[SHINee/piano] and yet again, Taemin no plays piano live. Michelle so irritated

Obviously, I was so irritated by this performance I could not use proper grammar in the title. It is definitely not live since Taemin moves in the wrong directions and his body is not feeling the ‘beat’. That is what makes Taemin such a good dancer– you can see him reacting to the ‘beat’, but what makes him such a bad faker-pianist (he does not move with the flow at all). Moreover, in most pop live performances with piano, the cover will be open, and in addition to the microphone in front of the singer, a microphone will be placed strategically nearby the piano strings. Additionally, an open piano just looks so darn impressive. Therefore, the closed piano is mighty suspicious. Lastly, the piano will usually be facing outwards for better acoustics, and in this position, you can clearly see the singer’s hands moving, but for some reason we cannot get even a glimpse of Taemin’s hands. Hm.

The piano track was definitely prerecorded, and I even doubt the prerecorded track was played by Taemin– it sounds way too regular and professional.

IU should have brought along her guitar to Music Bank in Bangkok; she actually has done an acoustic guitar cover of Juliette. Or Jonghyun should have substituted Taemin and brought along his own guitar; Jonghyun has been caught in a cafe recently, busking. He also went to Central Park and busked last year before SMTown NYC. So the question is, why is SM still leery of letting Jonghyun play his guitar publicly on a music show? They have already set the bar unfairly low with Taemin’s piano. I will never understand.


8 thoughts on “[SHINee/piano] and yet again, Taemin no plays piano live. Michelle so irritated

  1. perceptive as usual when it comes to music (especially piano playing [no der since you yourself are a pianist XD]) but I couldn’t help chuckling to myself the first time I saw this performance because this first thing that came to mind was: “why isn’t the top open?” thanks to you XD it didn’t help that I could barely hear them through all the screaming in the video. I totally agree with Jonghyun doing acoustic guitar cover of SOMETHING since he seems to be so interested in playing the instrument. Jonghyun + IU acoustic guitar duet….hmmhmm >:3…

    • some clarifications: the video I saw them in was a fancam and after seeing the video you posted I kinda lol’ed because after all you’ve pointed out it’s SO obvious LOL (he’s literally just rocking back and forth…and nodding pleasantly during a point in the piano piece where there’s a bit more ‘oomf’ in the notes being played in lack of better words

  2. perhaps its like patricia’s article on suju-m’s henry and his non-idol life things? in which case jong appreciates his spare time to focus on his hobbies without the stress of idol activities? there’s this thing im slowly realizing that you may want to keep some hobbies a hobby or the fun will be ruined. perhaps he may showcase it someday tho. whats busking? (i couldnt open the link)
    just curious. are there such things as electric grand pianos?

    • ah, maybe. you do have a point, but then, why does he go out busking :( :( :( ? Busking means playing in a public place. Like those people in the subway singing with their guitar cases open for monies. That’s busking.

      uhh (Googling).. yes there used to be, but I mean, you can just get a regular electric keyboard to mimic it, so there’s no use for using separate hammers (the difference between a grand piano and electric grand piano is that the electric grand piano has an amplification device once the hammer hits the string (just like a regular piano). You can just get a regular grand piano and stick a mic nearby. It’s probably cheaper and the sound will be better anyway. So it’s sort of a dumb invention. Also, the acoustics in a concert hall will allow for even a moderate sized grand to sound “big”. One more thing, if the pianist cannot produce a “big” sound, what are they doing up there anyway?!

      finally answered (:

      • (lol thats ok)
        well theres the obvious thing with trying to make extra cash which sounds really, really lame xDD
        then, i honestly dont see why SM doesnt use his guitar skills- woollim has myungsoo/L play it quite frequently (even tho he kinda average but at least it seems like he’s live).
        but y’know in american movies and entertainment, there’s always that superstar who secretly doesnt like his superstar lifestyle and sometimes wants to be normal. while i dont quite think this is the case because of different cultural ideals, but who knows?

  3. My inner fangirl was going crazy when I see the IU+Taemin+piano. But, when you pointed out about the errors in this, I am so disappointed and annoyed at Taemin for not playing the piano live! why not?! Taemin can play piano and he doesn’t play live. And I was really hoping for a live version of “Honesty” with Jonghyun playing the guitar and the rest singing.


    • me too! I want Jonghyun play guitar :X please please please

      ehh Taemin can’t be that terrible.. so many singers can play piano.. Taemin has at least been learning for ~6 years, so I’m sure he can comp out a few chords t__t it just seems so deceptive and unfair to the fans :( that maybe someone else played the piano and Taemin is just feigning that he played it. Michelle is sad if that really happened :( that person should get credit too!

      finally answered :D

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