[manga/rant] I root for Sho in Skip Beat..

Sho on the left; Tsuruga on the right

Skip Beat! is a brilliant manga. I hate it, yet I read every release anyway, even though I know I will be plunged into an abyss of hating the mangaka for leaving things as a cliffhanger, again. In this way, Skip Beat! is a dastardly brilliant endeavor.

The main problem I have with Skip Beat! is Tsuruga Ren. It is quite obvious that Kyoko, the main female character, will end up with him– the battered, conflicted, tall and dark handsome man. How could she not? He is the character that garners the most sympathy, and Kyoko is starting to show signs of falling in love with him, though she tries to deny these feelings. Plus, the mangaka has drawn Sho shorter than Ren, which indicates Sho’s relative inferiority.

Yet, despite this, I still root for Shotaro Fuwa, and to a lesser extent, Reino.


bejeesus, Tsuruga! Stop leading Kyoko on!

Tsuruga is a coward. At least Sho knows what he wants, i.e., to occupy Kyoko’s thoughts. He may not be able to translate this into feelings of love because Sho is, after all, a jerk, but he has clear intentions. Tsuruga loves Kyoko, but he always gets all ‘manly’ and ‘self-denying’ and cannot piece together a coherent way to approach Kyoko. What an idiot. Plus, he manages to create all of these perverse situations and still does not make any moves. It is like a person who is playing hard-to-get, after awhile, the game gets boring, and the chaser will stop. After so many questionable situations and nothing happening, my frustration against Tsuruga is building up. This is another reason why the anime is better than the manga; the pacing is much faster, so Kyoko’s relationship with Tsuruga develops at a normal pace rather than a snail’s.

I also find Kyoko and Tsuruga’s childhood relationship to be completely irritating and such an exploitation of cliche. Of course they must have this especial connection all throughout their lives, of course, and of course, Kyoko is completely unaware that Tsuruga is, in fact, her childhood-fairy-friend “Corn.” Like zomg. When this crap explodes, it is really going to detonate a bajillion nuclear bombs. But when will it explode? When?

This reminds me of Mei-chan no shitsuji, where I have the same emotions about the male lead character– so self-denying, so gentlemanly, so clearly in love, and yet he does nothing (plus he’s like a bajillion years older than the female). So I root for the underdog, his younger brother.

I suppose this is a reflection of my personality; I have no patience for those who keep lying even though they have realized something quite important. At this point, after 170+ chapters, I highly suspect the mangaka just wants to keep rolling in the money, just like the mangaka of Perfect Girl Evolution.

I’m curious, who do you root for in Skip Beat!?


42 thoughts on “[manga/rant] I root for Sho in Skip Beat..

  1. I rarely root for the rival love interest, but I have to agree with you that I prefer Sho. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I love that Sho and Kyoko are completely themselves around one another and thus are equals, while in comparison Kyoko sees Ren as someone to look up to. I also love Sho and Kyoko’s bantering dynamic. I’m not caught up with Skip Beat yet (I’m up to volume 18 of the manga), but even though I don’t hate Ren and Kyoko as a romantic pairing, I think Kyoko and Sho make the better couple.

    • thank you for linking me ad commenting :) I totally agree with your analysis. Sometimes I feel like that facade Ren keeps up is so fake and in some ways, is jerk-ier than Sho :P I agree. Their bantering is hilarious! Though when Ren is PO’ed at Kyoko, I get the giggles.


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  3. ok i have noooooo idea of what you people are thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sho is an arrogant jerk! he was just using Kyoko in the beginning and it seems like he doesn’t have any respect for her at all!!!!!!!!!! i think Kyoko and Ren make a really cute couple

  4. I know she will end up with Ren, it’s a bit disappointing that way, but I can’t help getting butterflies when you see how much he cares for her and she doesn’t seem to have a clue.

    I do kind of root for ShoxKyoko though, simply because he’s the underdog and doesn’t mess about. Although it does annoy me that he won’t admit he’s clearly in love. I’m conflicted though, because at the same time, I remember that he has mistreated her for a long time and so doesn’t really deserve her.

    I find Reino a bit creepy. I am fascinated as to what a relationship between him and Kyoko would be, but he’s weird so I don’t see how it would work. Surely it would be too frustrating? He seems to want her to hate him rather than love him.

