[kpop/rumor] Sulli & Taemin couple rings. verdict: you are all way too paranoid.

I saw this about a month ago, and I thought it was pretty interesting. Rumors about f(x)’s Sulli and SHINee’s Taemin have been starting since 2010. Before you look at the ‘evidence’, keep in mind that:

  • They both work under the same agency, so they share stylists, who have the access to the same wardrobes.
  • It could also be a case of sponsored jewelry.
  • Sulli wore it only once or twice whereas Taemin has been wearing it much more frequently during Sherlock promotions.

To be honest, even if they were a couple, no one should be that surprised. Despite all of Taemin’s feigned innocence, I am willing to lay down big monies that he has had at least one girlfriend before. How can he not? He is handsome and surrounded by many pretty women. In variety shows, the idols that have retired often talk about the times they vehemently deny their romantical adventurings when in fact they were sexing it up big time.

So now, onto the ‘evidence’!


19 thoughts on “[kpop/rumor] Sulli & Taemin couple rings. verdict: you are all way too paranoid.

  1. When I saw this, I immediately remembered Minho’s steel chain bracelet rumour with Yuri and couldn’t help but chuckle. Some netizens are seriously eagle-eyed and very very detailed. I would never noticed whatever they wore unless it had been worn by Key because I’m a bit obsessed with his fashion sense. Even if they wear the same item, I go “ahhhhh….stylists and wardrobes” instead of thinking “they’re dating!”


  2. maybe it’s because they belong to the same company? the coordi noonas also select their outfit for them. damn, if they are dating then everyone in sm is dating everyone.

  3. It’s a couple ring,but taemin & sulli have no relationship with each other.It just an sponsored accessories.Just a coincidence to wear it,but taemin many times wear the ring and sulli just sometimes.So thy have no relationship.

  4. انتو الاجانب بدققوا عاشياء زي وجهكوا تافه احنا مش ناقصنا الهبل هاد بتخلوا بين الاتنين اشي وهم بجوز بعرفوش بعض ونيتهم صافية مش زيكم …. بعدين سول بتحب هيتشول
    sulii love hee chul just

  5. So there’s nothing happening between Taemin and Sulli right? It’s not couple ring right?
    If its right, I’ll be glad. because when i heard it I almost cried.

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  7. Ever heard of rosary rings?
    Taemin wears ALWAYS one because he is a faithful catholic.
    and Sulli is also christian but I don’t know if she is protestant or catholic…^^

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