[kpop] SHINee popped up in post-apocalyptic manhwa, Lessa

I am happily reading a new manhwa, Lessa, about a demon-hunter Rano who is trying to find his sister. On his mission, he comes across Lessa, someone who has the same sharpened teeth as demons, but does not possess their horns.

To my surprise, in the first few pages of this manhwa, Rano dreams about Lessa, only to be woken up by a SHINee alarm, to the tune of Sherlock. 


Totally not expecting that! The last time I saw a kpop reference in manga was in Kuragehime, where Kuranosuke wears a BIGBANG t-shirt.

Just a bit about Lessa it can be categorized as shounen, seinen, supernatural. The art is passable, but I especially like how the character Lessa is drawn, which is the main shallow reason why I persist in reading this manhwa. The storyline is not bad, but can be quite unsatisfying because there is still a lot unexplained at this point. If you are rather impatient, do not begin reading Lessa until spring, where there will be many more chapters to sate your impatience.


2 thoughts on “[kpop] SHINee popped up in post-apocalyptic manhwa, Lessa

  1. omg. lolololol. you do not know how hard I laughed at this.
    that used to be my ringtone until my family nagged me so much to change it. apparently, it surprises them randomly. they do not know how much that ‘SHINee is back’ phrase make a fangirl happy.


    • awww.. mine used to be “Ring Ding Dong”.. I mean.. a phone ringing? Very lame, I know. Now it is “Plane Communications”, basically a gruff guy directing a plane to land. I had forgotten that it was set to that.. so when I heard it the first few times, I really thought a plane would be landing on top of me.


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