[kpop] late thoughts on JYJ and sasaeng fans

My honest first reaction? I was disgusted.

Jaejoong, along with Yoochun and Junsu, apparently trash-talked a sasaeng (“private life”) fan and beat her while a friend of the sasaeng fan secretly audio-recorded it. To clarify, sasaeng fans are beyond your normal fangirls– e.g., they write letters in blood, they call their idols’ phones, break into their homes, make copies of their home keys, tail their cars with taxis.

I’ll make it short.

I was disgusted at three parties: Jaejoong / Yoochun / Junsu, sasaeng fans, and the normal fangirls. Jaejoong’s supposed act of physical violence and Yoochun and Junsu seemingly condoning it– it is shocking. To beat someone who is weaker than you, even if a sasaeng fan– it is just fundamentally horrifying. Looking at JYJ’s previous images, it is hard to imagine them other than gently smiling idols.

To be a sasaeng fan itself, prying yourself into every private corner without regard to the idols’ feelings– this kind of fan is not a true fan if they cannot respect their idols’ wishes for private peace. This kind of person without a conscience; a sociopath.

And the normal fangirls’ reactions? That I saw all over my Twitter timeline?

  • Let’s just forget about it.
  • She was moaning throughout the entire thing. She enjoyed it.
  • Come on, JYJ were under a lot of stress.
  • I mean, look, they’re sasaeng fans! They’re inhuman! They deserved to be treated this way!
  • That audio is a fake.. obviously..

I still don’t know what really happened. I am not going to pass judgment about who is the wrong party. I don’t think anyone will ever truly know, but just seeing the normal fangirls’ reactions scared me so much more than I could have predicted. I died a bit inside when I read comments about the moaning.. I.. I.. it seemed the most horrifying way to rationalize things. During rape, people may scream and moan, but that doesn’t make the rape ‘enjoyable’ in any respect.

Just forget about it? Just forget about it?

Just forget about it.


14 thoughts on “[kpop] late thoughts on JYJ and sasaeng fans

  1. Sasaeng is a terrible culture, sadly, that has developed from Kpop alone. As a normal, realistic fangirl, I would and did go with the third point you gave for normal fangirls’ reactions. Mostly because DBSK is one of the oldest idol groups (eight years and a few months), and to have that happen every day of your life? EXO must certainly already have stalkers without even having debuted yet.

    As for the last point about fake audio, I mean, what the fuck. Seriously. When I listened to it, it was most clearly JYJ’s voices; it’s 99.9% undeniable, seeing as they are singers and their voices are well-known. I would understand just a little, just a litte more if the evidence was visual. Your eyes are easier to trick than your ears (that is, mine).

    I’ve been reading all these articles from different points of view and it’s been terribly upsetting to know that Kpop idol life has grown to be so traumatizing, especially with all the evidence that’s been spewing forth as a result of this controversy. And to think also that this is life for a male idol vs a female idol.

    • agree, agree, agree!
      sigh, there is no good solution to all this. I haven’t been following this as strongly, but do you know what law enforcement does for this? .__. Do JYJ have bodyguards? Managers? Lady Gaga apparently has this really great set of bodyguards, and so she goes all around NYC without any trouble :P


        • =__= but then I feel like something in terms of law enforcement must be done, or else it will never abate.. they don’t respond to pleas from the idols themselves, so the only thing left is force, which only the ‘law’ can use.. sigh..

          yup, saw that.. t__t urine and feces on the premises story was just so disturbing as well.. even though this action was regrettable, I hope these sasaeng fans get exposed and receive the help they need to stop their obsession. and the idols to regain some peace :(

  2. I was disgusted by all parties as well, but after reading some of the more extreme things sasaengs do, I’m having trouble placing a whole lot of blame on JYJ. I don’t condone violence in any way, but I’m just not so sure that I wouldn’t get angry and do the same thing if I had to deal with that every day of my life. =/ Kinda ashamed to say that, but oh well.

    Also, I don’t know if you know this, but about the audio being faked: apparently some people “analyzed” the clip with comp software and found that JYJ’s voices and the sasaeng’s cries are on different wavelengths and have a clear cut between them as if someone put the two sound files together. Or something like that. I have no idea if it’s true, as I’m no expert at this stuff, but it’s something to consider.

    • I didn’t want to say it up there in case someone crazy saw it, and thought I was condoning sasaeng fans, but I had a sudden fear that as fans, are we willing to forgive our idols everything? Say it was an ordinary fan that Jaejoong assaulted (not that he would), would the reaction be the same? that everyone would turn their back on the victim? that’s what scares me. And I think the fans who ‘analyzed’ the audio, they’re being delusional about the whole situation. JYJ even apologized for it, so it probably did happen, or else they would have denied it, since it’s such a sensitive issue and a stain on their image.

      I probably wouldn’t hit sasaeng, though; if I was in the same situation. Pepper spray! Tasers (if legal)! I’d find all the nasty ways to pain them in the borders of legality .. ugh these kids. I read an interview about them and one of them said, “We just can’t stop”.. what do their families think? They just allow this?


      • That’s a concern of mine too. There are an astonishing number of people who are willing to forgive their idols for literally everything. I certainly wouldn’t have the same reaction if it had been a normal fan, but I know a lot of people would probably come up with some stupid excuse and be all, “Oppa didn’t mean it!” However, being that it was a sasaeng and considering all the crap they have had (and are still having) to go through… I just find it pretty easy to sympathize with JYJ.

        Maybe their families don’t know about it? But I don’t know how that could be because it seems like sasaengs dedicate their whole life to this.

        • I just read Patricia’s article that you posted in a comment below, and I must say that I found it very disturbing and rather offensive. I was particularly astonished by her statements that sasaengs’ actions are similar to normal fans’.

  3. I am surprised at a couple things beyond the of the situation (idk any other word to say it). the normal fangirls are admittedly scary because as “normal”, they’re not supposed to be the overreacting ones, but underreacting can be frightening too.
    this also makes me wonder if those lovely fancams and HD fanphotos we international fans get are from sasaeng fans too o.O
    the comment about moaning is ridiculous because sometimes muffled crying/screaming sounds a lot like moaning too :/
    and this is a bit off topic, but you seem more emotional in this post compared to your other ones… odd

    • yup. I wrote this after I read Patricia’s article (http://seoulbeats.com/2012/03/jyj-sasaeng-fans-and-reconstructing-the-k-pop-industry/). The things people say to her and of her.. it’s so disheartening. I get really angry after I read those comments, perhaps because I know her personally and know that most of those people who talk trash aren’t worth shit compared to Patricia

      do you know OnewStyle (she recently stopped.)? She was a big Onew fan and followed him all around the world, but she wasn’t a sasaeng stalker at all. (: so I don’t think the majority of good fancams/photos are from sasaeng. From my impression, sasaeng are mostly these dinky teens without the use of professional grade cameras.


  4. Umm… I just thought I’d say this, but the tape WAS doctored. No, I’m not some crazy loyal fangirl (I mean DBSK was good, but I stopped really listening after the haitus), however it was. Jaejoong DID say those things, however they cut out the background noise to make it seem more dramatic and put in the hitting sounds. The Saesang even said that all he did was flick her on the forehead. Which really doesn’t actually hurt, it’s more of a gesture (I know from experience), but that’s just what I’ve read, I suppose no one really knows.

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