[lifestyle] I don’t get the obsession behind banana milk

Apparently, banana milk has been around Korea since the 1970s, and has enjoyed enduring popularity to today– even Lee Minho and SNSD have done commercials for banana milk and SHINee macros are all plastered with references to banana milk.

SNSD promoting Binggrae banana milk.

So, as I spied this particular brand of banana milk, Binggrae, in the refrigerated section of a supermarket in Shanghai, I decided to try one for once. However, I was totally unimpressed. Coming from a Western taste palate, it did not taste like a true banana at all. Bananas naturally are not terribly sweet, but Korean banana milk is terribly sweet, in the style of candy. In other words, blech. Though it did not leave an unpleasant aftertaste, while I was drinking it, I could not stop thinking I was drinking liquid candy and thinking how terribly unhealthy that would be. The milk base was rather thin, as well. If you have ever tasted Vita Soy soymilk, the consistency of Binggrae is a bit like that, except a tad weaker.

Despite this disappointment in banana milk, I do rather like the Korean aloe drinks and 2% Apple, a fruit flavored water (other flavors include: peach, lemon, grape, and pomegranate). Have you tried any Korean drinks? What were your impressions?


4 thoughts on “[lifestyle] I don’t get the obsession behind banana milk

  1. OMG thank you! You see, even though I haven’t tried banana milk at all, the prospect of consuming something artificially banana flavored ANYTHING is just……no. XDD I love my banana but banana flavoured anything just reminds me terribly of liquid medicine neomycin-penicillin; something that I did not enjoy in my childhood. But as of yet, I have yet to try any Korean drinks but once I do, I will give you my impression on it XD

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