[SHINee] Key finally does a solo cover of Lady Gaga: “Hair” and “Judas”

Sort of an odd choice, but I suppose after Taemin covering Korn, anything is possible. In terms of popularity, I would have thought Poker Face, Bad Romance, Born This Way, and Edge of Glory would be first on the to-cover list (SHINee has already done Just Dance). I suppose, vocally, Bad Romance and Edge of Glory may be beyond Key.

Well, quick comments on the audio?

It is definitely prerecorded like every dance-heavy track that kpop artists perform as an “extra goodie”. Key’s voice was a little monotone and nasally than I liked, and they changed the melismas to fit in Key’s range, and most of the song was chopped up aurally using autotune.

However, this is just quick thinking about the audio. Key is rather a good performer, and judging by the way the fans were screaming, I should hold my tongue until a fancam surfaces.


6 thoughts on “[SHINee] Key finally does a solo cover of Lady Gaga: “Hair” and “Judas”

  1. I am not surprised that he pulled a Lady Gaga, well, he’s a Gaga fan so there goes. His performance and his stage outfit is what I’m anticipating…very much so. It should be interesting!!

  2. have you watch the full fancam? some pretty decent fancams have been surfacing. i’m curious about your thoughts about his performance.

    • okay, am watching it now.

      aww, it’s kinda cute. though it really can’t measure up to a Gaga perf in terms of theatricality.. though his dance for Judas was pretty good. Hair was meh.. sorry about this terribly short thought.. do you have any specific questions? I’d be happy to answer if you have any! (:


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