[review] SHINee’s Dazzling Girl.

song: overall
Cute, infectious, annoying. The registers they sing in are way too high for comfortable listening over a prolonged period.

Nonetheless, it is a very slickly produced track, the chorus especially tight and well-oiled. Yet, the bridge lacks surprise and energy, and seems like a toned-down dubstep more than anything–like a ‘we-needed-something-so-let’s-autotune-Onew-and-Jonghyun-really-badly’. I’ve been noticing over the course of SHINee’s career, that Onew and Jonghyun’s voices do not seem to translate to autotune very well, either.

song: individual 
Nothing remarkable. Key singing that high sounds unnatural. Even Jonghyun sounds strained in this song as well, which could be an effect of the autotune.

Minho finally gets a singing part right down in his proper register. I guess, at this point, it is the most I can hope for.

music video: choreography
It could have done without the hip-thrusting. The choreography, on the whole, is energetic, but not as challenging or as much of a show-stopper as their performances in Korea.

music video: concept
Idiotic. Sorry about this strong opinion, but for SHINee’s debut into Japan, Replay [You Are My Everything], all the members made googly eyes at one female, and this time around, they are making more googly eyes at one female. Well, at least this time she is Japanese.

They even took the same idea of each member having special roles; Key once again took the position of stylist. Boring.

The little feminist side of me also resented the fact that the ‘undazzling’ female in the beginning is stereotypically wearing a nice cardigan and glasses, and in the end is wearing heavy makeup in a floor-length gown. Of course, the positive people will say that the music video is expressing how every girl, no matter how plain, can be dazzling too. But the negative people like me will say, heavy makeup and a concert gown does not make for a dazzling person; a person is more than appearance, and if a person likes cardigans and glasses, then whatever. It may not be dazzling, but it suits them just fine.

Nonetheless, the ‘looking in the mirror’ idea is always very interesting, and I am disappointed they did not explore that more.

music video: fashion / sets
The diamond dance set is quite lacking in originality, but it is rather pretty, I will give them that. Otherwise, the set was pretty run-of-the-mill, white and bland.

The feathers and fur are questionable, but for some reason, Minho’s jacket is quite nice; a rather nice play of hard and soft. We can ditch the dowdy collared shirt and bling-bling necklace, though.

Taemin was sporting some Elvis hair. Ew, I wasn’t dreaming, right?

Very half-baked and generic attempt for a first original Japanese single. Next, please.


7 thoughts on “[review] SHINee’s Dazzling Girl.

  1. I’m sorry, but I would have to strongly disagree with you. We still have to remember that it is for a release in Japan. Japan is the definition of cute things and I think they approached Japan very smart with giving the member a cute, happy look. The song is happy, energetic and makes you want to dance. The concept of them being a team to get one girl ready and take pictures of her, is smartly done and the obvious roles are given to the obvious people, in my eyes.

  2. Haha, I agree with this entire review. Most of J-pop has been with a dated sound and feel for years now. Looking forward to what you have to say about their next single, “1000 years, always by your side”.

  3. Hi Michelle!

    I was also a little perturbed by the very pretty girl being looked at as “plain” or something just because she was in a sweater & glasses. I love sweaters & some people need glasses & glasses can be very cool! Also, there are many ways to be “Dazzling”: with your personality, your wit, your brain, your abilities, your kindness, etc. They could have done a more high-concept video & shown her doing all kinds of great things to show how truly dazzling she is. Just because you can be dressed up & pretty doesn’t mean you are the most “Dazzling Girl”. I’m NOT hating on her – don’t get me wrong – she’s very gorgeous & lots of girls & women like to get dressed up & feel like stars. Just seems like they took a very simple route here.

    Ok, I did like everyone’s hair here, even though it seemed very SAFE. Even Tae’s “Elvis” (lol) In fact I think Taemin looked quite handsome in general. I like seeing everyone age a bit – I don’t feel like such a pervert.

    I liked the Fur (I hope it was fake!) & I think I liked Jonghyun’s outfit the best – My eye kept going to him & his “shoulder feature”.

    Onew was so smiley.

    I do like the song – it’s very UP & makes me happy although it does seem weird that they would autotune the two best singers.

    The dancing was good but didn’t make me go hairpulling fangirl crazy like some of their other videos, although I have only seen the short version so I can’t judge completely yet. I think SHINee are probably one of the best dancing groups (at least in my book) & usually have some of the best choreography so it must be hard to keep outdoing themselves.

    I look forward to more from them!

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