happy new year! thank you for sticking with ilam.

Whatever your 2012 was like, I hope that your 2013 may be even more flourishing and bright.


Nonetheless, in the latter half of 2012 especially, this blog was rather dark, non-flourishing–by that, I mean sparsely updated. Despite that, this year, I still saw record amounts of traffic to my blog, and for that, I am extremely grateful to the readers I still have and to the readers who have newly come. Also, I must extend my gratitude to those readers that liked bugging me on formspring; I had lots of fun.

I suppose a lot of people with my background in music and growing up with kpop by holding a torch for SHINee for around four years already, I would have branched into reviewing kpop as a whole. Korean pop is a dangerous machine: all the time, it churns out pretty boys by the dozen, with not-bad vocals and not-bad dance skills to boot–the perfect formula to capture noonas by the dozen. To be frank, I have thought about it from time to time; what am I doing in such a podunk blog? I should be out promoting myself and writing flashy editorials on flashy kpop sites. Yet, the more I thought about, the more I could not bring myself to care about the other things that kpop brings, besides SHINee and TVXQ and the occasional beautiful tracks by Nameless Boy Bands. To have an opinion on everything, is, well, very tiring. Every time when I write about SHINee now, I think to myself, “Have people seen this before?” “Will they be bored by Michelle saying Minho is a frog again?” “Have I wrung this lake of criticism dry?” “Am I being too nice?” “Is the fangirl clouding my judgment?”

It is a struggle, one that I cannot imagine I can win all the time. If I struggle with SHINee, then BAP, U-Kiss, Infinite, Hello Venus, SISTAR, etc., will all feel the wrath of my indifferent pen stroke. No one wants a grumpy reviewer that dislikes everything but SHINee and TVXQ. For the time being, I am content to reside with ilam, reviewing SHINee and occasionally other singles by other artists.

Cheers to another year of sticking with you, my dear readers. Happy 2013.


One thought on “happy new year! thank you for sticking with ilam.

  1. I definitely don’t think your blog is “podunk” (great word, by the way – I had to look it up.) As you said, you still got massive amounts of traffic despite not posting regularly, and I am confident that you have regular readers like myself who gobble up everything you write. However, if you do decide to post at more “glamorous” sites, we will follow you for sure. Happy belated New Year, Michelle!

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