[lifestyle] so what have you been doing lately? I’ve been reading Homin fanfics (and studying.. right..)

Spring break is nigh upon me, but of course, before all good things, there must be 期中考 (midterms!) and problem sets due. In this stressful time, how am I staying amused? Reading Homin fanfics.

Changmin on the right, Yunho on the left. Since it's just the two of them, all of their photoshoots are very bromance, so I can understand why there are so many Homin shippers. >u<;;

Homin is the pairing of Changmin and Yunho from TVXQ. Defined by UrbanDictionary, fanfiction is:

A piece of fiction within a fandom utilizing characters and situations from a pre-existing work including (but not limited to) books, television programs, films, and comic strips.

Wait, why am I reading Homin fanfics? Didn’t I swear to myself at the presumptuous age of 14 to stay away from fanfiction? That they were a waste of creative productivity?

Okay, well, I renege on my 14-year-old self. First, I find Homin TVXQ completely adorable– so much bromance, so much good music. Despite all the bromance, I don’t think they’re gay or will ever have more than a brotherly relationship with each other. I support Homin in the sense that if I could pick two people to be a couple, I would pick them, but I do not necessarily believe that they are homosexuals or attracted to each other. So, let’s read some fanfiction to assauge my distress because Changmin and Yunho will never get together.. (please insert theatrical sob here).

just too precious.

The second thing is, Homin fanfics are so funny that I can’t stop reading them. The situations that authors imagine them in! The Harry Potter crossovers, the strange outfits of lace, Yunho as cat, Changmin as Yunho’s teacher.. no matter how serious the story is, no matter how beautifully written the story is, I will laugh myself silly. Fans’ imaginations are really the best. Some of the plots are so intricate that the characters don’t even seem like Yunho or Changmin anymore; these characters may have their likenesses, but that’s about it. I mean, really, Changmin as a homeless boy? I think I cried tears while laughing. However, somehow I feel like my reaction while reading fanfics is not the general one; judging from the comments, most people leave starry-eyed and cling onto their OTP even more.

I’m curious, do you read fanfiction? What is your motivation behind reading it? What are your reactions? 

As I read Homin fanfics, I will compile a list of good ones that are not R-rated, so everyone who visits this blog can feel comfortable reading them. (But sometimes the R-rated ones are the most hilarious.. Yunho and lace.. how could I not die of laughter on the spot? And also, this summary, “Yunho meets Changmin, a young man that could be more than just friends with him…if only he could forget Jaejoong.” That is just so LOL. Who can resist reading some of that?)


15 thoughts on “[lifestyle] so what have you been doing lately? I’ve been reading Homin fanfics (and studying.. right..)

  1. LOLOL at that summary. What a way to get the reader’s interest. I like the bromance of HoMin, but I can’t ship them or read something that involves romance between them because I find it gross. I’m sorry I’m close-minded like that haha. Mainly because they’re both oh-so-manly that interactions between them that fans translate into something else really give me goosebumps, in a bad way.

    I actually think that some fanfictions/writers only use these idols so that people can easily imagine what the characters look like. You know, just to give the character a ‘face’. It doesn’t matter if the character resembles their idol counterpart anymore.

    I do read fanfics…a lot haha. But mostly on Harry Potter, if we’re not just talking about KPop. Especially those whose main pairing is Harry and Hermione. I’m a big Harmony shipper, so I was so frustrated when Ginny and Harry ended up together and all I could do to ease the pain I’m feeling that time was to run to my beloved fanfics. Hahahhahaha.

    On KPop, I quite read a lot too. Only those with GirlxBoy pairing. I’m really sorry if I offend someone, but I can’t really take reading gay stories. But if it’s just bromance or sisterhood, it’s fine. Of course, I mostly read stories with my bias on it. Like Amber fics, I don’t care whoever the guy is. DBSK fics too, wherein they’re like one whole family and they’re trying to marry off Changmin. Haha.

    Reading fanfics is more of just having fun. Because it’s like seeing another side of the idol/celebrity featured in that fanfic. Although we’re not sure if they’re really like the characters (in the fanfic) in real life, it’s just fun reading about those scenarios. The downside of reading too much fanfics, for me, is that sometimes I start wondering if a certain event happened in real life or did I just get that from a fanfic. Hahha. My mind starts to get baffled with all of the stories I’ve read. But I’m still sane, fortunately haha.

    • omg. I just read a fanfic in which Changmin was an uncle and Yunho’s father died so Changmin takes care of Yunho.. =__= anyways..

      that’s not close-minded. eh, I used to be that way too but sometimes they’re so cute squee … sigh … I guess I am grossing you out. Ah, you are one of those shippers! I remember I got into a big fight with my friends over Harry Potter’s fourth book, in which there were clear signs of Hermione/Ron pairing and they were all yelling at me that Harry/Hermione was destiny.. sigh..

      haha, link me towards one of TVXQ marrying off Changmin? LOL. aww.. I think that might start happening for me, reading too many Homin fics I might actually start thinking the couple is real. T___T

      thanks for sharing your thoughts (:

  2. fanfiction was actually the reason i got into k-pop……i can’t read things like homin fics thou because i just can’t take it seriously. i’m a picky fanfic reader, i only read quailty hahaha.

