[nerd] math major memes!

To celebrate my return from hiatus, I was busy (wasting time and) looking up math memes. Set theory, I will conquer you this fall, just so I finally understand 90% of the math memes out there. That’s actually the only reason I’m considering a mathematics major. Right. 

Plus a few bonus ones about math in general!


4 thoughts on “[nerd] math major memes!

  1. Ha ha oh my gosh! These are great. Congrats on deciding on math/economics for your double major – as one of the above memes suggests, my response will be: “I hate math.” Though I do feel my self-esteem rise just a little bit when I can understand some of these, like the pi/2 one.

    • ^^ then high school math hasn’t been a waste, right? I admit, one of the best things about being a math major is that you can start to understand a lot of the weird jokes..


  2. You need to be a mathematician to be a(n) (Nobel-worthy) economist these days. Yes, people wonder what you could possibly want to add and subtract all day for. The very fact that even these processes are heavily researched boggles their minds. The math that has been discovered in the 20th century really does boggle the mind. But, it is beginning to look like set theory may be that unifying factor that everyone hoped would come along, or at least that it existed.

    You have chosen a wonderful time to become a mathematician. Wonders await us. Now, you should already start figuring out how to explain to others that you haven’t decided what branch of math to go into (Math has branches? How can multiplying and dividing be any further subdivided?). Good luck.

    • Of the same opinion. Everyone serious in the sciences and the social sciences needs a strong grounding in math and statistics. Mmm set theory. I can’t wait to study it!


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