[kpop/review] Taemin’s (meh) second performance on Immortal Song

The first word I thought of to describe the performance: bland. I cannot credibly say there was one moment I could say was beautiful; he went through all the vocal motions, but there so many clipped syllables at the end of phrases and his vocal inflection was flat. I did not hear anything that made me think, wow, what a good singer. (Did you?!)

“Goodbye City” is about going home again, but it did not sound like a homecoming song; I got the feeling of a bad Saturday night cabaret.

What particularly bothered me was the beginning. I am not quite sure how Taemin should have done it differently– depends on how you like to sing– but it is supposed to a segue from a sad mood to a surprisingly happy mood– what I felt was diffidence. Taemin had almost the same tone in the beginning as the middle of the song. When Taemin broke out into a dance break at 1.00s-1.30s, I was thinking rather cynically that the dance break was simply to avoid singing for thirty seconds and to draw attention away from his questionable singing. To me, having so many dance cronies detracted from Taemin’s performance– plainly revealing that the dancing was a crutch. Taemin would have done much better if he focused on his singing instead of dancing. Yesung, Jonghyun, and Kyuhyun never had any strictly choreographed routines while they were on Immortal Song, and so yes, my eyebrows are furrowed for Taemin.

Taemin is due for one more episode of Immortal Song, probably so he can start preparing with the rest of SHINee for their comeback. When we first heard that Taemin was going to be on Immortal Song, some Shawols hopefully commented that maybe he will release singing chops that we have never seen before and just blow us away. Judging by the way things are going, that was just too optimistic. Taemin has not embarrassed himself like some of us feared, but honestly, this just needs to be over, so overly-supportive Shawols can stop kidding themselves on how great a singer Taemin is. Taemin is on the way, but for chrissakes, he is nowhere near the golden fountain.

I am still waiting S.M. to finally chuck over Ryeowook and Onew to Immortal Song sometime.

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11 thoughts on “[kpop/review] Taemin’s (meh) second performance on Immortal Song

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  2. Ugh, never have time nowadays to comment and read your posts D: But I did read up on your first review on his perf and yeah, I did get that feeling that…the performance was meh (no matter how much I love Taemin, I kinda feel bad but it’s the truth XD). In this perf, I felt like I was losing his voice in the MR (is that what it’s called? the…instrumentals backup…thing? LOL -clearly not a music major-) esp when the song gets a bit climatic (I don’t know whether it’s cuz it got too loud or simply because he didn’t have the vocal strength to keep himself up…) I have to agree with the overly-supportive Shawols that comment on the video, saying what an amazing singer he is when in all reality it’s just…good… XD Ah well…Again, love your insightful and honest reviews :)

    • oh just to add it in, surprisingly he still won that round XD I guess it might be the ‘energy’ factor and ‘dance break’ element….and overly supportive fans.

    • haha, it’s okay, I never have time to WRITE and finish posts T_T yes, it is called the MR. Yep. Sigh, I couldn’t have put it better. Taemin was okay.. he didn’t wet his pants or anything, thank goodness. The audience is always comprised of noonas.. jailbait..

      thanks for stopping by!

  3. You know… this is just a conspiracy theory on how Onew is going through that “Amber’s missing” phase. Perhaps thats the reason why Onew isn’t going to Immortal Song 2- he had to go missing xDD And SHINee does need to get reinvolved in the kpop scene in order to be relevant for their comeback xD

  4. I was never really impress by Taemin’s vocal. He had improved but he does not give me the feeling that he is in the song. He give me the feeling – sing because I’m a singer.
    I’m not a big fan of Jonghyun’s vocal but he sing with his soul & feeling. Which is what Taemin is lacking.

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  7. i absolutely agree with you .. while taemin has improve a lot in his vocals, i dont think he is that ready to be in im2 yet. i feel like he still lacks something.. i dont really like the way on how he controls his voice. sometimes, he lacks the ‘soul’

    im still waiting for the time when onew will be casted in IM. because he seriously need it. all the time, he has been showing his vocal skills in song challenges and whatnot. but in immortal song, it is something serious.

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