[kpop] I like two-member TVXQ better than five-member TVXQ (oh no, Cassies are going to kill me!)

two-member TVXQ; Homin

It has been almost three months since I listened to TVXQ’s Japanese album, TONE. What is shocking is that I still regularly listen to it– unlike SHINee’s Japanese album, which I discarded after two weeks (this coming from a hardcore SHINee fangirl).

The thing I like best about current TVXQ is an obvious reason: we get to hear and see Yunho and Changmin a lot more. All original members of TVXQ are extremely talented, so to me it felt rather crowded sometimes with five of them on one track– the super-talentedness is burning my eyes! Too much to handle! Who is singing this? Who is dancing that? With just Homin, I feel like I can stay on top of their super-talentedness and appreciate Changmin and Yunho much more fully. When there was five-member TVXQ, even as a fan of Changmin, you would have to keep tabs on all the other members, but with only Yunho, it is somewhat liberating only to focus on one other person instead of the collective actions of four others.

That and TVXQ’s current electro-R&B-pop genre really suits me. JYJ has gravitated towards R&B-pop with not much electronic, sadly. Homin also work well as a duo, musically. They both have similar sounding voices– slighty gritty, nasal, and low, though Changmin sings in a slightly higher register; they complement each other well. That, and Japanese sound engineers are amazing.

Perhaps I am getting tired of the traditional 4+ member groups of kpop nowadays. It’s just becoming so tried and true and tiring– most notably in EXO’s debut promotions, which seem like they have no end. It seems like all of kpop is debuting groups that collectively have great talents but as individual talents, they are usually worthless. Sometimes it is nice to be able to focus on one or two genuinely talented individuals– people that would probably have been solo artists if not for the kpop industry’s predilection towards groups.

Would I bother with Minho and Taemin if they weren’t in SHINee? Probably not.


22 thoughts on “[kpop] I like two-member TVXQ better than five-member TVXQ (oh no, Cassies are going to kill me!)

  1. Quality not quantity!

    I am still waiting to get both the Japanese SHINee & The Tohoshinki Tone cd’s. The price has dropped to about 45 dollars on amazon for SHINee (it was over 100?) & about 30 for TVXQ. I love them & I really want to have the cd’s but I think I will wait until the prices drop a bit more. I just can’t rationalize spending that much on a cd when I have a mortgage & bills to pay.

    I have only been getting into Kpop for about two or three years now, (& more so over the last year,) so TVXQ was pretty new to me but I did like all I had heard. I actually own the Keep Your Head Down cd & I play it all the time when I’m in the kitchen making dinner or cleaning up. I really liked the songs from TONE that you put on your “Most Played” post, (I meant to comment on that,) but I really didn’t get into the JYJ stuff I heard although I have learned not to dismiss music too easily because sometimes things just don’t hit me right at the time & then six months or whenever later I will be loving it. Example – I was never really into Girls Generation, (there’s too many of them! I don’t go for girl groups as much, etc.) but lately I find myself humming their songs a lot. Maybe it’s because they are EVERYWHERE now? Who knows, but I am liking them a lot more, Same with SUJU. Maybe they just wore me down, maybe it’s because of the more electro sounds, which I also enjoy, (The Boys, Mr. Simple, etc.) Speaking of “electro” – I heard a song by the Wonder Girls that has some straight-up dubstep in it, (The DJ is Mine.)

    • :) yay for supporting the artists! Yep, I agree. Korean CDs are gorgeous but way too pricy, especially Japanese CDs. So expensive. But they know fans will buy them anyway because in Asia, piracy is much more rampant.

      Ah, I was caught by Girls’ Generation’s Japanese single “Bad Girl” because it’s definitely much more heavy than anything they do in Korea, which I’ve heard is because SNSD is trying to push the sexy image in Korea because Japan is inundated with the ‘kawaii’ genre. Yes, I listened to The DJ is Mine, but it didn’t grab me particularly.. it seemed more like a repeat of past mainstream dubstep and that the Wonder Girls were late to the party (again). I always wonder what is the case with Korean artists debuting in the US. Their music always seems extremely late to the party :(

      You know who’s everywhere these days? EXO. And they haven’t even debuted and I’ve listened to “What is Love?” a bajillion times already.. sigh..

      :) Michelle (thanks for stopping by as always!!!)

      • The first time I got a Korean cd I was in shock. “It’s like a BOOK! SO beautiful!” lol

        And thanks for the tip – I’ll have to check out Bad Girl.

