[blog/persona] writing for allkpop, koreaboo, etc, etc. why to accept, reject

My blog has been on a rise, and I think for most people, it culminates into writing for a larger site, like allkpop, koreaboo, seoulbeats, etc.

reasons for

  1. Larger audience: probably the biggest draw, because more traffic at XYZ would mean more traffic here.
  2. Learn about the business: that is, if you are interested in that sort of business.. I don’t think I would eventually end up there, quite honestly.
  3. Get to ‘meet’ other people with the same concentrated interests.

reasons against

  1. Must submit everything under review to some editor-person: I admit, very unappealing to me. Aside from some grammar issues I can correct in an instance, I don’t want anyone to suggest anything about my opinions. They are what they are.
  2. Deadlines / Expectations: which I suck at. I declare hiatus all the time.
  3. Boring: most of it is just aggregating news, translation. Plus, I don’t care about kpop as a whole. Just SHINee and few other choice bits.
  4. NOT PAID: probably one of the biggest detractors. Sorry. I don’t want to work like a dog spending 4+ hours on the internet with no compensation when clearly, the site is making money (from ads, at least). If I am to work like a dog for free, I prefer to have my independence and set my own deadlines.  Just because I enjoy doing it does not mean I will do it for free, sorry.
  5. I despise using K-Pop or K-pop instead of kpop. The former looks so ugly and awkward, even though it is stylistically correct. It irritates the heck out of me. Trivial, but.

I’ve thought many times about submitting an application, and if so, I would take seoulbeats the most seriously, but still, I don’t believe my opinions on kpop can be generalized for readers, making that site an ill fit for me (i.e., seoulbeats commenters are scaryyy!). I have submitted an application last year to koreaboo out of vain curiosity, got accepted, and then bitchily turned it down. Though I definitely still am on the lookout for seoulbeats-like websites, but far more low-key, less editorial oversight, but paradoxically, still professional. Let me know if you find any!

But until then, the innocent lam remains,


16 thoughts on “[blog/persona] writing for allkpop, koreaboo, etc, etc. why to accept, reject

    • Korean Pop –> K-Pop
      Korean pop –> K-pop
      kpop just looks better to me, the other looks so stunted and horrible and. UNCOOL.
      god forbid!

      nope, they aren’t.. I don’t get enough self-satisfaction from doing a job like that so either I must be paid or I have great terms OR I don’t work at all! XD lol, sort of bitchy-sounding, right??


      • oh lol xD I didnt catch the capitalized “P”
        tbh, I actually see more “Kpop” as opposed to “kpop” or the others (and yeah they do look kinda tacky)
        the funny thing was that another vlogger i knew “worked for hellokpop [and got money]” so i thought all blog/vloggers get paid when they write articles. eeks geez.(altho, i think that might really be because she got paid by youtube and hellokpop just stimulated her audience.)
        to be honest, your cons seriously outweigh the pros (and #2 of the pros doesnt really make sense as a pro), so i think its perfectly fine if you dont want to write for a larger site.

      • Yep, exactly why I have no plans to go anywhere (for now!). lol, really?? those people are very.. nice.. but I think at some point they realized there are people who are willing to do this kind of work for free so now most of it is unpaid.. I actually got approved on YouTube to start monetizing my videos.. but I haven’t monetized anything, because nothing’s original =.= and I feel too guilty to do that for other material.

        Yup, I forgot about “Kpop” too. It looks stunted to me too.


  1. That Onew macro makes me sad! lol. Michelle, I found your blog by accident just googling some SHINee stuff & it was your writing that has kept me interested. In fact, I had never heard of seoulbeats until you mentioned them! (I am “older”, so not that hip & all, but still.)

    I have a little blog where I make my Second Life, (it’s an online 3d virtual community thing,) pictures but I haven’t wanted to join any “bigger” blogs because I have been burned before. I actually ran an in-world promotion company very briefly in the game of Second Life with two other people & it ended so badly that we don’t even speak any more. I have also seen SO much drama played out for everyone to see on SO many blogs, etc., not only about Second Life, but everything. I am scared. I don’t have a thick skin. I love to write & get “involved” in discussions but it’s pretty crazy out in cyberspace.

    Another thing is, my blog is not JUST about Second Life & I love that freedom. It’s MY blog. I can do what I want – just as yours is yours alone. Is there an opportunity to just write guest articles on any of these sites you mentioned? Perhaps you could have a special “column” or something, but then there would be that “deadline thing again, lol.

    • that is a possibility– guest posting! I actually sort of suggested that to Koreaboo (who contacted me last month about writing for them, that’s why I brought this up), but I think I got shot down as too high-maintenance because I was very frank about my deadlines and expectations, especially when I have school. XC

      lol, don’t worry about not being ‘hip’, but I’m sure you’ll like seoulbeats. It’s much more professional than what you see on most news sites. Haha, if anything, I’m less hip than you are.. nowadays, it’s “homework, piano, carillon, homework, piano, harpsichord, work” = no time for being hip.

      I agree. I think kpop fans are so rabid if you push the wrong buttons, so I’m content for now to keep things on my own turf and manage them as I see fit. :) it’s very nice to have something that you decide yourself.

      as always, thanks for commenting ^^;

      • Who says Harpsichord ain’t hip :P

        Yeah, I have been following seoulbeats since I first noticed you mention it (like a month or so?) – I even left a few comments but I was kind of scared to check back to see any responses because I left a comment about how much I hate that “dog” shirt Jonghyun wears in the Japanese Lucifer video hahaha. They actually have some good, funny writers on there and I was pleasantly surprised by quite a few very thoughtful, intelligent comments as well! (It was miles above youtube lol)

      • =.= ugh some people are so rude. I once got a reply to my comment saying, “Do you even KNOW the author? Stop defending her if you don’t know her” .. and I was like, “Why, yes, matter of fact. We go to the same school!!!!!!!!!!” =.= sometimes people can be so opaque.

        yes, YouTube top comments nowadays are mostly like ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN ♥ TAEMIN … great, this shows us you know how to copy and paste. Cool.


  2. Oh that’s a pity. I think you can be a good writer for seoulbeats too :)

    I can’t say I am a frequent commenter in SB, but I do comment in some articles that are interesting to me. I agree with you that some comments are scary. Some are scary because they are scarily biased, and others are scary because they are scarily really thoughtful and insightful (Did I make sense? lol)

    And I rarely go to allkpop anymore because most comments there are just trolls. Haha.

      • lol yes. I can’t stop shaking my head everytime I see most comments there. It’s like a number-of-comments war. If there’s [insert any idol group here]’s article, then their fans will swarm the comments section with pointless stuffs (well, there are some which are not pointless, but that small parts are like hidden beneath the majority of troll comments xD)

    • thank you, Fanny! :) I suppose it is a fact everywhere.. trolls.. tech blogs are the worst for trolls, but since I’ve blocked Facebook plugins, I don’t see half as many anymore :3 the way I figure it, the people with most interesting views are the ones who have the initiatives to start blogs, or else they wouldn’t simply be content to post them alongside the company of trolls..

      have a great weekend! it’s Thanksgiving here :)

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