[music] top 10 kpop songs of 2012

Another one of these 2012 posts! Over the last twelve months, I hope I have gained a wider appreciation for kpop. These following 10 songs released in 2012 dominated my playlists:

(1) Catch Me, TVXQ: not a surprise. It is actually quite a solid and epic track, if not for the blubbering bridge in the middle that could have used a sharper ear for dubstep. TVXQ’s jpop release, Android, released earlier in 2012, was a great example of good dubstep pop.

(2) Midnight, BEAST: the instrumentals and the raw vocals really hooked me. B2ST should stick to their sunnier image for a bit.

(3) MAMA, EXO-M: despite the Engrish gibberish, MAMA held its own as an epic dance track. Chen wailing is not bad, either.

(4) Sherlock (Clue+Note), SHINee: the only thing to be said is “why isn’t this number one?”

(5) History, EXO-M: next to Sherlock and Catch Me, quite possibly the third sharpest dance I have seen this year in kpop.

(6) Note, SHINee: Clue‘s synths bother me, but Note‘s relatively straightforward entrance is endearing.

(7) Blue, BIGBANG: I was chilled to the bone when I heard it for the first time.

(8) Day by Day, T-Ara: a girl group appears! Amazing. Then the whole thing with Hwayoung blew up, and suddenly I am scared that T-Ara cannot get this nice sound anymore. You take what you can get; they gave us quite an amazing music video, something you can only weakly hope SNSD gets a chance to do someday.

(9) Sexy, Free, and Single, Super Junior: straight from the indomitable dance anthem gods, and gosh, how can I not resist a song with the word “bingo” slathered all over it?

(10) Beautiful Night, BEAST: for a group that I have regarded on the fringes of kpop for a while, welcome into the ilam realm of consciousness.


2 thoughts on “[music] top 10 kpop songs of 2012

  1. some great picks in here! so many boys though – it’s a sausage fest! LOL :D i thought the same when i saw “sherlock” not take the top spot, but i was at least glad that shinee & big bang made the cut.

    i think the k-pop genre matured massively in 2012. many of the groups took on more adult looks and tackled rougher themes (ga-in’s “bloom” anyone?) and even solo artists stepped up their game (one of the most notable being BoA’s awesome return). it’s been a banner year for dance though – nearly everyone brought it with the movement and choreography! though “gangnam style” was such a smash hit, i don’t think it did much for introducing the genre to the us & uk. i’m quite excited to see if anyone else will try to appeal more to a worldwide audience and bring a greater awareness to the really great music that these recording artists make.

  2. Ah, my kpop blogger sisterling. Why so many similar favorite?!? I love Catch Me but I was disappointed that it was not a major, major hit like Keep Your Head Down. I might be wrong though, I’ve been going in and out of kpop sphere….
    EXO’s dancing is really crisp and sharp, I was totally disappointed with MAMA’s start though. I swear I was literally rolling on the floor laughing when it first came on. I hope they do well this year because their popularity on the internet is really something for a rookie group.
    And, last but not lease, I want SHINee’s comeback, NOW! Like, right now! It’s been too long!


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