[kpop] SM, YG, Cube slated to debut new groups in 2012.. wait, who cares about Cube and YG again?

SM is set  to debut a group codenamed M1 in 2012, supposedly “male-SNSD” with seven members. YG is set to debut a new girl and boy group. Cube is readying its guns with a seven-member boy group.

supposedly SM's new boy group, M1

YG and Cube new groups? Who really cares (as much)?

If there is one thing SM is ridiculously good at, it’s aggregating people together together into groups that work, well, ridiculously well. Sure, you may not have the best music, you may not have the most talented members, but something magical happens, and you have groups like Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, TVXQ*.

Someone interjects at this point and says, “Wait, what about BIGBANG?”

BIGBANG is a popular group, but it’s not a cohesive group. It’s not just me, but other reviewers have commented how individual the members of BIGBANG feel in their latest album together. Note that I do not mean ‘individual’ as ‘special’, but as ‘not working together as a group’. They’re individuals collaborating on an album, not a group pulling an album together. Of course, 2NE1 has a very good group dynamic, but the fact they are modeled as female BIGBANG feels somewhat of a cheat to me.

B2ST is just not popular enough. When I mean popular, I mean, Super Junior, TVXQ, BIGBANG popular. B2ST has not made it there yet, and neither has Cube. Cube is a formidable company, but since SM is the big gorilla in the room already, SM can afford and attract the better choreographers, better producers, better everything, than Cube can. So to some extent, Cube suffers a bit from the inferiority of the product it can make on average (though there can be exceptions) compared to what the 9000 kg gorilla can do.

Even S.M. The Ballad was a ridiculous exercise in how well SM can push people together and have it work amazingly– in the recorded tracks, the performance and in real life. Watching their interviews, it was so clear why they debuted Jino (supposed member of M1!) instead of including Ryeowook, Yesung, or Onew in S.M. The Ballad; someone needs to fulfill bashful cute maknae, and it works. Kyuhyun fit perfectly as a hyung (despite being maknae of Super Junior), Jonghyun settled into his virtuosic status, Jay was the ‘bad boy’ (I say this with reservations, because Jay naturally has an unsavory look about him). The result was magic. Magic in their two lead singles, magic in their interviews, magic, magic, magic– even though this was a very low-key debut right before Christmas. SM just has talent sitting in its closets, bursting out of their ears.

The interactions between their performers, as people, fit together so consistently well; that is why SM artists dominate the television waves and variety shows. They are entertaining. They are entertaining together. I can’t say anything to how the SM artists behave themselves in the dorm, but the balance in the outward personalities and their strengths always manages to astound me. SM groups are good at everything– they may individually not be much, but the sum of their parts is staggering. YG stays away from overexposure on variety shows to develop their artists’ talent, and I respect that, but you will never have a completely versatile group, and in that, SM reigns supreme.

So I’m sort of excited to see the blend SM has whipped up this time.

Also, I want to see Jino again!

courtesy of puffshroom, i.e., I'm too lazy. From left to right, Jay (TRAX), Kyuhyun (Super Junior), Jino, Jonghyun (SHINee)

*Though TVXQ has disbanded, it is because SM was idiotic in treating them as performers, not because SM did not form and aggregate the group properly.  f(x), I think, represents a partial failure, because they have not had a huge mainstream hit, but SM’s placement of Amber in there is genius, melting, dripping genius.

Here is the Allkpop article that I read earlier today that inspired this quick post.

Before you comment angrily, the point of this post is not to disparage other agencies, not meant to criticize performers from other agencies. It’s more of a “ily SM” sort of thing. Right.


8 thoughts on “[kpop] SM, YG, Cube slated to debut new groups in 2012.. wait, who cares about Cube and YG again?

  1. I like Big Bang a lot more than I like anyone from SMent, but I totally agree that the more recent stuff from Big Bang seems like it was less to show off everyone’s individual skill and more like they all just wanted everyone to see them as individual performers. My friend said it seemed to him like the writer of the songs (which may or may not have been GD?) was trying to give a sample of their solo stuff to where there’ll be more recognition from the general public. ((not sure if I agree, just thought you may like to know))

    I’m excited for the YG groups (even though I’m not actually /very excited/ because I usually end up disliking girl groups) to come out because SMTown kinda seems like it’s getting crowded. I’ve never been a Beast fan, except the odd song that goes on my mp3 but eventually gets kicked off. ((except Breathe, that song has been with me since I got into Kpop and it ain’t leaving soon))

    I hope SM does a good job in showing us some new artists though, since I agree that SM is really good at making groups that are good and entertaining on reality shows and whatnot. Part of me is just afraid that the more houses go up in SMTown, the more likely a TVXQ like breakup will happen with one of the older groups.

