short hiatus, anniversary

It’s my one-year anniversary today, 27 August! I was working very hard on five posts but then I read In The Plex (potential life-changer), and moved back into college today. I assumed I would have some free time to finish everything.. but of course, Michelle doesn’t know how to budget time wisely. I really need to research and possibly buy textbooks today (classes start this Tuesday), and practice piano for my audition on Monday.

So, I will try to post if I have any free time; however, this hiatus is undefined in length.. I’m not quite sure how long it will take for me to settle in and become super-college-person again, juggling five classes and a blog and other quite important things. You can always check me out on tumblr and twitter for minute updates. Also, there’s all dis hurricane drama on the East Coast.. I hope everyone is safe, and will make safe decisions!




5 thoughts on “short hiatus, anniversary

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