    • harhar. actually the worse the quality, the more I enjoy it, because I laugh too much :X that’s why I read Homin. Who can take it so seriously? Die of laughter..


  3. Wow. This is quite different from your usual lifestyle posts(…?) Aside from the vibe i’m getting and asking your readers, i can’t quite pinpoint whats different though…
    perhaps because i’ve branched off from being a BL fangirl first, i tend to read um… “yaoi”(?) fics. (derp word choice cuz its not /really/ yaoi…)

    “Fans’ imaginations are really the best. Some of the plots are so intricate that the characters don’t even seem like Yunho or Changmin anymore; these characters may have their likenesses, but that’s about it. I mean, really, Changmin as a homeless boy?” <– AFF has an /unbelievable/ imagination but they just happen to be /terrible/ at writing, my god. from idol serial killers to babies to genderbent to historical thingy to… god knows. if only they spellchecked, grammar-checked, fact-checked their own writing… The OCs and "You" fics are really awful tho… (this is also the reason I prefer livejournal)

    ttly going off topic, but have you seen what tumblr is claiming to be jonghyun's drawing(?) of minho? http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0zmo2aSIw1r32s32o1_500.jpg thots…?

    • I look at it this way, what you like to do is part of your lifestyle right? I like to read.. and right now I’m reading.. Homin fics.. heheh. My writing is much more informal this time. I didn’t bother undoing my contractions and writing like I normally do.. it was more like word vomit because I wrote it when I was busy with midterms but wanted to write a post on Homin fics. (: I think that’s what is different.

      .__. LOL I can’t read the ones where Yunho is a dog … I… Bestiality, no thanks =.= ergh, I read on LJ too, I might actually start using my LJ account. Ergh, I hate the switched POVs.. “you” POV is terrible too… ewwchh..

      Jonghyun is horrible at drawing and he’s a troll. of course he would choose to draw Minho terribly.. Minho is too handsome and too tall.. XD

  4. Hahaha, I read fanfic because it’s free romance reading material and the characters are already people I’m familiar with. I think I got into fanfic because I liked anime and manga, heard about fanfiction, and was curious about what it was like. I found the good ones surprisingly addicting. When I first encountered yaoi pairings, I thought it was sort of disgusting, especially since most of the popular ones had smut-tastic fanfics. I later learned to like or at least tolerate boy pairings because the hetero romance storylines started to get boring for me, and I read a shonen-ai fanfic that had advertised itself as mystery/supernatural, and found it surprisingly good.

    Later I got used to the repetitive genre plots again, and was introduced to K-pop by a girl on my soccer team. I googled the K-pop boys, whom most look strikingly similar to yaoi guys, and BOOM! new interest.

    Heh, I guess it must be quite awkward for some of the boys who are paired with each other, but have no romantic feelings whatsoever towards each other. I think that if I ever go to a K-pop concert, I wouldn’t bring one of those embarrassing shipping signs or fanart, but that still doesn’t stop me from googling non-AU bandslash.

    • true, true. t___t I remember my first slash story was between Legolas and Harry. I was like 13 at that time.. and I was horrified but I couldn’t put it down, the writing was so good T___T so that’s when I learned to read slash, I think most of us unconsciously imagine a female and male role, hence why some people can’t imagine one person as the uke. However, I don’t really do that, since Homin is about as masculine a kpop couple you can ever get.. I don’t insist on one playing the female role.

      Haha, kpop males are living visual embodiments of anime/manga characters. (: Especially SHINee’s Minho. Shipping sign? Hm.. I’d probably bring a “LOOK AT ME” sign rather.. ah, I think the idols know full well they inspire these sorts of fantasies, and sometimes with their excessive fanservice they even encourage it.. embarrassing though the sign may be, they’ve probably seen a bajillion already!

      thanks for stopping by and commenting (:

      • Heheh, yeah, I don’t really like it when fangirls argue over who’s the girl in a relationship. I mean…they’re both men, right? And I think one of the reasons why I was drawn into BL was because the pairing was on a more equal standing.

        Lol at “LOOK AT ME” signs. XD Comments like that are my rewards for stopping by. :P

  5. I read fanfiction because it’s adorable and/or (this might be tmi :P) hot. I’m one of those yaoi fangirls who finds guy-on-guy action hot. So naturally I enjoy pairing my favorite idols (as well as the most bromance-y and skinship-y) together. Most of the stuff I read is pretty explicit, haha.

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