an answer to Korean Shawol, and why yes, you are anonymous, but I’ll call you out anyway.

This is not going to be a very pretty post. I’m very firmly away on hiatus, but sometimes when I see these sorts of comments, I am spurred to do something. So, Korean Shawol, I am calling you out on it, and I hope in your anonymous online ramblings, you can find the space to chill out.

I’ve been shawol for 4 years but never heard about Key hung out with gay friends. Where did you hear about that Jongno 3ga or gay karaoke things?
In Korea there’s no place like a gay karaoke and Jongno 3 ga is where many young people hang out with friends, not just gay.
What more ridiculous is There’s no way to make sure that guys with Key were gay. Did obsevers(if it’s true) ask them ‘Are you gay?’ and the friends answered ‘yes’? It’s like a unreasonable comedy. How rumor spreaders know they are gay only by watching them?
Moreover recently he said he’s lonely because he had no friends in Seoul except for busy Idol friends and his not-idol friends are all in Daegu(his hometown).

It’s too funny that you wrote unreasonable rumours like truth and are trying to analyze it.
I asked so many Korean shawols and searched all over the korean websites but there’s any 1 website and 1 fan saying what you wrote.
You covinced the thing any Korean people do not know…even you are overseas?
I don’t care what you write on your own blog based on your personal opinion.
But do not spread bad rumors. In Korea there were so many celebs(Unee, Choi Jin Shil etc) killed themselves because of online rumors. You should know that you are doing the same thing.

Wow, that hurt. Because you did not clearly read the post at all.

That post is about aggregating what other people have said, not me. I have never marketed these comments as the truth, either. Also, I said exactly the same things you did– that it came from one person, and just because you have gay friends that does not mean that you, yourself, are gay. Yes, I am guilty of analyzing, but no, I am not guilty of saying Key is gay.

The second thing is that you say two very contradictory things– you do not care what happens on my blog– yet clearly you do by saying I should not spread bad rumors. In this, I fear we have a cultural divergence. In the West, it is okay to talk about the sexual orientation of celebrities, while in the East, homosexuality is still a taboo subject. I respect where you are coming from, but at the same time, your cultural norms cannot dictate my cultural norms. Yes, I am an overseas fan, and yes, I am interested in questions of sexual orientation, but clearly, you were too or else you would not have stumbled upon my site and left such a strong comment against me.

As long as these issues are discussed in a neutral way, I do not think a discussion of sexual orientation is at all offensive. Moreover, in kpop, these sort of implied homosexual relations are played upon fans’ emotions, and I do not think any kpop fan is oblivious to that. In the end, I am very sorry you feel this way, but ask me to rescind? Ask me to admit I am spreading rumors?

Itsa never gonna happen.


3 thoughts on “an answer to Korean Shawol, and why yes, you are anonymous, but I’ll call you out anyway.

  1. Some fangirls need to get their grip on because they can be so irrational and go crazy when they see that word ‘gay’. And most of the time they have not read the post properly! -.-
    Then they would think of hateful comments to spew out in the comment section, while bashing the author who wrote it, completely forgetting the fact that the author is merely giving out his/her view. Why cannot they read twice or think twice before comment?
    Anyway, back to this anonymous person. I think she just went into ‘post-hateful-comment’ mode after seeing the word ‘gay’ even before reading it properly. Your blog is one of the best Shawol blog I have seen. Your tackle issues logically without being biased, with a subtle humor here and there.
    Keep up the amazing work, Michelle!


  2. You tell em’ Michelle, you are definitely not in the wrong and I’m glad you responded to this poster in a respectful and intelligent way. I miss your posts, I hope school is not too strenuous!

  3. Dayyum, I bet that Korean Shawol knows a lot about who’s gay and not gay…. But as usual, they keep it to themselves.

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