[review] Tohoshinki’s “ANDROID.” (Toho, never come back to Korea please)

The latest release from Tohoshinki is “ANDROID”, a mini-album with two songs: ANDROID and BlinkANDROID is the lead single, and rightfully so, its hook is so infectiously catchy and singable, along the lines of Superstar. Changmin and Yunho’s vocals are incisive, precise and energizing– as usual. The only squabble is the incognruous dubstep bridge, which is quite late to the jpop scene considering Daichi Miura’s release of Black Hole more than half a year ago. The “modest gothic remix” of ANDROID is not bad either, definitely a treat for those of us who like mainstream metal, like Seether or Linkin Park.

The music video and choreography for ANDROID is nothing spectacular, but due to the eargasms that the song itself induces, I forgive them for all of their funny outfits (and people were complaining that Sexy, Free & Single had weird fashion). I would rather a strong song rather than a flashy video.

so, about dem outfits..

Blink is a weaker version of ANDROID, mostly due to a less catchy hook and its lusterless bridge, but nonetheless, a strong track as well. Its vocal strings of “Nananana” reminds me of f(x)’s tendency to use nonsense syllables, indeed in their latest track Electric Shock, they sing “Nananana” as well. However, the biggest difference between these two songs is that Blink is a strong track all together. Electric Shock is punctuated by many empty-sounding singing breaks that ruin the upbeat pace introduced in the beginning. f(x) gets a lot of heavier electrodance beats, but sometimes I feel like they are lost kids running around a supermarket, and their vocals float around aimlessly; whereas Changmin and Yunho are experts at anchoring and drawing listeners in.

Overall, I am very impressed with the level of consistency two-member Tohoshinki in Japan promotions is able to produce, from Tone to Still to ANDROID. Yunho now raps very little, and I am very grateful for this trend because his nasal voice fits extremely well in these two tracks. I will say it again, that yes, I am very grateful for a Changmin and Yunho duo, for they suit each other perfectly. Beginning with Japanese LP Secret Code, Tohoshinki has developed a signature sound: thick-textured electrodance, with a bit of electro-ballads, usually more up-tempo than down. This contrasts with TVXQ in Korea, which is still electrodance but cleaner, and more R&B influences. A comeback in Korea is probably in the books for later this year, but if that never happens, that is fine with me– as long as we see another Japanese LP. Pretty please.


5 thoughts on “[review] Tohoshinki’s “ANDROID.” (Toho, never come back to Korea please)

  1. Android, I wasn’t expecting this kind of songs actually! I’m glad it wasn’t a ballad, because well, it is SUMMER~ xD! I find it kinda unique and love it so much x3! I had wild imaginations for the PV, specially after I saw the cool album jacket but….. Avex, lemme kill you please ; ^ ;!! they could have make it better than that! there were so much cool ideas going on in my head but Avex did nothing but SM’s music box again ; ~ ;… the clothes are so weird! it is not about space wars! it is ANDROIDs ANDROIDs… not aliens >_>
    well, let’s hope the last min of the PV turns to be something better somehow <_ <
    it is really a hard one, I can't wait to see them perform it on the music shows~
    I have never listened to a song like BLINK. I can't understand how it goes, but I like it too, lol xD
    I loved the songs and the remix too, it is another amazing single~
    thanks for the review~

    • ha. HA! I recognize you from Twitter :) yup, I agree, a ballad would not suit the summer mood. The clothes.. sigh.. I agree with you, they could have picked less wtf clothes and more clothes that fit the song instead of outfitting Yunho in pink spikes T_T it’s not as bad as the Owl suits in Keep Your Head Down, though, those were truly hideous.

      no problem (: thanks for reading,

      • hey, Michelle! yup, it’s me~ :)
        I’ve been following your blog and formspring not so long ago, and I enjoyed your posts~ well, so I kinda forget to do some introduction first, lol
        hmm, I think I’m one of the only people on the planet who felt totally normal about their owl suits~ :o
        I commented on the dance, but I think it was eaten up, so.. I was watching some Android fancms and I can’t take my eyes off of them! the dance is absolutely epic, so crazzzy *___*!! I we are gonna have some awesome live performances on the music shows soon~

        • hi there (:

          lol. wow.. when I first saw their owl suits, I think I groaned out loud. I thought they were the ugliest matching suits I’d ever seen T__T
          yup! I cannot wait to see them on music shows ^^ they’ve probably already come out but I just need to devote an afternoon to watching them.

          thanks for stopping by (:

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