13 thoughts on “SHINee performance review, SMTown NYC 2011

  1. Aw, it’s unfortunate that this wasn’t the ultimate experience for you as a SHINee fan but I appreciate your honesty when it comes to rating their performances. I suppose it wasn’t a complete waste of your time and money yet you were expecting more?

    By the way, I totally agree about the Key and BoA performance. His face at .16… I am still speechless. That’s probably the one performance I regret not being able to see, as watching fancams and reading this review has made me content with missing the rest.

    As a SNSD and f(x) fan I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the non-SHINee performances. I heard “The Boys” live was amazing, but I won’t believe it until I hear it from you. (;

    Thanks for the review/analysis Michelle!

    PS: small typo under “Ring Ding Dong”… “It would Jonghyun singing”… I think you meant be Jonghyun singing or miss Jonghyun singing?

  2. I sort of expected it as a declining Shawol =.=” so though I was upset, I was fine and able to appreciate that I went through such a special experience and am glad I had the opportunity, though perhaps the next time around, I may do some things differently. C:

    “We must not touch our idols, the gilt sticks to our fingers.”– Madame Bovary

    ha. ha. When the opening chords of “The Boys” came on, the entire stadium went bat-shit crazy. And also, every time Amber came out.

    thanks for catching that typo (-.- you can tell I got progressively more tired as I wrote this post)!!


  3. “I did not see a SHINee that endeared me even more as a Shawol, I saw this fearsome money pumping machine, well-oiled and stretched to its limits.”

    Michelle ~ I totally understand what you mean & that makes me so sad. I wish, wish, WISH someone at SM would wake up & smell the coffee. I feel like SHINee will be ruined if things keep going this way. Not only are they exhausted, which everyone, everywhere keeps pointing out, but the performances don’t seem to be getting better. You can only run a car so long at maximum speeds before parts start falling off & the whole things breaks down. Sadly, it seems like their management doesn’t care if they use these very talented young men up ’till they just give out. (Ok, my Motherly instincts kicked in there, sorry for the rant, lol.)

    Thanks very much for your review. I am glad you got to have the experience & share it with us. I didn’t attend as I live in California, but I am not sure I would be able to brave that kind of crowd in my old age even if they came here. The last huge stadium concert I saw was U2 & Rage Against the Machine, back in the late 1990’s & every show I have seen since then has been at MUCH smaller venues for a REASON. While the music & performances were amazing at the stadium show, I was so far away I had to use binoculars to see properly. It gave me a feeling of just watching a spectacle rather that being a part of an experience. They were also so far away & unable to touch even the closest fan ~ so that was a very good point you made about musician/fan interaction. It’s important! The best shows I have ever seen have been in tiny clubs with great sound, a ton of touching, high-fiving, water spraying & audience participation with a lot of talking to the fans & call & respond type singing. A perfect example of this: Around my birthday in October a year ago I saw the Jrock group VAMPS in San Francisco & I swear it was probably the best time I ever had. I am a huge fan of theirs & being that close, getting eye contact, picks thrown to me, water sprayed on me & the whole band jumping around inciting everyone to this ecstatic level was absolutely PRICELESS. Every time I think about it my heart HURTS – it was THAT special.

    So, yeah, smaller is better in my opinion, but SM wants the money. I fear they will burn people out with this strategy ~ The groups AND the fans alike. SHINee ARE talented & they need some time to grow, not just be eaten up by the Pop Machine. Also, can I just beg whoever is in charge to stop with the wires? This is not Cirque du Soliel (lol) & while the young men are in very good shape, they are not gymnasts & they end up just kind of hanging there in the air, not being able to move much, just dangling like a puppet. It seems a bit awkward, plus, it scares me. Imagine how injured one would be if they fell from those heights? I don’t even want to think about it. Your point of maybe utilizing the stage area better is a great one. Instead of hoisting them in the air, they could just spread out more from time to time, or have risers, etc. like I saw in the Japan shows on youtube.

    Ok, sorry for the long comment. I will wrap it up now. Thanks again for sharing this with us & I look forward to more reviews of the show! (PS – I am glad to hear that Minho gave good performances. I am probably most biased towards Onew because he’s such a weirdo & his voice just MELTS me but I have had a soft spot for Minho since Hello Baby. He really seems like a very nice person & great guy & I wish good things for him. Also, I couldn’t see the video of Key & BoA for some reason. I would love to, though!)

    • LOL. your comment about Cirque du Soleil cracked me up. I totally agree about using risers. It was really bare in the show, the amount of showmanship that I was expecting. It was some fireworks, some flying above the stage, but not much else. It’s so apparent that SM knows people are there no matter what to see their ‘idols’ and so SM kind of flys on the cheap side, sadly. “You can only run a car so long at maximum speeds before parts start falling off & the whole things breaks down.” SO TRUE!

      Yes, I love your description of that VAMPS concert! :) I think it’s the ideal one, but sadly that can only really happen in a small venue. I’m sure you could brave the SMTown concert in your ‘old age’. I saw plenty of ‘old’ people (people not 24 or below) there! I would just bring some earplugs.. >.>

      I’ll fix that immediately (the video!).. it was working yesterday :( :(

      this comment was just too epic. … I literally agreed with everything, but it’s sort of pointless to copy the whole thing and after every sentence, say I agreed with it XD but I do!
      thanks for reading!!!