    Also, I love F(x). Jeez I hope they have a comeback soon!!!


      I agree! I think after they all came back from solo activities, they all had sort of separate views on what they wanted to do.. great as individual artists, slightly weird as a group.

      SMTown.. ha. ha. Yes, it is turning into SM-Mega-City, but at the same time, they have so many ridiculously good groups (overall) that I’m very curious to see how they model the next one, how they make this group different from the previous groups. Ugh, I totally agree with the houses metaphor. I hope they don’t start imploding on themselves because of shady foundations (i.e. unfair contracts). If SHINee ever went through that.. I wouldn’t cry, I’d probably roll my eyes and hope that Jonghyun got a lot of money out of it..

      o gosh I was listening to pop on shuffle, and Breathe came on, and it is a good track :3 ! Though I tried listening to Fiction again yesterday, nope, nothing magical happened.

      I am so waiting for f(x) to become so good I can’t ignore them.. ^^;
      thanks for commenting!!!

  2. Thanks for linking to my Big Bang review! I love your thoughts on SM’s groups. I think of myself as a YG girl, but when I say that I really just mean that I like Big Bang and 2NE1. I’ve had a growing love for SHINee, Super Junior, TVXQ, and even SNSD, so SM may be converting me.. :-)

    • :) no problem! I agree, I like Big Bang and 2NE1, but I don’t necessarily love YG.. hopefully they don’t disappoint with their new groups! I know.. SM, though it might be repellant at first, manages to draw you in =.=


  3. You know what’s coincidental about SM being able to put groups well together? They’re the most easily shippable. (Like, no joke.) Where are all the most popular OTPs in Kpop from? Yunjae. Jongkey. Eunhae. Taeny. Yoonyul. Etc. I think you just explained why xD
    I think its also ironic since
    smTOWN <–bonded and easily shippable groups
    ygFAMILY <–rather individiual this yr
    shows how you can easily manufacture a closely knit group :/

    in regards to the new groups, yes, i cannot wait to see what jino's gonna come out like. i think the reason they need a "male snsd" is cuz someone's gotta replace super junior (since wasnt snsd original the female suju?) while theyre all skipping along to the army.

    and just curious, did SM say they were codenamed "M1" or did is that just a rumor? i've been wondering…

    • yah. I think 2NE1/BIGBANG TV inspires a lot of pairings too! I admit, I … shipped GRi for a time (G-Dragon + Seungri) … but it’s so obvious Seungri is such a player and loves women; always denying picking them up while he’s looking at GD with expression “I’m gonna kill you”..

      :) SM codenames all of their groups like that.. SNSD was known as M1 / M2 before debut, so the name was passed on to them. Netizens have been calling them “Boys’ Heaven” but let’s hope SM comes up with better name.. some names in kpop nowadays are so hard to Google, like “Boyfriend”, probably the worst name in kpop now..

  4. errrm i agree on what you say but not completely… everyone knows that sme is famous for super junior snsd tvxq ans shinee but yge and cubee also have huge talents.
    i thinks every groups like suju snsd tvxq shinee 2ne1 bigbang and beast are all huge talents and they all have something special which attracts many fans. they all became famous after debut so don’t go comparing them
    don’t get me wrong i agree on most of what you say but if all these groups (sme yge cubee groups) have potential and talent then there is a reason to care of the new yg and cubee and sme group

    ps. i just read a recent article about these three group and apparently out of all these groups yge is growing rapidly and has the highest selling point of albums of the yg artists…

    • Yes, I do agree that those groups that you mentioned have ‘huge talents’. But I disagree with your generalization that “they all became famous after debut so don’t go comparing them”.. there are different levels of fame. Probably most clearly demarcated by how much money they earn overall, in which SM is clear winner. Of course, I’m exaggerating, plenty of people are excited for them, there is stuff to be excited about for the new groups.. it is just that compared to SM, I could just about throw all of the other agencies away.. T___T my, SM has brainwashed me, don’t kill me!


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