[kpop] you probably knew this was coming. I like NU-EST’s “Face”

I have, on many occasions, displayed my fondness for europop. However, despite kpop’s increasing reliance on Swedish beatmasters, the sound of europop and its sibling, dubstep, has not really penetrated into the kpop market. Until we hit the debut of NU-EST, which is billing themselves as an ‘urban electro band.’


Their live performances have not been too spectacular, better than the average rookies. There is nothing too special– the singing is passable with no special moments, the choreography is not extra imaginative or tight.

And, actually, their debut song, “Face”, is not that good, either. Though perhaps new to the kpop stage, this sound reminds one of 2011 clubplay, especially of Ms. Britney Spears’ album Femme Fatale, which arguably brought dubstep to mainstream Western pop. In between September albums, I will take my europop wherever I can get it.

Plus, there are girly-looking males abound. Considering I am a diehard SHINee fangirl, it is no wonder I think Ren, the maknae, is absurdly cute.

When Pledis Entertainment decides to stop being lazy and have NU-EST drop an actual album, I will be looking forward it and all its 2011 unoriginal, dubsteppy, clubplay glory.

addition: I just realized I knew someone who caught the tail end of 2011 dubstep and made his own original interpretation: jpop’s Daichi Miura with Black Hole. So, so good.


10 thoughts on “[kpop] you probably knew this was coming. I like NU-EST’s “Face”

  1. Hi Michelle! :)

    I am indifferent when it’s about NU’EST. I appreciate the fresh theme they present i.e the bullying matter, but other than that, nothing really interest me about them. And I don’t like the way Pledis presented Ren at the moment. When I watched his teaser, my eyes went big. It kinda creeped me out how they style him.

    Oh and yay Daichi Miura! He’s so underrated it breaks my heart :'(

    • Hi Fanny!!

      I AGREE!!!! ugh, Daichi should definitely receive more attention. he’s one of the most hardworking singers in the jpop industry and actually makes good music (:

      yes, I wonder if Ren actually liked how they styled him as feminine at first -.- I always wonder about that..

      • IKR? Daichi’s discography is awesome, and so far he hasn’t disappointed me. Another one is BENI, have you ever heard of her? The girl is a another hidden gem, but again, she’s so underrated even by her label :'(

        And I also wonder why did Pledis choose to debut them at the same time of so many great comebacks. Big Bang, CNBLUE, SHINee, etc etc. Which made me thinking maybe that’s why they decided to bring out IT factor ie. REN’s weird style. Sigh.

        • haha, that and this year is going to be a jam-packed year of debut and comeback, like EXO, YG’s new SNSD-style girl group, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, 2NE1.. so I think they just fit them into this slot before it goes nuts because if they debut after or during EXO, definitely NU-EST will sink below the radar, because EXO is just a really, really good debut group and I’m betting YG will definitely stun us o.0 I think that’s why SM wanted to get SHINee out of the way and do a short promo for Sherlock, so they give EXO space and TVXQ space and Super Junior space.. three of the biggest names in kpop! I can’t imagine kpop without the last two names. this year is going to be killer! ^^

          ooo I will check her out straightaway!
          thanks, Michelle

          • I almost forgot about YG’s new girl group! Really curious with their new group. But not gonna lie, I am so excited with BoA’s comeback. She has always been the queen of Kpop for me. And SM better give her better materials than her Hurrican Venus.

            I really like EXO’s first prologue single (so weird to call it a ‘prologue single’..), but “History”.. not so much. The dance is hilarious though, you know, the whole flapping-the-pocket thing xD.

            I feel bad for EXO because they have been ridiculed for the amount of teasers SM has released for them. These kids are pretty good, considering they’re still rookies. But to be honest, with that many of them, I can’t remember which one is who unless of course, SM’s new favorite boy, KAI.

            Ooh yes, I heard a rumor that SM will release new album for Suju this November. I guess they will also include Kangin in it then? I was disappointed with their 5jib, hopefully they are going to bring the better one for 6jib (although I don’t think it will touch the glory of Sorry Sorry and It’s You).

            • ah about Super Junior, I hope they can start to retire Super Junior gracefully for an extended perid. At one point, I think there are just going to be too many people off to the army that it’s kind of pathetic to release albums like that. IMO, it’s better to release albums as a whole group. hmmmm I think SM needs to focus on EXO, f(x), because they will someday be the headliners of SM, and they aren’t developing that well, especially f(x). They’ve been around since 2009 and have yet to achieve like super-super-popularity like their sunbaes.. worried..

              (: sorry for the super late reply!

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