    All of this makes me want to pull my hair out to be honest and in the end I’m kind of hoping for a complete plot twist and she ends up with the guy at the studio where she works as Bo.

    • ahhh lol. that would be so awesome if she did. sigh, it’s too late to introduce some completely new guy in the story, but an ultimate plot twist where no one gets her would just be so.. empowering? (:

      thanks for stopping by!!

  5. I usually go cheer for the ‘bad guy’ but I kinda prefer Ren a little more (since Sho decided to break her heart). I like them both so I don’t care who she ends up with. Sho is awesome and Ren is too, but he is just there..

    • sho-kyoko, solid, even though sho mistreated kyoko at first, he is realizing something more important than his career, chasing love. and even though the manga does not state any progress about sho having fully realized his feelings, for sure, it will happen, and i so root for sho… i get butterflies in my stomach whenever he appears at the scene with kyoko. unlike with ren, there is so much chemistry between kyoko and sho <3… GO SHO<3

  6. Id just like to say if Sho didn’t really break her heart. She wasn’t crying in pain, she’s getting revenge. And obviously she’s starting to like him better than before. I think it’s basic how she’ll end up with ren. Everyone makes mistakes, he’s realising his in way. I think people are to serious like rawrrrrr. Calm down trollolololo but yea i hate how stories end the same with her falling for the “good guy” and lastly there would not be a story if sho didn’t hurt her. Done Dead ^__^

  7. Shoko!!!! <3
    I honestly think that if the story ends up with Ren I think that's sorta predictable. Scratch that, very predictable. That would be boring. I think if Sho ends up with Kyoko it'll be like unpredictable love. I love it when they fight because he's basically saying his feelings. And Kyoko is so dense!!!!!! :( Yet reino and Kyoko is basically saying evil forever.
    Shoko forever<3 | _ ~

  8. Argh, i’m only at the 100th chapter, and i’m getting annoyed with ren. I hate it when ren hides every single thing and demands to know everything from kyoko. The scenes between both of them are so boring. It’s so much more interesting watching kyoko and sho, or kyoko and reino. Ah, ren’s an idiot, i feel like giving up on this manga. Anyways, i root for kyoko/sho. I think if i were to say this on a forum, all ren/kyoko fans would start bashing me. I feel relieved finding someone with the same thoughts as me. :D

    • Ah, there are quite a few of us! =D Yeah, Ren is obviously the best man in terms of morals and talent and whatevers. But Reino / Sho are just much more interesting than Ren, because they will go for whatever they feel like they want. I would like nothing more than Kyoko to be stolen from Ren right beneath him!! (Feeling vengeful before Christmas).


  9. I’m not rooting for anyone.. the ending may be predictable but “getting there” won’t be. ;) it’s just annoying that the updates take forever.

    I don’t like Sho =.= The way he broke Kyoko’s heart is enough to completely lose my vote for him. Moreover, his territorial feelings about Kyoko are bothering me. And he belittles her.. a lot. He thinks Kyoko is a helpless, naive girl (which may be true but not along the lines of his thoughts). Moreover, his intentions are mostly to suppress Kyoko. It gets to me in a bad way. That aside, I enjoy Sho’s and Kyoko’s bantering :D it’s childish and light (and it always gave that air that the two never completely hated each other… I don’t think they ever did) I also love how Sho couldn’t stomach seeing Kyoko cry (soooo cute)

    I won’t call Ren and Kyoko’s bland or boring :) it’s not the most complex maybe some are even cliche but it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling ^^ (sweet sweet <3) how could you call the bordering-incestuous brother-sister scenes boring? All the excitement in the world is right there. And I just love it when Ren loses his composure over Kyoko. The mind games, teasing (Lion and rabbit? Nuff said) love!

    I like Ren because his character is deeply flawed and that makes him a realistic character. He's not perfect. And he's def not an idiot. It's just the fear that the horrors from his past would come out. I wouldn't know because I haven't had those experiences but if I were to think in his shoes, I'd prefer to hide it all. I would hate him if he wallowed in misery and become completely self-destructive. A coward would never be able to survive all that.

    Sho's personality is surprisingly common but interesting enough. I admire his courage for holding on to what he wanted. I wish I can step away from my parents wishes like he did. It's a tough thing to do. He is too petty for me unfortunately. Then again, he's young. He's supposed to be that way lol

    as for, Reino, he is just plain disturbing. Real over-the-top but still entertaining.

