[kpop] Michelle reacts to Kids React to K-Pop

TheFineBros is a comedy channel on YouTube, and their most watched segments are “Kids React To…” and yesterday, it was revealed to be kpop.

They watched SNSD’s “Gee“, Super Junior’s “Bonamona“, and 2NE1’s “I AM THE BEST“. Right from the get-go, this video attracted haters, and I have got to say, some of it was sort of justified.

Some comments made by the kids that especially struck me:

#1: I can’t understand this. Why do people listen to it if they can’t understand it?

It’s like watching subtitled movies, eating Mexican food, listening to Bach. You may not understand the language, you may not know how to cook Mexican, you may have no idea what the heck a semidemiquaver is, but you can enjoy it nonetheless.

#2: What is up with my generation?! How can people listen to such horrible music?!

This was just mainly one kid. He was so effusive and exaggerated about asserting what crap kpop is, and how he hates his generation. Fine, rag on the music being crap, but not on people of your generation! They like what they like, you hate what you hate. Fair?

#3: omg they’re just imitating Pussycat Dolls! … (think for a minute) Lady Gaga!

Eye-roll. I feel like nowadays when anybody ever does anything crazy, it is always compared to Lady Gaga or is imitating Lady Gaga. I remember reading some YouTube comments for Dev’s “In the Dark“– amazing track, by the way– and comment after comment was like, “She’s crazy. Like Lady Gaga!” Probably you can pull out any popular electropop nowadays and you will see some “Reminds me of Lady Gaga” out there. Though I think Lady Gaga is an inspiration, I think it is a little early for her to be influencing performers that have already been performing for much longer or around same time frame as she has. Plus, everyone wants to be different– that’s their selling point. What you don’t get with Gaga is what you do get with 2NE1, with Dev, etc. Rather than just seeing something nutty and labelling it as Gaga-esque, you need to consider if the nutty is in Gaga-style. I think most of us can agree that 2NE1-nutty is not Gaga-nutty.

#4: “What language are they singing in?” — “Chinese.” “Japanese.” (a billion years later) “Korean!”

I recognize the fact that none of them are East Asian and thus may not have much exposure to Korean. Chinese is increasingly taught in more schools in the United States, China is seen increasingly as an antagonistic rival to the US and garnering more media coverage, and Japanese has long enjoyed a cult status in Hollywood, like Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls, Quentin Tarantino’s movie “Kill Bill” and lots of popular dubbed anime like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. To be honest, I did not learn what Korean BBQ was until my senior year of high school (!).

Nonetheless, I sort of hit my head on the keyboard when so many of the kids failed to identify that it was Korean.

Now reclining in my Throne as Queen of Pretension, I have to say, those older kids were being pretty pretentious. They were trying to make very strong judgments from mal-formed opinions.

However, I only said that the anger directed toward this video is “sort of” justified.

Because look, they’re kids.

still have a soft spot for Mr. Frodo ^^

They’re airheads, but they’re children. I remember that age I was an airhead too. I loved Lord of the Rings and started calling everyone names from Lord of the Rings. I thought Daniel Radcliffe was the coolest boy on the planet because he played Harry Potter, even though he wasn’t good-looking or anything. I fawned over my battle prowess in Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and petted myself as the strongest trainer there was even though the time I spent with a GameBoy was negligible. I thought George W. Bush should win the 2000 election. Heck, I even thought Bush should win the 2004 election, because John Kerry came across as creepy to me. I even wrote a stellar essay on why George Bush should win– which got me an A for the semester. But did I really know anything in-depth about the issues? About the war? About tax programs? Not at all. I just thought Kerry was a good-for-nothing-flip-flopper. Unless you are a prodigy, which very few of us are, it is really hard for us to absorb so much information at young ages and actually know how to process and understand it. So a lot of what we ‘understand’ as young children are just sound-bites like “flip-flopper” and half-formed opinions we regurgitate from our parents or custodians.

Second, they’re American kids. Especially for the Caucasians who probably do not speak a second language at home, they will probably never need to know any other language other than English for their entire lives. As diverse as America is, our language is extremely insular, due to the fact that English is the lingua franca or common language of the modern world today. One can pretty much get by in the industrialized world just knowing English.

Of course, I am not saying that these traits should be encouraged– because airheads don’t contribute much to the economy, it is personally enriching to know other languages– but we should all recognize that as preteens, we were all once know-it-all airheads and allow a little more leeway for these children when criticizing things like this video. We should not be “Imma stab you with a fork” but rather, putting it in simple and gentle terms why they are mistaken in their views.

