still (somewhat) alive

Went to a used bookstore today and could not resist, and bought

  1. When We Were Orphans, Kazuo Ishiguro
  2. The Remains of the Day, Kazuo Ishiguro
  3. Enchantress of Florence, Salman Rushdie

And of course, something Asian to eat while reading: flower candy. Was contemplating shrimp crackers, but bought green tea ice cream mochi instead. I’m still stuffed from eating them all (Boston = hot and humid, mochi = melty goo if I didn’t eat). Point is, I’m slowly slipping into my old habits– spending too much on food and books..

I am seriously contemplating going to SMTown NYC; about 88% sure, depending on how transportation works out. It’s on a Sunday, so I would actually have class the next morning. Tough cookie.

Though I haven’t really thought about kpop for a while, I finally finished reading everything in my Google Reader about SHINee. Boy was it boring. How do fangirls do that all day. Right, maybe they don’t have weird topics in linear algebra to worry about (yet!).

I will review the book, In the Plex, soon, and talk about how that really steered me to a mathematics major. Yes, the innocent lam is strongly considering a math major. Weird how things turn out; I could have as easily been an english/chemistry/architecture major. But not physics, right?


5 thoughts on “still (somewhat) alive

  1. Tell me how those books are! I’m reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro now, it’s pretty good so I’m contemplating reading his other works.

    And, math!? Oh jeez, another post I’m definitely looking forward to read…

    • wasdlfkjlkjsdf I read “Never Let Me Go” this summer too! And it was pretty good. It wasn’t amazing like Philip Roth amazing, but I bought his two books anyway because they sounded so interesting T___T hahaha that will be a long one .. that math post.. sigh.. I hate when I have personal identity issues.. the problems of the world always seem so small compared to those sorts of dilemmas..

      hopefully surviving (one of my econ prof. just let me into his class! woopee! but that means I’m taking six classes this semester.. ugh.. no life.. sometimes I wonder how I juggled 8 classes in high school when I have trouble with four of them now)..

  2. Michelle – your blog is awesome. Love it! Because you bring rational thought to the crazy world of kpop. Also because you just have intelligent content. I just recently discovered kpop and although I always thought that I was too mature for it, those korean marketing people are just too genius for me. They really have it down to an art. I have been sucked in by the image select kpop artists have created for themselves, including shinee.

    I actually came upon your blog because I did a search for people’s thoughts of whether or not key is gay – I was really curious about how receptive korean audiences would be if one of their idols revealed that he was gay. And I happened on your excellently written post. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on the psychology of kpop fandom or better yet, an in-depth analysis of the marketing techniques kpop uses to really fan the flames of batshit fan craziness. It really fascinates me.

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