    • dood. Ren + Kyoko interactions in the last few chapters have made me want to tear my hair. Am I reading an illicit p0rn0, or what? I can’t stand it. Ren, be a good guy and stop it.


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  11. I respect everyones opinion because everyone has one. But to me my favorite is RenxKyoko because when they are together you can tell that Ren cares for her and she cares for him . Rem just doesnt know how approach his feelings because all the other girls he dated well…. He never felt that way for them like he does for Kyoko. And Kyoko is slowly falling in love with him too. I dont like the ShoxKyoko couple because he had her wrapped around his finger and he lost her. So it is his loss. Their bickering does make me laugh because they are “Frienemies” nothing more nothing less. And with Reino if Ren wasnt in the picture then I would like ReinoxKyoko. But I am a full supporter of RenxKyoko and I hope they get together ^^

  12. I root for sho and kyoko..they’re really funny and I just love them!i love ren too but I just love sho more…

  13. I, too, root for Sho. Ren is, like what you say, to conscious of his manly image to make a move eventhough his feelings for Kyoko is obvious. Sho is a jerk but he clearly knows what he wants from Kyoko. I want the mangaka to make Kyoko forgive Sho and just let them be together kinda like bad-boy-turned-good-for-the-woman-he-loves story. I just don’t feel anything for Ren.

    • Dude I completely agree with you I am hoping that Sho finds a way to apologize to Kyoko and hopefully they be together again. A relationship between Ren and Kyoyo would be far too boring.

  14. I respect your opinions and i understand where those who say ren is a coward who want to preserve himself come from. But i root for him coz i think he is better suited for kyoko even more after the recent chapters. He is fighting and devoiling himself little by little.
    Sho is still a child in a way like kyoko. In that sense they ressemble each other. They are amusing but also very annoying too.
    The three of them have some similarities in their characters and in their desires.( I dont take the others into account they where not relly included in the triangle or only to make the plot progress)
    Thats why i believe there could still be some twist even thought kyoko fell for ren. Even more if she believes he sort of betrayed her by not telling her he is the kuon she met…..

  15. I support Sho/Kyoko as even thought he broke her heart i think he’s learning from it and seeing how wrong he was to treat her like that but i also support what he did not because it was right since it wasn’t but because it made Kyoko grow as a person. I think that what Sho made Kyoko go thought helped her a lot to become stronger and to think more about herself as well as being aware that life isn’t always fair and things might not go the way you want them to. Their moments are precious, sweet and yet childish their not afraid to be themselves around each other and show how they feel while Ren and Kyoko are more mature and Kyoko isn’t fully showing who she really is to Ren. I also find Ren boring and even with all that back story and “Corn” i just feel like he’s to obvious, emotionless and more or less doesn’t have much personality. Every time theirs a Ren/Kyoko scene i’m just reading but most of it makes me want to tear my hair out as i get really frustrated with his character and the moments don’t feel as special as the sweet childish Sho/Kyoko moments. If you think about it Sho is in love but doesn’t realize it yet, he wants to be remembered by Kyoko and is making sure of that in the only way he knows by making her hate him but in reality when you see their scenes it’s like they never been enemies but friends all along. And i think that Sho really does care about her remember how he couldn’t handle to see her cry or how about the time that he got really mad thinking about her and Ren together? And thats not it remember how he said “While i was saving you all i was thinking about was to protect you” still not enough to convince you? Then again what about warning her and yelling at her for letting a guy completely change her just like Ren told her off as well. I really think theirs something between them but it’s pretty clear they wont be together in the end but i’ll still be hoping

  16. I am definitely supporting support ren and kyoko.. come on sho is so selfish.. he only wants kyoko only to have thoughts about him and only him (no matter whether it is love or hate) seems weird and screwed up to me.. I dont like a guy like sho who only thinks about himself and can so easily disregard the feeling of others like taking kyoko’s first kiss forcefully, treating her like a maid, hitting her (scratch her face)..

