Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Sun, Oct 23, 2011 07:00 PM

Order for: Michelle Lam
Seat location: section 103, row 12, seat 19
Total Charge: US $ 174.70


(please donate if you can! click on the righthand PayPal image. It will also help me buy official merchandise for a giveaway for the innocent lam. I know it still says 9 October 2011; I will change it today.)



  1. So how much will the expenses total come out to be? O_o And I’m just as broke. T_T I spent nearly $400 on textbooks (was 19 units such a good idea after all?) and another $400 for a roundtrip plane ticket to LA because of such short notice that I had passed the first round of the Kpop dance cover contest. :P If I pass the second round, I bet anything they’re going to make me come to LA (again) to get the free ticket to Korea. Q__Q

    • hmm I anticipate spending $250-300 for this trip -___-” it would be all right if it was the only trip I was taking this semester but alas there’s fall break (Philadelphia) and Thanksgiving (going home).. textbook expenses this year $70+$45+$100. Not that bad, considering my 2 econ classes and 1 math class I found the textbooks online, so that’s like saving around $400-500. Basically the deal is my parents pay for tuition, and I pay everything else.. like books, clothes, etc etc etc random crazy expensive kpop concerts etc etc

      ooo congratulations! … hmm would they do that? if they’re just giving you physical tickets, then I’m sure they can mail it to you. If there’s a whole ceremony, then mebbe you would have to go? :(
      but again, congrats ^^;

  2. Congratulations Michelle! I’m so excited for you, you deserve to attend after writing so extensively and intellectually about SHINee, I just really hope you have a good time. I finally got around to donating $10… it’s not much at all, but maybe it’ll cover a meal or at least part of the ticket expense. (:

    Make sure to take notes on how Key looks, dances, talks, breathes, and walks for me… just kidding! :D

    • thank you so much.. I wish I really could convey how touched I am :’D

      of course, I will try my very best to remember everything possible about SHINee ^^; I can usually remember exhilarating experiences blow by blow~~ hopefully this is one of them :)

  3. just curious, does paypal accept debit cards? (cause i dont have a credit card)
    and bring a nice camera to secretly take fancams. are you going by yourself?

    • lol, okay, sure, though I doubt I’ll get to see her >> Michelle lazy and will only come an hour before.

      hm, yes they do, as long as they’re one of the major payment companies (like MasterCard, AmEx, Visa, etc). Hm, about secretly taking fancams, in my experience, I find that taking videos sort of detracts from taking in the whole experience. You’re so focused on getting a good camera angle that you sort of miss the concert T___T so I might take minimal, if any fancams/photos. I am going with Patricia “after a fashion”, because she ended up getting floor tickets and I eventually decided I didn’t want to queue (because again Michelle lazy), so I bought regular tickets with a seat.


      • I know, right!? I did exactly that in Vietnam, though to a lesser extent. I was trying to take a picture of a ‘cute’ guy when others alerted him to me and he totally did some weird ducking to avoid my camera, and I missed the actual moment of him doing it because I was looking through my camera. :/

        • yep yep yep and I’m sure a lot of other fans will be doing it too, so no worries XD.. haha maybe you will hear me screaming like a banshee in the background, waving around my lightstick.. ugh.. I’m not sure if I want to learn the fanchants. I’d have to memorize them.. slightly awkward reading them off my smartphone.. and not paying attention to the actual performance ><""


  4. BUT WAIT. I read on various gossip sites, namely AllKpop, that it was moved to New Jersey? Oh no, AllKpop isn’t unreliable is it? I mean, right now I /want/ it to be becuase I want you to go really bad, but, but I don’t want my source of Kpop/Korean Entertainment industry gossip and such to be feeding me lies!


  5. Oh, if you see Taemin up close stare extra hard for me, okay? Not, like, creepy-stalker-rapist though, ’cause I don’t do that! And neither should you if you’re doing this for me >: {

    • ahaha thanks for the thought anyway :) :) :)

      as Rayestar said, it’s the other concert that would be held in New Jersey.. which is weird, since my home state is Jersey so I could really go and then visit mom and pop. But I can’t, prior engagement to a friend :)

      I will ^^~~ I haven’t made any plans to see him at the airport or follow them to the hotel ==” so I think my chances are limited.. haha if I get that close to stare at him, I’d probably rush up to him and try to poke him or something. It’s a huge transition to see him live versus seeing him.. on a computer screen ;~;

      I will try to write a detailed as a fan account as I can! ahem, for SHINee at least. I can’t promise anything after them, probably will pass out or something.


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  7. Ah.. not sure if you know but you can’t purchase the vip merchandise package separate. It has to be the same time you bought your ticket. I called ticketmaster to see if they could add on but no. Doesn’t make sense to me.. why would you shut out people who want to buy?

    • yes, I know. However, they do sell official merchandise sometimes outside of the VIP tickets, but that’s usually in Asian countries. I asked my friend who is really knowledgeable about this and she told me that zilch happened with LA. I mean.. to me, it makes sense. The merchandise probably is like $10 to create, but if you package it with tickets, you can sell it for astronomically higher prices = higher profit. Also, if you were getting a VIP ticket, you’d probably want it to be exclusive. There’s no sense in buying VIP and then everyone else can get the same.. and so that’s how they make money 101. Yes, you can argue that if they open it up for all other fans to buy, they’d make more money.. but eh same thing for other side.. so I guess they figured they’d make more money the VIP way???

      thanks for commenting / reading ^^;
      oh yes, as a really bitchy warning, sometimes I do turn down comments because the email address is obviously fake.

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