plans for SMTown NYC spectacularly long fan accounts

I plan to divvy it up:

  1. SHINee, performance review
  2. everything else in the concert, performance review
  3. what else I did (SMTown related, of course)
  4. overall feelings; what does this mean to me as a SHINee fangirl?

I also plan on including a lot of media, i.e. photos, fancams in these posts. I personally did not take many fancams because I don’t like missing things while trying to get the angle right on my camera.

Timeline? Optimistic, SHINee review by end of Friday night (November 4th), EDT. Before you balk, I actually wrote 16 pages worth of notes. Brief notes, too, so I have quite a lot to say.

I apologize for the length of time it is taking me to do this. Blame five classes and three instruments and one job. Really.


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