I also am skeptical that if they were raised in a more culturally-aware environment they would turn out to be great global children-citizens, because children will be children, and so children will be airheads about some things or the other. They might not say something like All Asians Look Alike again but they might say something else just as politically incorrect. No one is born with a politically-correct compass within them; it is something we learn as we grow.

Though the video was exasperating for those aforementioned comments, a good half of them said they would listen to kpop again, and they said it looked very “future-y”. Taken in good humor, it was genuinely funny and entertaining to watch. Also, don’t tell me that none of y’all haven’t ever had a moment where you’re watching kpop and thinking, “what in the world are they doing?!”

Jaejoong the alien. I still don't like this hairstyle of his.. !

I guess some people had beef with the fact that some kids looked down on Korean artists for not creating their own music. America prides itself on originality, and I believe it does hold true in much more cases compared to kpop. Gaga, Britney, Beyonce, Katy, they all hold much more singing and producing credits than do BoA, Hyori, Rain, Se7en. So even if  the American stars’ contributions were negligible, the US perpetuates a (facade of) self-production culture that South Korea does not perpetuate.

In the end, I renounce all claims to judge their opinions, for I can also remember my phase when I had a vendetta against Asian pop stars. My mother always used to read the entertainment sections in Chinese newspapers and while she read them I would prance around her, pointing at grainy pictures printed in the paper, saying that these Asian people had weird hair and their fashion sense belonged to aliens. Nowadays, I’m just like, “Hey look, Jaejoong is in the news.”


8 thoughts on “[kpop] Michelle reacts to Kids React to K-Pop

  1. I may get some flak for saying this but I just don’t get the whole Gaga appeal. I have tried to keep an open mind but I just don’t really like the music & I think she tries way too hard with the whole “ugly/weird” schtick. I have been around long enough to have seen a lot more talented (in my opinion!) AND “weirder” performers come & go &honestly her music is just SO mainstream to me. It’s really just her appearance & performances that are “unusual” in any way & she is not the first nor will be the last to utilize this aspect of “bizarre” performance to grab attention.

    It seems like kids think they are being so outlandish & cool with their Mama Monster Gaga, but if they saw some of the people that came before her, who inspired her, they would crap in their pants & probably wouldn’t even like it. Let them hear some some Klaus Nomi, Nina Hagen, Leigh Bowery, or Laurie Anderson & kids today would be like, EW! or HUH? lol. Anyway, I don’t want to sound like an old know it all because you made a great point about the kids kind of sounding that way & coming from a very narrow or limited point of reference. Maybe my point is, for the kids, the the buck shouldn’t stop with Gaga, or whatever is “Hot” now. When I like something, I try to look at it like Oh, I wonder what inspired this person, let me investigate & go back from here, then it just keeps opening up more & more worlds of interest for me. Maybe they are just not that curious, or maybe they are more interested in going forward instead of going back & looking at the history of things. The thing is, you can notice patterns if you pay attention to history, so then you can make forecasts about almost anything, fashion & music trends, economics, social politics, anything. Maybe when you are young you don’t yet really grasp this.

    I also loved what you said here: “So even if the American stars’ contributions were negligible, the US perpetuates a (facade of) self-production culture that South Korea does not perpetuate.” I don’t know if you remember this but a few months ago in one of my very first long, rambling comments I ever left on your wonderful blog (lol) I said something like, “it takes an ARMY to make these things happen” meaning to make a person pretty, to make the cd, to make the video, the make the dance moves, to run the lights, the cameras, etc. It’s extremely rare, even the in US – that’s it’s a one-man show. Even Gaga has an army helping her. lol.

    Anyway, great post as always, Michelle!

    • of course I remember every comment you make! I have a prodigious memory and you write extremely long ones for which I am grateful ^^~~

      agree. When you are young you only have a limited palate of experiences, so I suppose it cannot be helped that they characterize crazy with Lady Gaga most (because she is the one that is bootstrappingly crazy, if we were to name someone!). I have been feeling the same way about Lady Gaga recently as well.. I feel like sometimes when she is trying to be ‘intellectual’, she comes off as posturing too much and trying to cover up some vapidness with a crazy reason. Just an impression, though ^^ haha, I was randomly watching a Justin Bieber interview, and he was asked by he thought of Lady Gaga’s egg enclosure at the Grammy’s and he said, “Dude, she’s an egg.” very apt summary CX

      thanks for stopping by!

  2. Watched the video last week and I actually thought it’s just funny and the things the kids said are what’s on their mind.
    The boy with the black stripes shirt, sorry didn’t get his name, totally got me laughing with his reactions. ‘What’s happening to our generation??!!’ and stuff. Haha.
    Haven’t read your whole post yet, so as of now all i can comment is this non-sense. Haha. Will be back after reading the whole thing. ^^

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