[lifestyle] some music I’ve been listening to nowadays

15 songs– alternative, kpop, jpop, pop, rap, euro. All upbeat or uplifting. An aptly named, a Hardcore playlist.

Oh, an interesting side note, I’ve finally found out why my blog has been subject to much more traffic these days. It’s because I posted a photo of Ren from NU’EST. Literally, hundreds of searches for Ren end up on here. I don’t even understand why, because even when I search unbiased through Google (i.e. in incognito mode), I don’t show up in the first few pages of results. So if his fame is enough to affect such a podunk blog, Ren is really creating waves in kpop. Kudos.

playlist includes Sherlock. of course


10 thoughts on “[lifestyle] some music I’ve been listening to nowadays

    • I really like it for the one week I had it on repeat, and then after listening to it so much, I can’t stand it anymore =/ unfortunate!


  1. Glad to see you peeking out from your hiatus, Michelle!

    Great tunes. Loved all the Kpop of course. (I liked that LED Apple song a lot better than the other one I had heard by them.) Liked that Tove Styrke & that gal from Pretty Reckless has a neat voice!

    BTW – I am a very longtime Dandy Warhols fan. Loved them since I heard their second album back in 1997! One of my favorite songs is “The Last High.” It’s so dreamy, electro/sad & kinda Bowie meets Duran Duran. Also, check out the documentary, “Dig!” It’s a bunch of great, disturbing footage of the Dandy’s & this other amazing band called the Brian Jonestown Massacre taken over about 7 years & chronicles their crazy tumultuous friendship & their music, etc. Highly recommended!

    PS – I finally got my SHINee cd’s – The First & Sherlock. I got The First a few days ago & it’s been on repeat. I seriously love “Seesaw”, “Better” & especially “Always Love” & “To Your Heart.” (I wish they had made videos for those songs.) I really like the whole album, actually. The Japanese versions have really grown on me a lot, too, although I think I still prefer the original versions. I JUST got “Sherlock” today but I have been listening to/watching the songs “Sherlock” & “Stranger” youtube. I think “Sherlock” is a really strong song!

    I am going to try to get Tohoshinki Tone this month but I just read that SM Town tickets are going on sale in three days & it’s opening in L.A.! I have a friend that lives down there who I could stay with & it would take 8 hours to drive there but I think I might have to do it depending on how expensive the tickets are! (So I might have to save every penny this month!) If I don’t end up going I am definitely going to buy a lot more cd’s. Along with Tone, there’s B1A4 & some older Big Bang ones that have been haunting my wishlist for far too long, along with a few American independent artists I have been following. I really never run out of cd’s that I want to buy.

    Take Care!

    • ah! did you finally decide to go to SMTown LA? All of those fan photos are totally making me jealous.

      Dandy Warhols, I only started liking through Veronica Mars’ theme song.. corny.. I will definitely be checking out “The Last High” and when I have time, that documentary.

      lol, I think I am more digital than anything. I don’t see the point in owning the album because there are scans online and I don’t like every single song on the album. The only CDs I buy are classical because everything is guaranteed to be golden~


      • No, I didn’t end up going to SMTown & I haven’t even looked at any fan photos yet because I know I will be SO jealous, too. (I will, though – I’m just in denial right now since I saw some rehearsal pics yesterday.) It was just going to be WAY too expensive to drive all the way down there (over an 8 hour drive one way,) plus the price of tickets. I just couldn’t do it. Maybe when I was younger I would have just said, YES, let’s DO THIS. But at this point in my life, I’m just not that spontaneous or frankly, flush with disposable income. I’m sure it was awesome, though!

        I’m still so old school – I love having the whole album. I grew up with vinyl & cassettes. I remember when CD’s FIRST came out & that being the brand new technology. I didn’t really keep up with the technology boom in the 90’s – I was kind of doing my own thing playing in very “indie” DIY bands, etc, so I really missed out on a lot & it’s taking me a while to acclimate to all of this new technology & everything seems to move so fast. I also am having a hard time finding a good way to listen to all the MP3’s I’m amassing. (I had an Ipod shuffle & I have an MP3 player that reads a 2 gig SD card, still. So, my home stereo still sounds the BEST to me.) Long story short one of these days I will run out of room to put all these cd’s records, etc. & will probably just go straight digital, but part of me is still holding onto the nostalgia of actually owning the physical object. Also, I have found that sometimes the songs I don’t like originally will grow on me, or vice-versa.

        I am happy that a TV show introduced a lot of people to the Dandy Warhols. I watched about a season of Veronica Mars, myself. I am not ashamed to admit that a 1999 Volkswagon commercial was responsible for getting me into the amazing late singer/songwriter Nick Drake, who has since become one of my all-time favorites, EVER. Speaking of TV shows & also circling back to your playlist: I didn’t realized that The Pretty Reckless was fronted by Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl until recently, because believe it or not I had never actually seen the show until I started marathon watching it on Netflix since the 11th! What a crazy show. Everyone is so unethical, but “doing it for love,” yada yada. Weren’t you just talking about moral ambiguity on your Middlemarch post? I just want to scream at the TV. I think the only one who isn’t a scheming, plotting, chronic liar is Rufus & he is obviously dealing with a massive cooking addiction.(:P) I am almost done with the whole series. I consider it the intellectual equivalent of a junk food binge.

        Jen :D

        • I apologize for the length of time it has taken me to get back to you ><;;; I got finished with college finals and then got shipped off to China (land of spotty internet) for more school.

          lol, I guess I am not like you. I've seen SHINee albums all over China, and though I had to stop for around 10 minutes to think if I wanted it, I ultimately walked away.

          well, you just taught me something new about GG. Momsen was in it! ha. I actually read the books before the tv show came on, and the books are much more racy, and tv show almost seemed like Disney.. this to a middle schooler -__-" sometimes I don't know why I read what I read back then..


          • Hey, no problem I knew you were going on your trip!

            Since I wrote that post I have been thinking a lot about my ”issues with stuff”. I suppose when I was younger I was brought up in an environment where when you purchased something, you were meant to have it for YEARS – possibly forever. Also there were very lean periods where we didn’t have much at all, so everything was quite precious, (or maybe as a compensation I assigned an inordinate amount of preciousness to everything?) The fact is, not everything is 1) built to last these days, (technology moves so fast, for one,) 2) not everything is even deserving of becoming an ”heirloom.” AND finally I really don’t want to end up on an episode of ”Horders” one of these days. (Iol)

            I think a lot of it is my confusion about new & ever-changing technology, so cd’s are just easier for me. I have learned a lot in the last 4 years thanks to my boyfriend, who is way more tech-savvy than I am. If I can continue to educate myself & get over my fears & start adapting more quickly I think I will be ok.

            The only thing I can remember reading in Middle School besides the required books like ”All Quiet On the Western Front,” (which traumatized me,) was a lot of Judy Blume, who was considered quite controversial at the time, which seems funny now. I really enjoyed her books – they seemed so ”real” – talking about real issues . Then in High School I went straight for ”unreal” – the Anne Rice Vampire books! Loved those too.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve heard this, but I can’t stop laughing at your “Soy un Dorito” gif. I’ve never actually laughed (or even chuckled) at the “Soy un Dorito” comments on the internet until this gif. Seriously dying here hahaha. I’m assuming you made it but if you didn’t, thanks for posting anyways because it made my day.

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