  17. Definitely agree! RenxKyoko is getting boring. At first, Of course I hated Sho, just like everyone else did but now I really want something more to happen between Sho and Kyoko.
    I’m the same way. I hate that the manga is obviously on RenxKyoko’s side, but I can’t help but still read every goddamn chapter. XD

  18. Finally, I have met the people I have been looking for!
    i ship ShoKyo! Ive read the manga till the latest chapter, chapter 210, and it seems this ship is pretty much sinking. ;_;
    Its so obvious the manga will end with renxkyoko *sigh* It also seems like kyoko doesnt have any feelings for sho anymore…like when he kissed her, she was angry..but when ren kisses her on the cheek…she blushed and my heart just sank lol
    and when she gives ren a hickey i was all </3 and other instances that just make me lose hope bit by bit.

    Finally, I have met the people I have been looking for!
    i ship ShoKyo! Ive read the manga till the latest chapter, chapter 210, and it seems this ship is pretty much sinking. ;_;
    Its so obvious the manga will end with renxkyoko *sigh* It also seems like kyoko doesnt have any feelings for sho anymore…like when he kissed her, she was angry..but when ren kisses her on the cheek…she blushed and my heart just sank lol
    and when she gives ren a hickey i was all </3 and other instances that just make me lose hope bit by bit.

  20. I definitely do not support Sho. Yes Sho and Kyouko’s arguments are amusing and such but there is NO chemistry in the bantering, it’s childish and you can obviously tell Kyouko just wants him to get away from her. I feel more friendship in their arguments not lover’s spats. Sho broke her heart and tossed her aside there is NO justification in my book for such actions, yes it is Kyouko’s fault for answering without considering the consequences but he still used her instead of sending her back so she could live her life. She gave up her life for him and he was ready and willing to chuck her out of his life at anytime. Young people make mistakes but Kyouko lost the will to love someone until Ren showed up. The fact that he even HIT her out of anger, no just NO. I don’t care that he’s an interesting character he is not even someone who can keep Kyouko safe. Then he wants to say she is her property? Sho is a coward like Kyouko said, to hit her, deny his feelings, not even fully resent what he had done to her. His usefulness is only that he pushed her to find herself and find Ren. Ren may be an adult and possessive over her but he has flaws just like anyone else and horrible past to boot(not to mention Sho’s been spoiled for his whole life). That type of past is not something you want to put on a sign for anyone not even a girl you love. He is supposedly cowardly because Kyouko is under aged, he does not even believe he deserves happiness because of the blame he puts on himself. He even changed into a different persona to try and forget that past. I love RenxKyouko because you can see through his expressions and actions how much he loves her, desires her, cares for her. She is something he feels he should not have because he hates his own LIFE. He is lying to her by not telling her about how he is Corn but now he’s willing to tell her everything. I respect him because he is a realistic character and person. Sho needs to get his head out of the clouds and learn to be more considerate of Kyouko before he can try and chase after her. I don’t care if people say Ren is a coward and a liar, at least he’s never hit her, broken her heart, and use her. He honestly and truly loves her and needs her. I respect everyone’s opinions but Sho’s actions up till now does not mean what he has done is put behind him. He never apologizes just backs Kyouko into a corner.

    • Just as you respect others opinions, I respect yours. However, my main focus is on Sho’s “path to redemption.” Every single person deserves another chance to redeem themselves, I disagree with him not being able to justify his actions no matter what. On one hand, I do see how if I was in Kyoko’s position, I’d tend to feel betrayed, especially if it was one you deeply admired at a young age. On the other, one has to learn to forgive because in order to fully move on in life, the hardest yet utmost important aspect is to let go of your grudges and look forward. I believe Sho has actually cared for Kyoko until his fame sprouted arrogance and completely changed his attitude toward Kyoko, or perhaps other loved ones as well.
      Many of you seemingly don’t really know what it’s like feeling such strong remorse for previous actions. Sho perceptibly repents hurting Kyoko, and he does apologize in a sincere way, maybe not directly yet says something along these lines: “this is my first time feeling this guilty.” Yes, it’s not that straightforward but consider his narcissistic personality playing into this. On an obvious note; I believe Sho really developed as a character and is conspicuously improving. Sho and Ren are of different ages, yes Sho’s personality is ludicrous for his age, however fame usually gets to peoples heads especially young ones. Ren is much more mature and has more experience in these fields, not particularly love but treatment of fans and such.
      As of Ren, I am going out and just saying it, he is ridiculously, over the top; overrated. Astonishing you might think, considering the majority of the fan base roots for Kyoko and him to be together. The thing is, it’s predictable on who will become the end ship. I mean, initially I thought those two would be adorable but once the whole Corn story was affixed it was utterly foreseeable. Why practically force two characters together? Oh, look! Ren, the most popular celebrity, happens to be Corn, someone Kyoko continues to look up to (see, they’re CHILDHOOD friends as well.) The author, although brilliant, failed at this method of bringing characters together, what in the world was with that cliche story line. Overall, it doesn’t really make sense, and thus the only real feature that continues to uphold a real connection between the two is random pretty events and twists.
      I find Sho and Kyoko bickering adorable. Kyoko and Ren is more of a “senpai, notice me!” sort of relationship. To think that I’d use that as a metaphor proves how much I don’t take their ship seriously. The time it took them to get their feelings organized and all that was irritating as a reader. Basically, the chemistry is forced on this relationship, us readers are expected to want them together. I have tried to love them together but it felt so insanely artificial, I had difficulty finishing each chapter. I see your point and how you may think in such a perspective but cannot pertain to agreeing with your statements. Well, Ren and Kyoko are going to be end ship so I’m just going to have my heart broken in the end. (-:

