[handwritten/kpop] thoughts on SHINee disbandment.

First let me dispel any rumors that come of this post– SHINee is NOT disbanding. Yet, given the track record SM has with disbandment and my being a huge SHINee fan, this topic is fascinating to think about. Please note that everything I wrote or drew is for poking fun and making light, not to be mean or offensive.

I recently found my original legal notepad version, which I intended to scan. However, I also recently received an iPad 3, so I decided to try writing out the post on a beautiful notebook app I downloaded, Paper. Warning: my handwriting is atrocious, because the iPad, its apps, and accompanying styli, still suck tremendously for handwritten notes.


7 thoughts on “[handwritten/kpop] thoughts on SHINee disbandment.

  1. this is a really cute post despite the content which is like the worst nightmare to SHINee fans out there. I really like what you wrote there, it’s quite true in my opinion. I should probably go write about my thoughts on the disbandment and share too.


    • thanks! haha, I was thinking of posting a few pages on tumblr, but then I was like, there will probably be some idiot who thinks I’m an anti even if I write a disclaimer again.. T__T tumblr is rather mean in that way, they can either love you or really really hate you!

      I look forward to your post (:

    • thanks!! Though the handwriting hardly looks like mine because the app controls the thickness and isn’t very sensitive.. so it’s thick in all the weird places.. but it manages to look artsy? C: Nonetheless,I had fun drawing it.. as you can see, my drawing skills aren’t exactly great, exactly what you’d expect out of a math major. ^^


  2. Hmm well I’m sure they will disband at some point but I really don’t see them suing. I think they’d probably split when contracts are up. At one point I thought the ones that would stay with SM were Onew, Taemin, Minho while Key and Jonghyun would leave just based on personality alone.

    But now I still think that Jonghyun would leave for his musical freedom plus he seems to know/have connections with well known singers in the industry like Wheesung who would give him advice. I see Key possibly not continue music. Taemin would probably continuing music still under SM. As for Onew I thought he would stay but now I can also see him leaving to pursue music under better environment if he’s not fully happy. Hmm for Minho, I use to think he would stay because he seems very close to a large part of the SM artists but at the same time he has friends/connections within the industry with sunbaes “seniors” actors, directors etc…(thanks to his hyungwhoring XP jkjk) so maybe for a career move he would leave due to his own ideas and advice because I can’t see him continuing music at least full time…

    Anyways just my thought :)

    • thanks for your thoughts! I always thought Minho would leave though. If Minho pursues a career in acting, I don’t think I could support him.. I would be crying every time I saw him shoot what he thought was a manly glance TT___TT


  3. Its a little late to be reading this post because I’m commenting a year later but! You scared me! When I saw the title, I thought they were really breaking up! But then I read it and I couldn’t help but laugh. Though the best groups do seem to breakup… (e.g. not a fan of the Beatles but they were famous. Another example- DBSK) But I hope they do sue SM. The company has nocare for the idols and the new CEO actually hits and beats the idols. Most importantly, I love your handwriting!

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