        Yeah, the Wonder Girls song seemed a little generic & like someone went, “Oh, dubstep is IN, let’s throw some of that on top!” If you know what I mean, but it wasn’t like, offensive & it was kind of catchy, (the chorus did get stuck in my head & I do like dubstep but I wasn’t like OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS.)

        I just read Patricia’s blog post on EXO & it was pretty funny. (What are their names?!lol) I guess I’m not keeping up with my rookies as well lately because after watching the B.A.P. video a hundred times & loving them, I went over to MTV Iggy & lost myself in a bunch of non-Korean stuff for days. (I enjoy way too many genres of music. I could go broke just buying cd’s.) I did watch an EXO video on youtube but now I am hard-pressed to even remember what it was. It was something slower & I was kind of, “meh” about it at the time, but I’ll have to revisit it before I make a final judgment.

        Do you think that some of the Korean artists seem “late to the party” with their sounds because of the fact that they are usually part of the more “manufactured” approach rather than say the more organic singer/songwriter/bands who make their own music? I was reading a recent Seoulbeats article about “Breaking the Idol Stereotypes” & it talked about Idols who are becoming more involved in writing & producing their own music & thus making more unique, fresher & more innovative music. I think this goes back to my whole quality not quantity approach. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to admit I love a great hook-filled, electro-pop dance song as much as the next person, but artistic growth & change are good, too!

        Thanks for always letting me ramble, Michelle! I really love your blog! :)

        • by this point, I’m sure there’s someone named Kai in EXO.. hahaha BAP just has an unfortunate name, and once I stop laughing at it, I will check it out, I’ve been hearing good things about them. Perhaps you watched EXO’s “What is Love?” I actually really liked it, because the singing, especially for a rookie group, was pretty mindblowing.

          hmm.. I wouldn’t say so.. I just think they’re hooking up with the wrong producers because mainstream pop tracks nowadays have long gestation periods; so will.i.am might write a song in Jan. 2010, which he’d release in Jan. 2011. Quite a long time, but I think the talent lies with culling what will be the ‘fresh sound’ and then producing it. So Wonder Girls and other kpop artists need to have the right connections which they have in Korea, but not so much in America.

          no problem! ^^

          • Ok, so I saw something called “Metal” by EXO & it was kind of rad. I think the guys name was Tao. It piqued my interest!

            I can’t stop thinking of the 1997 movie “B*A*P*S” (Black American Princesses!)

            Good point about the connections.

  2. Oh don’t worry, matured fans won’t, but immature ones will probably kill you haha, oh add up those crazy JYJ stans (now they’ll come after me! haha). I’m a DB5K fan, so I really prefer them as a 5-member group, but it still goes down on your preferences. I actually like HoMin’s music more than JYJ’s mainly because they still have that ‘DBSK sound’ and I think their songs are much better produced than JYJ’s. Especially their dance tracks, much better for me. But my favorite ballads goes comes from JYJ. Well anyway…

    And I agree with you on appreciating the two more now that they’re working as a duo. That’s what I think the good result that came from the split, they improved more and we got to hear them sing more lines in a song.

    I don’t know but I’m not really into the fact that their voices sound so alike. Sometimes I can’t determine who’s singing what. Maybe because I’m just used in hearing 5 different voices but can harmonize well.

    • =.= I agree, poor JYJ, only getting second-rate songs.. heh heh yeah, that’s the trouble too, sometimes I’ll be thinking who is singing what, but I think it matches amazingly well, like TVXQ’s “DUET”.. gargle such good song, and I think 90% of that is they have such gritty lower registers :Q


  3. I love TVXQ and like JYJ
    but I choose TVXQ ! ^o^/ simply couse the made addicted over them T___T I think JYJ are cool but TVXQ super super cool *___* in every thing , TVXQ improved so much <3 love them …. and don't blame you to like them :Q

  4. TVXQ2 sucks!! sorry but true…they already dont have soul
    his tone tour is mediocre
    only Changmin is amazing in TVXQ with 2 members..boy can sing and dance very well..Yunho can dance but his singing is so awful ..I saw many fancams of Tone tour
    I still dont understand why Yunho always get all the praises(well biased fans) and Changmin is underrated bcuz Yunho
    Yunho still have a carreer bcuz Changmin
    boy will never be a good solo singer

    • dear pressed jyj stans…
      i have yet to see any of them successful as a solo singer. don’t just pick on yunho just because you don’t like his voice there’s still others who do. nowadays people need good music voice comes second. DUH

    • =.= they’re doing the best they can, I think they rather balance each other out; that’s why they are a good duo, not necessarily because of their individual strengths, but for the teamwork and coordination they bring to the stage.

      thanks for stopping by!