  21. Ah… at this point, it’s really kind of hard for me. However, there is one person who I KNOW is definitely off the shipping list for Kyoko – REINO. Oh my goodness, Reino. He pretty much tried to rape her, and isn’t interested in her fully, just her Grudge Spirits. Which I adore. They are so funny, especially when they had that round table back in Vol. Seven or something.

    Let’s move on, starting with Shotaro. Their bickering provides for some really funny scenes, and especially the aftermath where people ask “Are/Were you two dating?” or think that they act like an old married couple or something. This provides a hella lot of ship tease. My problem with Sho is that a) he’s kind of an asshole (but I THINK he’s getting a little bit better, ‘specially around Kyoko) and b) I’m not entirely sure if he knows what he wants with Kyoko. What I mean by that is yes, he wants to be in her thoughts always, even if it’s in a bad way, but with recent events, I feel like Sho wants Kyoko to think about him in a good way as well. I don’t know if he knows it, but it seems like he does have a slight sort of caring/romantic attraction towards her. Plus, he does not want Ren to be with Kyoko. I assume that this does have a little bit to do with the Ren v. Sho thing that’s been going on throughout the entire series, but I like to think it’s jealousy :3
    I also think that Shotaro really cared about Kyoko when they were young. He never liked seeing her cry, but didn’t know how to handle that event. Those flashback scenes were both awkward, cute, and heartbreaking, especially when you knew what Kyoko was crying about. I guess this ties into my whole childhood romance thing, which I am a sucker for.

    Ooookay, Ren time. Oh, Ren. Ren, Ren, REN. Let’s not even talk about his character. I’m too scared to try and analyze it, so when I mention Kuon, I’m just talking about the one in Kyoko’s flashbacks, because pre-Tsuruga!Ren (and post-rick-death!Kuon) is just… dude. Plus, his real personality is terrifying, so how about no.
    One massive problem I have with this is that the manga’s plot seems to be attuned to this being canon, instead of Kyoko’s whole thing about beating Sho in the showbiz world. That made for a good plot driver, and I loved seeing her do well (and fall) and learn and all that good stuff. Anyways, their relationship, as someone mentioned above, really can be described as “notice me, senpai!” on Kyoko’s part, but not in a romantic way. For now. Just because of the dead love part. Ren, the senpai, has DEFINITELY noticed Kyoko, but is not acting on his feelings. This is both wonderful and exasperating for me. The wonderful bit is “Yay! My ship is probably real!” and the exasperating part is “OMFG REN, GET A MOVE ON. SHE’S NOT GOING TO BE HERE FOREVER.” If that makes sense. Still, although I am intimidated by his psychopathic side, I personally prefer Ren’s character, though I don’t like how little development he’s getting (unlike Sho) – heck, I think he’s getting regression, seeing as the violent!insane!Kuon part of him is peeking through. The only thing he’s really got going for him in the development department is his kindness around Kyoko – and then, he still gets jealous and reacts kinda violently on occasion, when it comes to romance.

