming begins in April. They have plenty of time to get it right. These are just concept photos, and the costume designers probably have not even started making the temporary tattoos for the contract seal.


Reportedly, a slender Hiro has started dieting to lose weight for the role. By golly, I hope the above photo was just Photoshopped, because Hiro’s face is already stretched thin and ridiculously sculpted.

Overall, I am looking forward to this live-action movie, because if anything, we know that we will at least have one pretty butler to look at.


21 thoughts on “[manga] 2013. live-action Kuroshitsuji movie. Hiro Mizushima. well, this is nice.

  1. Hiro Mizushima!! Omg. I am hyperventilating! lol. I love him!!!! Ahem~ I shall stop fangirling here.

    I’m glad that there’s a movie now. And I’m even more glad that Hollywood didn’t pick it up. When Hollywood makes something based on Asian manga/horror/movie, it comes out weird…and very uncomfortable to watch. Ninja Assassin was only successful because of Rain. All of the Japanese horror remakes were horrendous, in my opinion. I think it’s the difference in culture which West couldn’t relate to. That can happen.
    It’s good that they are not going to follow the manga because, I’ve already read the manga like 5 times already back-to-back and then watched the anime. I don’t think I can handle it anymore. Lol. It’ll bore all the tears out of me. It’ll be interesting to see what plot filmmakers come up with.

    I never knew Hiro gave up film acting! That was why I haven’t seen any movies by him these days. Oh, Rosie living in her own bubble. -.-

    I cannot wait until Hiro graces the screen again! Kekekeke.


    • agree. Dragonball Z was terrifying! Also, Japanese people understand manga the best.. we might even have some fanservice.. ha. ha.

      I was so totally hyperventilating when I saw the photos~~ ahh Hiro and his red eyes. I can really see the Sebastian coming out! I hope they include at least one cat scene! =D

      Yes, you touch on a good point too, I’m pretty much itching for new things to happen in Kuroshitsuji.. this school arc is progressing so slowly T__T


      • My heart was weeping when Dragonball Z came out. I kept thinking, “Why?!?!?! WHY?!?!” The feel was totally different from the anime…..
        Now that you mention it, I WANT THE CAT SCENE! I want Sebastian to squish the cat’s paws! That’s totally, unexpectedly cute. I threw up rainbows at that scene. lol.
        I can see Sebastian coming out! I just want to see how the styling department went crazy with him, makeup, hair and wardrobe. Omg, butler outfits are my favorite outfits for cosplay.
        Please, I’m dying for the story to go forward!! It’s been ages! If they go one match per chapter, we’d be in December by the time the tournament ends. I’m sure I’ll be screaming, clutching my hair from frustration if that happens. Just solved the damned case already, Ciel & Sebastian! TT_TT


    • me too sis… I so love him… I get pissed of all the haters saying he’s not that handsome… not the right hair.. come on! he’s super talented and hot :)

  2. gosh I cant wait..and seriously it will be a blast..whether it follows the original story or not I know it will be awesome,hoping Ciel will be there,he was turned into a demon in the Black Butler season 2 right..besides it wont be the same without him..cant wait..XD

  3. I am supper excited for this! I’m a big fan of the series, and I can’t wait to see a modern day movie! At first I was wondering about the England vs Japan setting but then I read what you wrote and was reminded, oh yeah, he can be summoned wherever to work for whoever, including in Japan.
    I can’t wait to watch this and see all the new characters, and if we meet any old ones in it!

  4. wow..its true that Sherlock came out a success (i love it!) and the second season of black butler did suck (no offence, Trancy). but making a movie..i hope ciely-kun is in the movie! sebby having a new master…nooo!!