    • O [] O……
      did you SRSLY watched anything at all?! wow….
      Yunho’s performance SPECIALLY in the ballad songs has just blown me away! please re-watch them again, well, some of TONE tour official recordings are already up on the Youtube so you better check them out, too. then if you still aren’t satisfied, then I… I’m just speechless, this is so funny but not funny too O_o

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  6. I really, really agree. Now this may just be because by the time I was really addicted to Kpop, DB5K had already split, but I’ve grown so fond of DBSK as two that I have trouble thinking of them any other way. You’re so right about DB5K being almost too much talent to handle. Changmin and Yunho as a duo complement each other so well and highlight each other’s strengths without becoming an huge mishmash of overwhelming talent. Also, I’ve listened to the Keep Your Head Down album more times than I can count, and I’m still not sick of any song. Btw, what are your favorite tracks on TONE?

    • most favorite are Superstar, Why / Keep Your Head Down, Duet. Everything else but Somebody to Love, Introduction ~magenta~, シアワセ色の花, I like (: ah, I caught wind of TVXQ in their Mirotic days, but even then, I didn’t really understand the force that TVXQ was in the kpop world. Mirotic was a good track, but it never really had the snappiness of something like ‘Sorry Sorry’ for me. I think that’s why I preferred SHINee, because they were singers of dance music early on!

      (: I’m slowly falling in love with Homin.. ahhh

      • Superstar and Duet are my favorites too. ^^ And I feel the same about Mirotic. It’s an undeniable legend of a song, but it’s not something I ever really got addicted to.

        • agree! I think Mirotic is kind of like Lucifer.. but I think that Lucifer was a better track, but TVXQ themselves are what made Mirotic the more insanely popular track.


  7. As I write this reply I’m looking over my shoulder to make sure there are no crazed DB5K fans screaming “always keep the faith!” as they come after me…. but I totally agree with you as well. The two of them complement each other so well, and their interactions on shows/interviews/etc. shows that there really is a strong friendship in between them, unlike some other Kpop groups where you suspect that it’s just a front put up for fans. I’m pretty new to K-pop and so only started to follow TVXQ after the split, and I love how both of them are front and centre in the spotlight now. I’ve gone back to watch a lot of their shows pre-2009, and honestly, if I was a Changmin fan I would’ve been hovering between rage and tears at how little attention he got. I actually stumbled across your blog because I was searching for SHINee’s Sherlock reviews (and I read them too! just didn’t reply :p) but I really wanted to add my two cents about TVXQ here. Maybe it’s because of how much bashing HoMin get for something that they had absolutely no control over.

    • I agree! Sometimes I have to squint to make sure SHINee are all friends. Honestly, I feel like if they were not put together, but were in the same company, they wouldn’t be as good of friends as they are now.

      Yes, it’s definitely the fault of many people, so I find taking sides in the TVXQ breakup is just unfair and naive.

      thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you around more (:

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  9. Just had to stop by. I’ve been a fan of TVXQ since they released Rising Sun in 2005 (I actually own all of their Korean albums. Their first album, Tri-Angle, is my favorite) and though I still miss the original 5-member line-up, I am really appreciating the current TVXQ duo. I actually prefer their music now over the stuff they released in the past. Keep Your Head Down is a really good album and it’s one of my favorites. Catch Me was a little disappointing, but I still prefer that one over Rising Sun (which IMO is the worst TVXQ album, although “Rising Sun” is one of my fav TVXQ songs).

    I never really liked Tohoshinki’s releases (but “Doushite” is great!!!!); however, I am really, REALLY liking Yunho and Changmin’s new Japanese singles! TONE is a great album. Yunho and Changmin have impressed me so much!

  10. Dunno, i like DBSK when there are five.
    but sorry to say i don’t really like them now, DBSK or JYJ. the song i mean.
    not that i hate DBSK or JYJ.
    it just not suit to my sense i guess.
    DBSK music right now sound just like other (suju,etc.).
    and JYJ, i appreciate that thy write their own music.
    It good, but that not That good when there 5.
    the sound complete to other.
    ya know what i mean.

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