    On the jealousy thing… man, Kyoko sure knows how to unknowingly pick the weirdest guys, huh? One’s in love with her carnage (to coin a trope) and is partially using her to get back at his self-proclaimed rival, one is her object of revenge and manipulates her thoughts into thinking about him, and the last is essentially a psycho hiding behind a gentlemanly front that she can see through. Occasionally.

    tl;dr, I don’t know who to root for (just not Reino).

    (heck, at this point, I might even start shipping Kanae/Kyoko)

  22. I might be among those minimum people who hates Ren. I rather root for Reino* Kyoko (They might have this forbidden love with creepy vampire look.Yes i root for it). That seen where Sho pushes chocolate into Kyoko’s mouth and shocks her by kissing was just amazing.I really want more of Sho*Kyoko .I really hate this mysterious , man with sorrows and haunted Ren even more.It bores me.I don’t like the way Kyoko gives special treatment to Rey and waits for his acceptance everything.I really hate heel siblings relationship as it was more concentrated on Ren’s , tragic and man with pain concept. Heel sibling were incest. (I really liked the way Kyoko looked as Setsu) I like independent Kyoko, member of “love me section” , who thinks Sho as her prey and Reino as beagle.I rather see her end up with her solitude if not with Sho or Reino .

    • Don’t worry I’m kinda starting to dislike him too. At first I did ship them (renXkyo) but then after a while I realized that not only did Sho ruin their relationship but by Kyoko slaving away she also made their relationship fail. She allowed Sho to get away with things (walking all over her, making her take multiple jobs, etc. etc.) and with Kyoko not standing up for herself or having Sho’s parents around to put him in his place, he started rebelling more and more until he just left her behind. She lowered herself from childhood friend who understood Sho’s dreams to obsessed fangirl (I would leave her too). I know they weren’t dating and were just childhood friends and lived together, but I think that Sho wouldn’t have taken her with him unless it was because Kyoko’s mother would be returning, so maybe he saved her from meeting her mother again by taking her with him?
      With Sho betraying Kyo and moving out, he forced her to be independent and think for herself and her needs and I really believe she needed this type of push to make her into an adult that can live her own life without relying on others for happiness.
      Then Kyoko meets Ren, who helps her out in the industry, but then puts her in a similar position of her obeying Ren’s commands to the point of where it starts becoming pathetic, she goes to him for everything and sometimes gets horrible advice that applies to everyone except him-.-. How can Ren blame Kyoko for Sho kissing her? Really she had no control in that situation, yeah she made it worst but Ren has no ruling over her personal life and it bothers me a lot. [Yes, Sho slapped her and I won’t ignore that but Kyoko knows how to push Sho and it was a very passionate argument so they are both at fault. Sho did express his guilt and he’s growing up.] And Kyoko should stand up to Ren and tell him that it’s her personal life, he has no say. I understand Ren’s in love but Kyoko should be more strong and not be put in the same position Sho had her in with her being so submissive. If anything, Kyoko spending her free time around Ren can cause her own future in showbiz to be ruin. How has no media notice how close they are? With Kyoko getting rides from Ren constantly (sometimes without Yashiro) can lead to her career being labeled as getting ahead by getting in bed with popular actor.
      In all honest, Kyoko should know that she shouldn’t accept gifts or be so unobservant of her male surroundings including Ren. If anything, her experience with Sho should cause her to be more cautious around men.

  23. Oh my god, I am so sad that the manga is always making it seem like kyoko*ren will be together! I ship SHOKYO! Sho*Kyoko would be so great together, it makes me really wanna cry because ren is so boring… He is insufferably boring. I can’t stand him. Show and Kyoko’s relationship has so much more depth, it would mean so much more if they got together… I am like seriously tempted to send a letter to the writer and tell him that he should put Sho and Kyoko together!

  24. The story is getting boring seeing Ren and Kyoko only all the time, it’d be just better if the other characters would be more in the story. I’d like Kyoko to end up with someone else and a new story with Sho and Ren realising their lives and becoming best friends maybe. All those romantic stories… A nice story about friendship would be really refreshing.

  25. Ola !! Que discurso dolorido pra mim que sou fã de skip beat :'( mais por concordar com alguns argumentos devo confessar q gostei de seu ponto de vista dramático, tanto que foi convencida que devo olhar o manga com um olhar menos apaixondo e mais crítico … Gostei do jeito ousado de se expressar que cativa XD

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