6 thoughts on “waiting outside a hotel, oh look there’s Minho

  1. That video with SHINee walking out of the hotel made my day… intellectual, genius Michelle screaming like a fan girl, how superb. Or you might have been the one saying it immediately after Minho, Jonghyun, and Onew walked out of the hotel. But seriously, I wanted to scream with whoever was screaming when Key and Taemin walked out. I’m proud of my bias for making you breathless. (:

    And I like how some guy started chanting SNSD when the girls walked out. That was funny, too bad he didn’t get a huge fan chant going…

    Anyway I know how you feel about the closeness thing, I felt that way when having a book signed by one of my favorite authors. I’m so glad you got so close to them Michelle! To think that you were only a few feet away from SHINee… ah…

    Finally, nice jacket. (;

    • thanks! haha, when I was there, the crowd’s anticipation made me want to scream (…). Plus, I think I was subconsciously screaming so they would look in my direction =.=

      Yes, when the guy started chanting SNSD, I was like.. typical.. fanboy.. o.0

      very exciting. People actually waited on them outside the hotel at night.. Shindong, Henry, others came out to buy stuff in the Starbucks across the street, and some people got photos/autographs from Henry.. everyone else went on a tour of NY (separately), and some crazy people tailed them all night doing that. Shindong is actually smaller/slimmer in person.. it was quite surprising, he’s quite, how do you say, petite for a guy! I doubt he is actually 5’10” as he claims ><"


  2. In the second Super Junior video, who was who? I know Eunkyuk and Shindong were in the first video. I feel sad that I can’t even recognize my own bias, Heechul!

      • you hit it on the nail. Heechul had already enlisted in the army by then and was unable to attend SMTown NYC.

        thank you for stopping by! I will be answering your comments once finals are over for me ^^~

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