another melodramatic hiatus

I just received three midterm grades back. Before you try to tell me I’m a genius, and I had nothing to worry about, I am not. I do have many things to worry about. Today was simply the point of realization.

There are some things in life that you really want. There are some things you must do to achieve them. As much as it pains me to turn away from something that I really love doing, like this blog, I realize my dreams and my ability to do things like this blog rest on dreams that I must conquer now. Not just perfect grades, but the life I want to live.

This is not just another hiatus for this blog. This is a hiatus from all of my online life, nonessential socializing. Nonessential socializing— I feel so weird saying that. I won’t blow off my friends, I won’t refuse to go to a party and refuse to talk to others at dinner; but if it is not essential to my wellbeing and frame of mind, out the window it goes.

I know I will fail in many respects. But here’s to trying.


The one thing I will promise you all are spectacularly long accounts of SMTown NYC. I will also respond to formspring questions, if not too lengthy. Otherwise, every channel of online contact besides my professional emails will be closed.

Thank you for understanding.


2 thoughts on “another melodramatic hiatus

  1. I (along with your other readers, hopefully) understand Michelle. Good luck with your studies and achieving your goals in life! I believe in your ability. :)

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