[kpop] no-shirt Jonghyun’s kissing escapades with sort of legal Taemin at SHINee World II Seoul

My flight home is in seven hours from now (9.27am), so I decided to take advantage of the Hong Kong International’s free wifi and catch up on my internet life. A day before, I had quickly read some text somewhere that Jonghyun had kissed Taemin at a concert but I just imagined a peck on the cheeks or something, something like a silly prank that Jonghyun did to Minho before.

Then I saw this photo:

holy crap.

Internally, I was thinking, why is this so erotic-looking?! Is this really a kiss? Shawol-noona has got some crazy angling skills. Moreover, there was a caption underneath the photo, saying something like, “After kissing his lips, Jonghyun continued to caress Taemin’s lips and neck.” So when I watched a fancam (below), I was expecting to see like a 30 second or longer caress thing and I prepared my ovaries to explode. Or whatever.

Following are three different fancams:

So the caption of the photo was totally misleading. Actually, it is all very misleading. I watched the fancam about 10 more times, and from that, I formed these core thoughts about the ‘kiss’:

(1) That was incredibly hot. There is no way around it. I bet a lot of Jongtae shippers were born that night. Gee willikers.
(2) It was merely fanservice (intentional), and just being caught up in the moment. I am sure Jonghyun knew that his ‘kiss’ with Minho previously drew a lot of attention, and as Jonghyun admitted in “Hello Baby”, he loves skinship. Even this time, Jonghyun was the initiator. SHINee also comes from the same company as fanservice-friendly Super Junior, so it is not hard to imagine that SHINee could have intentionally planned the hair-grab and the in-your-face-nyah. It does seem rather choreographed, as Taemin shakes off Jonghyun’s hand on his hair without much trouble; it actually reminds me a lot of Homin during Keep Your Head Down promotions. Moreover, Jonghyun and Taemin are sex symbols. They know this, and they work hard to portray sexy personas when required, and clearly this performance was meant to be a flaunt-masculinity-I’m-sex-god-bow-to-me-stage-thing. Because Jonghyun was channeling sex god and was shirtless to boot, anything he did with Taemin up-close would be labelled as (really really really) homoerotic. Honestly, even if we are not Jonghyun biases, no-shirt-undulating Jonghyun is still quite a sight. Sigh.
(3) Nah, still not a Jongtae shipperNah.
(4) Jonghyun and Taemin are still straight as arrows. In my opinion, probably the straightest pair in SHINee; this is mostly what fueled my perspective that this ‘kissing’ was fanservice. In general, I feel Taemin is rather naive and even if he does like playing in the playground with males, I do not think he will ever try– Jonghyun as well. Jonghyun may not be naive about some things Taemin is naive about, but about ‘those’ things, I can imagine Jonghyun’s clueless face very, very well. Despite Jonghyun’s more bad-boy image, he is a very vanilla type of character; a good boy who listens to his mama. A good boy who pays homage to his fansites by writing them on his back while he dances around shirtless. I was really touched by that; the One In a Million noona must have cried when she saw it (while continuously snapping with her 9394859x zoom Nikon).

aw, so nice.

This type of performance and actions indicates how far SHINee has come in terms of image. As I have said over and over again, they can no longer have the cute and youthful image. As they grow up, SHINee’s concept must mature along with them, and SHINee is definitely ready for that next step. Definitely ready.

Because what the heck is this?! Apparently 2min. Stay tuned.

camera angles and noonas o.0


42 thoughts on “[kpop] no-shirt Jonghyun’s kissing escapades with sort of legal Taemin at SHINee World II Seoul

  1. Idk what to feel when I saw the fancam. That was definitely a fanservice yes, but I was feeling a bit uncomfortable that SHINee resorted to that kind of fanservice. And even more uncomfortable that the shippers were like, “OMG THEY ARE DEFINITELY MAKING OUT”. orz

    As for 2min thing, haha. I will wait for your entry to comment on that :)

    • ._. I know, right? some Shawols need a kick in the shins sometimes. -__-” I think it’s just camera angles again.. Shawol noonas are ridiculous and ridiculous pervy.


  2. Seriously. I couldn’t load or read the article, picture and video and everything, fast enough when I heard the news. But god, Jonghyun totally knows what he’s doing, and it drives me nuts. I know I wanted to watch them grow because I knew they eventually would, and I agree with you that they are definitely ready, but I myself was just not prepared. At all. First signal being that I couldn’t comprehend Jonghyun’s newly formed muscles for about a month. As for this, definitely, definitely fanservice, and what made the fans go crazy is because this is SHINee stepping onto an entirely new level. SuJu does it all the time, but there aren’t any explosive reactions like this. :P Now that I think back on it, why couldn’t DBSK have had more moments like this? XD

    • heheheh. when I saw it on my Facebook feed, I was just scrolling around, I was completely unprepared and my brain just fried and was like, “WHAT THE FFF IS THIS DOING HERE FFFFFFFF”. anyways, I’ve heard things about Taemin showing his abs, and I’ve bookmarked the fancam to watch later. Yeahhhh SHINee is definitely getting away from the bashful boy images.

      after seeing his muscles, I really wanted to hug him, so I could surreptitiously feel them up.. they look massive .__.

      ahaha. iono why they’re pushing it now, maybe it’s to ramp up excitement for SHINee? keep SHINee in the news? They’ve been gone to Japan for a while, and only came back a month.. does this smell like a comeback in winter?! plsplsplsplspls


  3. I haven’t followed SHINee for quite a while, but, wow, that was… interesting. I agree with your analysis of the occurrence – I only wish it had been Key instead of Taemin though! (;

    • if it had been Key, I don’t think the fandom would have gone as crazy.. JongKey are pretty well established, while JongTae is like.. experienced player + innocent baby T__T seriously, all of the YouTube comments are like, “Taemin is still our innocent baby!”
      sigh.. I’ve been rethinking Jongkey lately, I don’t think their interaction is as tingly nowadays, what do you think?

