some thoughts on the state of kpop and an overdue hiatus notice

Psy’s Gangnam Style is totally overblown. I knew it was going to be viral, but really, in the craziness of kpop, it is just a rather funny music video. Nonetheless I think it is about time that the Korean pop industry gets its turn in the spotlight, even for a brief moment.

TVXQ’s hulk dance for Catch Me basically looks like a failure. While flashy, it is unattractive. Even the nickname for the dance just does not scream sexy. Title track sounds promising though, eurotrancedance.

SHINee’s Dazzling Girl sounds really disappointing, sounds very tried and true jpop, and very I’m-just-doing-this-to-sponsor-jewelry. Not really a good original Japanese single to try to fill the shoes of TVXQ. However, being the irrational fangirl, I am excited to see them all back again, doing what they do best.

G-Dragon has released yet another strong album, with amazing music videos to boot (Crayon and One of a Kind). This kid, he also deserves some international attention, too.

Seungri’s “sex scandal”? Oh come on, you must have been expecting something like that sooner or later.

School has been dragging me by the coattails. I will try to settle in a comfortable pattern by the end of September, and hopefully, I can return to a normal state of blogging. I really do hate to be away! I even had designed a new layout and everything. Miss you all,



4 thoughts on “some thoughts on the state of kpop and an overdue hiatus notice

  1. I feel like I’ve left K-Pop because of how disappointed I am in all of my favorite groups. -_- Even though this post was from awhile ago I look forward to seeing you back and reading more of your posts!

  2. I do agree with the gangnam style. People foresee k pop blow up but I would like to disagree psy video made it big because 1)a bigger guy was dancing cheesy wedding dances 2)it’s an Asian man 3)it’s funny. Other k pop tends to be sexy and let’s be honest most people do not find Asians sexy *I DO ;) * The language barrier is also a huge thing, granted people listen to Spanish and other what not’s but that is mainstream also. The only other person I can see really hitting it large in america would be G Dragon and his new album well…if it were to be released in English.
    Also their image is huge. Psy did not look flamboyant in his video many k pop males do, men would probably not listen to it.

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