[lifestyle/review] must-have pants from Uniqlo.

Uniqlo’s easy knit legging pants

Everyone who sees me about in the physical world knows my fashion palette is rather dark black. One of my favorite pieces of clothing ever is Uniqlo’s easy knit leggings pants. So favorite that I actually bought another pair last Monday I was in NYC.

Yes, they do not look too appealing by themselves (on the right)– which is exactly what I thought the first time I saw them. The elastic band looked a little grandmothery and overall, the pants looked very baggy.

However, as I began wearing these pants, I fell really hard in love. First, the pants are very tight– but not in a way that makes it hard to move in them. The pants just feel like an comfortable extension of your legs, just like an extra layer of skin; even around the ankle, the pants are very tight-fitting. Therefore, Uniqlo’s easy knit leggings pants are ideal for a lot of body sizes. Some people may have larger thighs or calves, but these pants will fit everyone perfectly no matter what– provided the person has picked up the right waist size. Second, these (black) pants match everything. I suppose this can apply for just about any black pants, but these pants match everything and makes one look marginally more in style. With these pants, one can dress up and dress down– pair it with stiletto heels or Converses, and still look fine. Moreover, because these are actual pants and not leggings, we can all avoid looking like our butts are hanging out and jiggling when wearing those thin leggings. Lastly, the price is a huge plus: only $19.90. I have never bought a pair of pants for that price and have them last this long– over one year of repeated washings– and still look like they came off the shelf.

Nonetheless, there is one con: it has no front pockets. The pants have back pockets but honestly, as females, do we really use back pockets?

For me, nothing is more rewarding than finding a classic piece of clothing that can be worn over and over again. Other fashionistas make this argument for investing in a Chanel in the thousands of dollars, but hey, $19.90 from Uniqlo is not a bad deal, either.


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