      • I disagree.
        I believe if Jongkey had done that, SHINee world would have exploded. A lot of people love Jongkey and you can’t deny that it’s definitely one of the more popular parings. Doing this with Key? Fan girls couldn’t handle it.
        And as for what you said above about them being “straight as arrows”. I agree with you on Taemin. I actually think he happens to be one of the “manlier” members of SHINee but Jonghyun strikes me to be Bisexual.
        That’s just me but I’ve been into SHINee for a while and from what I know and have observed, he comes off that way.
        Thanks so much for writing this article. Instead of just freaking out, you took the time to analyze and to be rational. :)

        • haha, yes, your explanation is valid as well! Is it me or does JongKey seem rather not there lately? I suppose it would have definitely galvanized their flagging shipping-dom XD Thanks for your input, and of course (: it’s what I strive to do, and I’m glad I met your rationality standards.


  4. Reblogged this on Rosyworld and commented:
    Seriously, I died a little from all the feelings….. and wish it was Key baby instead of Taem-baby. But still..it was incredibly hot…… lol.

  5. The song they performed to was ‘Internet War’ by Seo Taeji here’s a link to the lyrics: http://www.last.fm/user/UsagiAddict/journal/2010/06/19/3px0bf_seo_taiji_(%EC%84%9C%ED%83%9C%EC%A7%80)_-_internet_war_(internet_cheonjaeng)_lyrics

    After reading the lyrics, I became even more convinced that SHINee to some extent know what goes on with the fans but especially Jonghyun (Netizen jjong) is pretty much aware of what goes on in fandom especially the infighting that happened a couple of months ago and the fansites that closed down. Something he said on weekly idol clued me in.

    I thought the effort and thought he put into the performance was really sweet though and of course Jongtae was hot.

  6. When I first saw the fancam. I nearly have heart attack. Hehe…
    But I’m sorry, I guess I too old to appreciate such fanservice. Of course each to it’s liking.
    I guess SHINee, especially Jonghyun & Taemin trying to tell us they are adults.
    As for are they both straight? I actually not too sure. More like the feeling – both are bi.
    Just my feeling, the only one I thought is straight is Onew, not because he my bias but more like the vibe & his behaviour.
    I always felt Taemin is not as innocent as he portray. But because he join the group when he is 15, they rest of the members tends to be very protective & lenient to him.
    Actually Changmin of TVXQ also debuted when he was 15, but was he being treated like a little innocent kid?

    I’m not too sure what Key imply but Onew was very awkward. I never see him perform skinship with members.

    • *_* Onew initiating skinship.. just seems awkward even to imagine! Yes, I believe Taemin is rather sheltered too but as you say, not as innocent as he portrays himself to be. Changmin is definitely not innocent! When he ‘confessed’ to watching ‘videos’.. everyone knows what those ‘videos’ are. I forgot what age he was, but he was still pretty young, maybe younger than Taemin now or the same age?

      watching it the fanservice now, I don’t feel that shocked nor do I feel really moved ._. I guess it just had really large shock value, but then when you realize they’re really only doing fanservice, it doesn’t feel as heart-attack inducing..
      thank you for commenting (:

  7. y’know, his (and onew’s) tweets should give people insight on the “jonghyun-isn’t-actually-a-bad-boy” type person and is really a troll/adult kid or something.

  8. Taemin may not be innocent (nobody is lmao) but he is definitely naive and clumsy at NOT losing his things, just like any other teen his age. Ugh, my bias doing this daring move……so proud of you! ^^ lol, and the gig is just fanservice. Though, I’ve seen worse fanservice in Jpop. very. much.worse.

  9. xo damn glad that MY KEY is not involve in homo-ing or fansevice-ing,whatever u called..hew * brushin off my imaginary sweat *

  10. this post makes me feel weird. i know taeminnie isn’t as innocent and i know this is just fan service but…
    idk how to feel about this. i feel like a mother who is losing her son…..

  11. …ever since their comeback, there seems to be new pairings in the group. I watched interviews after Sherlock came out and it seems as if the new pairings are not MinKey and JjongTae…maybe it’s just me, but it seems that way to me. So really, seeing this just gave me a bit of a shock and a lot of laughs – and a bloody tissue…

  12. Good article, and good points, but I am uncomfortable with us, the fans, choosing their sexual labels for them. It’s hard to say at this point in time if they are gay or straight, and it’s not really our place to make declarations. Theories are okay, but we have to acknowledge them as that!

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  14. For some reason when i watched the fancam i laughed my ass off. Like when the fan service part came i was like ” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” for like a hour. And the “straight as arrows thing” yeah i don’t really agree with that. This is my opinion on it but I mean i think Jonghyun and Key and Taemin are BI ( at first i thoug Key was gay but now im like “He might be BI YOU NEVER KNOW DUN DUN DUN!!!” and Onew and Minho are the “Straight as arrows” type. I mean i am a Jongkey Shipper and 2Min shipper and a bunch of others shippers blah blah blah. But otherwise your comment on this was super smart and its not a fan freaking the fuck out. Kamsahamnida-bows-

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