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  6. I agree, Hiro looks very thin, not exactly gaunt or sickly just…thin. I enjoy the Kuroshitsuji series, particularly the manga, and I look forward to this movie. I hope they do it right and don’t derive too much from the manga or anime. And i don’t care if the hair is curly, quite frankly I like it and it looks more natural. With the curly hair they won’t have to use tons of hair spray like most drama’s and j-movies to get that Sebastian-one-bang-somehow-always-in-the-face-all-the-time look. I hate when they try to make the hair perfectly like the anime/manga characters in j-drama’s and movies, it looks unnatural.
    And of course Ciel will be in the movie, c’mon, Japanese directors aren’t stupid. They usually do things right,(except for that live action Casshern)
    What I don’t understand is why they won’t use one of the manga’s arcs as the plot for the movie. I mean, the circus arc would be perfect for a stand alone.

  7. Although I really am protesting why Matsushita-san didn’t get the role of Sebastian for this when it’s obvious he’s perfect for the role, it came to my mind that it happened because Matsushita Yuya is more needed in the upcoming musical that in the live action.
    So, I do wish Hiro-san goodluck because he’s going to recieve alot of criticism. As a fellow fan of the anime, I will defenitely support the movie!!! Ganbatne!

  8. Well, I guess I’m excited to have a kuroshitsuji movie- but that guy just does NOT remind me of Sebastian at all >A.<)
    :/ to be fair, I shouldn't judge him too soon though, I guess. I've never seen him act or heard his voice… And maybe I have unrealistic expectations for an actual human being ^_^" still… you know… sebby's supposed to be perfect… :/

  9. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew he looks like a girl I’ll never watch kuroshitsuji live action I prefer anime ><

  10. Thanks, this post calmed my mind… If the mangaka is watching and taking part in the making, it must turn out at least decent. But I still want to see Ciel in this live-action!

  11. ciel better be in this movie, without him and Sebastian having a new master? total train wreck, hehe im excited tho

  12. As much as I love Hiro and Black Butler, I’m rather disappointed that ciel is being replaced by a girl. I’m fairly certain the change was made just simply so that there could be a love story. So I will probably only watch this movie for Hiro…

  13. I jiust have one word for this “Kuroshitsuji” live action: “FUCK OFF”.

    The splot have revealed : NO MORE CIEL, NO MORE VICTORIAN TIME, NO MORE MANY THINGS. Kuroshitsuji without Ciel? Please!!!!! I read Kuroshitsuji manga and anime not just because I love the mysterious aura of Victorian time but mainly because I love Ciel. No more Bocchan is the death of Kuroshitsuji. What I am supposed to see in this fucking Live action. Besides, they replaced my beloved Ciel with A GIRL, who is named “Shiori” and always disguised herself as a boy due to some fucking reason!!!!

    How glad I was when I found out the “Kuroshitsuji live action released” news!!!!! And now I get this rubbish!!!! They do anything just to make a man – and – woman love story!!!! It makes me sick!! Damm it! Why don’t they just rename the title of the live action, replace it with “XXX”, or “HJJLJ” or anything, I don’t care!!!! Please just don’t use the name “Kuroshitsuji” when they distort the original story horribly like that!!!!! And you guys know what, they also dare the fan – who love the original Kursoshitsuji – that “way and see, we will make your eyes open wide!”

    I will never see this insulting live action – never!!!!! To me, Kuroshitsuji has never had a live action! Never!

    • ~Agree with all your anger and add; the relationship between Ciel & Sebastian
      was always one of love, be it real or implied and that’s what kept me coming
      back. He’s not so far away that he couldn’t have come back to ‘his’ Sebastian!
      If there was to be no Ciel….at least a boy master; how PC and accommodating
      to the hetro big wigs that they would destroy the entire premise. Ok to bring it
      into the future if they must even though I’ll miss the Victorian settings and gentility.
      It could have still been transposed and held that which we held dear.
      I’m definitely a no go on the movie…have they done anything like this in the manga,
      I haven’t acquired yet?

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  16. what I read from their guide book (it is a merchandise you can buy in every japan`s cinema), the only reason they want to make it totally different from the manga and anime is, they do not want the movie ends up in typical `cosplay movie`stereotype

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