[kpop] SHINee cheer no. 6!

It has been a while since I have done one of these. Enjoy! I know I have laughed myself silly over the first one. By the way, this is what an alien looks like.

Just a slight warning, after the break, it is PG-13, with a bit of swearing and mentions of obscenity. Use Urban Dictionary as a reference for slang you do not know, but at your own peril! 

lol 0

lol 1 lol 2
lol 3 lol 4 lol 5 lol 5 lol 7 lol 8 lol 9 lol 10 lol 11 lol 12 lol 13 lol 14 lol 15 lol 16 lol 17 lol 18 lol 19 lol 20 lol 21 lol 22 lol 23 lol 24 lol 25 lol 26 lol 27 lol 28 lol 29 lol 30

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One thought on “[kpop] SHINee cheer no. 6!

  1. I really love this type of humor, it can crack me up for days. My friends think I’m so childish for loving this type of humor though.


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