[kpop/SHINee] Tohoshinki’s TONE. I’m worried about 7 December 2011

I listen to the first opening riffs of almost every single song on Tohoshinki’s TONE album and I immediately start saying, “So good, so good!” I only deleted one ballad too, and kept the rest of them. #unprecedented

my most favorite cover of TONE. so favorite that I need to have a ridiculously huge one in this post

Tohoshinki (or DBSK, TVXQ, as other people who don’t know the joys of saying “Tohoshinki” call them) started in Japan as a jpop group. They learned the Japanese language and became fluent, they stuck with Japanese producers, they weren’t a kpop group entering in the Japanese market. They didn’t immediately debut on major Japanese music shows; in fact, it took them two years to get there.

SHINee debuted as a kpop group in Japan, as evidenced by their various remakes. Everyone’s ability to speak Japanese well is suspect except Key’s. They immediately got put on bajillion popular music shows.

I’m worried.

I absolutely love Tohoshinki and BoA Japanese repertoire so much, because it is so much well thought-out and not meant to be simply a fad or ‘catchy’. What is common to both their development is that they sought to develop an authentic jpop flavor instead of being mainly imported. They both are under Avex.

SHINee is under EMI Music Japan. SHINee has been in Japan for over half a year now, with all-right album sales but nothing too spectacular, and nothing for fans to particularly proud of. In fact, they gave quite a lot to piss off fans. SNSD is under Universal Music Group, and they followed the same path: remakes of Korean singles, finally culminating in a Japanese album that was meh. It had high album sales, but really, was anyone listening to it?

I’m worried.

PS I’m going to be gone until Dec. 17th. I am literally blocking myself from all of these websites that cause me to procrastinate. I will also be turning off email notifications, so this blog may run rank with unapproved comments. I will get back to you, but in two weeks.

PPS  here is my review on SHINee’s The First.


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