jujugal closed up shop.

jujugal, one of the most prominent translators in the Shawol fandom, has closed her Twitter and her blog. She left behind this message:

I don’t know where to start…

About 1 year and 8 months? It’s been a fun ride with moments of joy and happiness, heartaches and sweet memories.

Leaving SHINee World is painful, but staying in it is more heart-rending now. I thought about leaving quietly after closing down everything. But I’m posting a note to say thanks and sorry to all of you who have left encouraging and supportive comments with valuable insights and heart-warming messages, and to those who have quietly visited this humble place for SHINee news and materials. Thank you so much. And sorry for leaving like this.

My treasure house is now tumbling down. It’s time to go.

If you have ever watched SHINee interviews, watched SHINee interviews, learned about SHINee’s position on music charts, etc., it is a safe bet that the original source was jujugal. She was simply one of the most dedicated translators of SHINee out there, and it is sad to see her leave the fandom. Perhaps she experienced the same disillusionment I had, and she just could not get rid of it. Perhaps.

Before closing down, she earlier blogged about OnewStyle, headed by another prominent Shawol supporter, which had just shut down. OnewStyle is probably the biggest Onew fansite out there, and it was a blow to many SHINee fans when it closed so suddenly. The impression I received was that the creator of OnewStyle left the fandom mostly due to the stress she received from other Shawols; they said she harrassed Onew’s parents and Onew himself. For the record, I tend to believe OnewStyle‘s explanation of things, who said she only visited their public butcher shop during operating hours and never actually sat next to Onew in plane flights, etc.– though I admit I do not know the situation in depth. This eerily foreshadowed perhaps something of jujugal’s internal struggle with the Shawol fandom.

I thank jujugal for all the things she has done for international fans of SHINee.

I really wish her the best.

thank you, jujugal.


4 thoughts on “jujugal closed up shop.

  1. I saw jujugal’s message earlier, and it really saddened me. Her words “Leaving SHINee World is painful, but staying in it is more heart-rending now” really leaves me cold. What is it about the SHINee world that’s so painful? I’m a relatively new Shawol, so I’m not sure about all that the fandom’s been through over the years, so could you perhaps enlighten me a bit on this subject? I mean, it seems like after a year and a half of inactivity in Korea, SHINee finally came back and two prominent SHINee subbers just closed shop like that? I’d feel like the fact that they sticked with SHINee through the 1.5 year hiatus meant something…what about the fandom is so painful? I’m sorry if I’m asking inappropriate/sensitive questions here, but I’m just so curious. And I hope you don’t leave too…thank you!

    • SHINee World definitely has a lot of overzealous fans, as with any fandom.. it’s not specific to Shawols. You get people who can’t stomach anything bad about their idols, people who purposely hate on other idols, or people who are so obsessed they neglect their idols’ well-being (sasaeng fans, for example), etc etc. That makes it painful! It’s not SHINee themselves.

      I probably won’t be leaving for a while if this comeback is any indication (:
      thank you for stopping by,

  2. Sometimes I feel the same thing too. You know, when one fandom starts the trending topic thing. For me, once in a while it’s okay. But when it became a very common thing, it’s sickening and overwhelming. And eventually, I would feel disgusted with the fandom.


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