  4. I kind of expected this. I’ve heard rumors back in early 2000 (aka elementary school) that (pop) concerts weren’t really worth it to see them live cause they sound bad with the music. i can finally understand why. (makes me worried about the concert im going to attend soon :/ )
    i am very very glad you made no excuses (i.e. the classic “they’re tired” thing) when reviewing their performances. not surprised about the about eunhyuk’s rap translation, is that what you heard him rapping live or you looked it up later? and the BoA/Key fancam link isn’t working.

    I do think, though, that you should change your criteria judging between different types of concerts. pardon me if this sounds weird, but you seem to be reviewing the concert like you would want to attend a classical concert (you know, observant, listening for the feel of the music, aka what you state in your conclusion). maybe it’s just not your type and that’s why you’re dissatisfied?

    • very good point in your last paragraph. I suppose I am a classical music brat, but then I feel it’s a bit unfair to judge it differently because after all, I actually listen to SHINee-style-pop like 70% of the time and classical music maybe 10%. I’ve had moments (okay, cue the corn boat) where I’ve sort of broken down and thought SHINee was really beautiful in xyz recording (.___. even though I panned Jonghyun for the most part in Immortal Song, his two ballad performances are actually in the top fifty of my most played).. I was just hoping that it would also happen live =.= sadly, no.

      thanks for letting me know! I will change it.

      hmm.. don’t worry :) :) be happy. But now I have a good perspective on kpop concerts.. it’s not really worth it unless they’re known for singing live OR you grab floor seats and just stare at their godly perfections!

      thanks as always!!! ^^

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  6. Thanks for the review!^^

    I went and loveddd it. My review would be an 180 from yours, so I’m not going to even attempt it. I can only be impartial sometimes (usually I’m an emotional person @.@ and heh emotional I was that day<3). Plus Get Down and Ready Or Not are at the top of my favorite SHINee songs list and I was NOT expecting them to perform "RON" ^__^ The more I get see/hear my bias, the better (did I mention I'm selfish too? lmao).

    I had HOPED that they wouldn't perform Stand By Me, especially as an opening act. Even thought that's the first SHINee song I liked, I can't listen to it XD

    I knew My First Kiss would be lip-synced, that's how he usually performs. Though not gonna lie, I wanted some Tae$ha (my nickname for Taemin crossdressing as a woman). And the on-stage chemistry between BoA and Key – I wasn't expecting it!

    I completely agree with you about the ballad thing. I was hoping and expecting them to perform ROMANTIC (I love that song!!!) or Quasimodo (like SMTown LA). But at the same time I'm glad they didn't? My little fangirl heart would've imploded if someone's voice cracked :x Like I can't even watch some performances that I know they were really sick or tired because hear the "hiccups" (and ofc, seeing the exhaustion).

    You used my crappy video! You've made my night<3

    ((I follow you on Twitter yet how is it that I've only seen this blog today? idk :P))

    • haha, I think that it was a good concert, but from an outsider’s perspective, probably not.

      ergh, and yet they did perform “Stand By Me”!!!!!! gahhhh should have been replaced by “Romantic”.. if someone’s voice cracked, I’d know it’s not Jonghyun.. yes, it really pains me too that SM is putting them through these marathons and they’re clearly sick and tired!

      what a weird coinkydink!

      thanks for reading! lol, it’s totally fine if you didn’t see my blog because I retweet a crapload and it gets lost in that.

  7. “I’d rather much Jonghyun give me a high-five than see JongKey mouth-to-mouth kiss”

    That made me laugh because I feel the exact opposite. xD But anyway, I really love your honesty in your reviews. I’m ashamed to say that I have a tendency to make excuses for my favorite groups and members, and I see other people doing that all the time, so it was refreshing to read something so frank and unbiased. But I got progressively sadder and sadder while reading this. I’m so afraid SHINee is going to be worked into the ground and die. SM needs to wake the hell up.

    • ah.. I would just feel a tad embarrassed if I ever saw them really kiss -.- it may be that I’m very prudish! I hope SM does wake up someday :( I hope SHINee doesn’t go the way of HOT and TVXQ, but yet, part of me secretly wishes they would so then SM can really see the error of some of their ways :P I think sometimes SM is so laser-focused on having the best idols that they forget idols are people too.


      • Haha, I’ve watched lots of guys kiss and do… um… more (tmi? xD), so watching one of my OTPs kiss would be amazing for me. Hmm, yeah, I know what you mean. If something happened to SHINee, maybe SM’s future groups (like EXO) would be better off. But I’d still be heartbroken if they disbanded. ;_;

  8. Because what everyone needs are more laser-shooting wolverine claws. I think I would have enjoyed a performance with mistakes that are real and genuine more than a lip-synced, tight-danced, flying on wires performance, whether I’m watching it there or online :( If I wanted to see a perfect performance, I would just watch the music video again.

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